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Review - Wolf Fever

Wolf Fever
Terry Spear
Sourcebook, Casablanca
December 2010

Carol Woods has been adopted by the gray pack who found and rescued her after her attack by a rogue red wolf. But it's been six months and she hasn't yet shifted into her wolf form. They don't understand her reticence to shift and, since female werewolves are at a premium, believe that if she takes a mate, she'll finally learn to shift. The main problem is the only male in the pack she finds remotely attractive has no interest in her. The other problem is that her psychic ability sets her apart from all her pack members. She needs any prospective mate to believe in her abilities and to fully accept them. Otherwise, no deal.

Ryan McKinley is a PI, mayor and pack leader of a gray pack in a nearby town. For six months, he's been obsessing about Carol and how she knew who had been behind the string of murders that he'd been trying to solve. He doesn't believe in psychic ability mumbo jumbo but he also doesn't believe Carol is guilty of anything nefarious. As far as he's concerned, she had to have overheard or seen something that led to her uncanny knowledge. His curiosity stubbornly leads him to investigate her. Or so he tells himself.

Ryan's reappearance after a six month absence intrigues Carol. Here is a man she finds attractive and who finds her attractive. The problem is that he doesn't believe in her abilities. She's had too many people think her abilities are freakish...even her own mother sent her to a child psychiatrist to rid her of the abilities. It annoys and frustrates her when it becomes clear that Ryan's only here to prove her abilities don't exist.

When she's nearly kidnapped by renegade red wolf shapeshifters, Ryan becomes her bodyguard, a task he takes seriously. With females being so rare, he's not surprised that other males would want her. She's beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and resilient. But he's opposed to her being taken against her will by a bunch of incompetents. She deserves far better than that. She deserves a male who can protect her. As her bodyguard, he stays close to her. It doesn't take long for that physical proximity to work its magic and it becomes a battle to not consummate his lust for do so will mate the two of them for life. But he knows she deserves a male who can accept her psychic abilities wholeheartedly and that's a struggle for him.

It gets worse when a mysterious illness occurs among members of her pack. NOrmally, when a shapeshifter gets ill, they shift into their wolf form and are good as new. However, this flu-like virus causes its victims to stay in their wolf forms, unable to shift back to their human forms. Carol and her pack are frantic to find the cure before it's too late.

Wolf Fever is typical of Ms Spear's wolf shapeshifter books - great plots, fascinating characters and wonderful love stories. Carol isn't a shy little virginal character. She's fully mature, a strong woman who makes the best of the weirdities life throws at her. Ryan is Hot. Okay, he's more than just hot. He's intelligent, strong and caring. More than that, he keeps an open mind even when he's convinced otherwise. His pursuit of Carol is...well, different, in a kind of non-pursuit sort of way. His mind is focused on the story problems but his heart knows what's important. When he finally accepts Carol's psychic abilities, it's with everything he has. This is a love story where you know the hero and heroine will live happily ever after.

I might just have been in the mood for a great wolf shapeshifter story but this book seemed to grab my attention right from the get-go. I finished it in less than three days. And I'm ready to read it again which, for me, is the sign of a Really. Good. Story. If you need a Christmas present for someone, or for yourself, I recommend Wolf Fever.

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2 Responses to "Review - Wolf Fever"

Anonymous said...

WAY KEWL, a new wolfie book from Terry! Cant wait to get my hands on it!

Great Review!

Love that cover too!

Hugs, Kari Thomas,

diva donna said...

Hi Terry,
Even this place has rain drops today. Everyone, grab a copy of This book. It's a Wolfie Romantic Thriller that's real hard to put down.