Friday, February 16, 2007

Best-laid Plans

What is it they say about best-laid plans? Oh, yeah…they never work out! Which is a given in most cases for me when I try to plan anything. So, let’s just chalk my Valentine’s Day up as just another day. I should’ve known things weren’t going to go well when a song with these lyrics popped up on my top 3 request list for the local radio station:

Why weren't we able, to see the signs that we missed/And try to turn the tables/Now the story's played out like this/Just like a paperback novel/Let's rewrite an ending that fits/Instead of a Hollywood horror

The gift I ordered for my sweet on the 9th got backordered and didn’t ship until the 13th. Which of course means it didn’t get here in time. Then my bf ended up having to work the night shift and didn’t get home until 10:30ish. So all that planning I did drawing a huge heart out of purple, gold and pink foiled candy with a big spin-the-bottle button (ideal for foreplay) in the middle went to waste.

The upside is that he loved the Transformers (he’s a huge fan) valentines I hid for him to find while I was at work. He found one in his wallet (when he fished for tip money, since our dining rendezvous was my treat) that made him blush. Of course it made me think—That wasn’t even the racy one! I guess in some ways, this is proof positive that when life deals you lemons, you make lemonade. I’d just make sure to sprinkle in a little sugar to lessen the punch.

Along this vein, I decided to share a scene from JUST ONE LIFE where the heroine doesn’t get what she bargained for during her one night with a wizard.
“Now,” Baquer asserted. “We must do it now.”
“But do we have the right to give up her innocence?” Kamali questioned, wringing her hands as she paced beside the table.
“Oh, I do not think she will mind,” Nitesh chimed in. “I think it’s exactly what she wants.”
Isaura smiled, giggling at what was about to take place. “She is in love. Why not give her the chance to fulfill her desires.”
“He has proven he cannot defeat the minions spell alone, and by joining with her in body he will realize his foolishness,” Adish stated, turning the women’s romantic ideals to base fact.
“She is his match.” Dalit stirred the water in the cauldron with his finger to create a miniature typhoon. “If it does not happen now, it shall later, provided they survive the coming days. But if this is their only moment, why should we deny her?”
“Aye, let them get it on,” Horace announced in a gruff tone, staring at the clear surface ready for the show.
“Ewww,” the women and Dalit sounded in reaction.
“That is crude Horace.” Kamali eyed him with a bit of malice. “She is not a toy to play with, not a thing to feed your lustfulness.”
“Time is wasting.” He motioned to the bowl. “If we do not decide quickly it will not matter, because the window twill be lost.”
“Who believes this is in the best interest of the mission?” Kamali watched as everyone raised their hands in vote, leaving her the lone nay. “Then it will be done. May she be ready for this.”
She sat on the cold tile floor, waiting for her transformation, curious as to why it was being done now. He had arrived and gone to bed. How was she to talk with him if he had no interest in anything but rest? Plus how was she to explain her appearance in the middle of the night…morning since it was now just past one.
She was almost positive he had been drinking by the way he’d stumbled about. She’d almost run to him when he called, then remembered that she was only his cat. A cuddly replacement for the woman he really wanted.
And now the Ancient Ones had decided to answer her plea.
What where they thinking, she wondered as the tingling grew, making her warm in the chill of the darkness. Light radiated from her after she was made human again, making the cloak that lay around her sparkle like the stars in the heavens.
She rose from her crouched position, the pain cast aside by her curiosity as she leaned over to stare in the mirror. A circular golden brooch, whose matching stick pin held the mysterious rune symbol, had replaced her collar necklace. Her wet and pouty lips sparkled with glitter, as if touched by the cosmic curtain far above. Intrigued by the new makeup, she drew back the cloak’s sides, expecting to be dazzled by the surprise that lay beneath. Shock stunned her at the discovery of what they’d chosen.
She looked up toward the ceiling, mumbling, “You can’t be serious?” Oh, but they were. Staring into the mirror over the sink, she examined the slip of celestial material covering her breasts in a modern day brassiere held together by twisted silver strings at their valley. When she swiveled to the side, her flesh peaked through at the edge, laid bare for his eyes by risqué cutouts! Her gaze dropped to the center of her sex and found a small triangular V held in place by matching silver cord. A draft of air slipped up along her rear. She placed a hand there. These breeches bore no back! It had been replaced by another slip of the string.
Perhaps they’d secreted information from Victoria Secret. She remembered the pages from Kendron’s stash, a little ill at what they’d chosen. This was more revealing than anything she’d have selected from those pages, but more importantly it was sexier than the lingerie Livie had come calling in.
Nervously she opened the door, willing it not to creak and rouse him from his sleep just yet. She made her way across the floor timidly, soundless as her furry counterpart, and stood staring through the open curtain at his prone form lying naked atop the covers. The dark hair she’d yearned to feel beneath her fingers beckoned to be touched. The stubble she’d wished would graze her skin instead of catching in her fur prickled from a new day’s growth. The sensual fullness of those lips she’d longed to taste moved ever so slightly as if calling her to him. Kendron’s chest was sprinkled with dark hair, his nipples like small, buff pebbles in the cool air. Undoubtedly, it had caused the part that proclaimed him all man to rise from its nest of curls.
Fear trampled up her spine…fulfilling any of her cravings would mark her as brazen. Could she do this? She’d never seduced a man, never…done the deed. Sure she could flirt to entice, but given the seriousness of the moment she worried she wouldn’t be good enough. She knew for certain she wouldn’t follow Livie’s course. If it was to happen, she’d find her own way, and let him guide the course with his will intact.
The woman in the machine sung of magic and love, her words in the olden language she called her own. It was a sign she welcomed with a smile as she stepped around the bed to stand in the moonbeams pouring in from outside.
“Nan?” Sleepily, he stirred and rubbed his eyes.
“Aye, but a dream,” she breathed, hoping he’d play along. If she didn’t have to justify anything that happened later, this would be all the better. She stood cloaked in the sparkle of the moonlight, silently urging him to believe as she took long strides to evoke a sense that she floated forward. Her fingers reached out to feather along his rough cheek. “A figment of your imagination.”
“But I can feel you.” He reached out, catching the hand she’d meant to pull away, and caressed the sensitive skin of her palm. “And feel you.”
“Such are the ways of magic.” Pray that such things could be made real by witches like him.
“Then it is a welcome spell I’m under,” he whispered, then pressed her fingertips to his lips as he rose on his elbow.
Fondling the silkiness of his dark hair, she delighted in the sensation of the soft strands against her skin. She marveled at his eyes which seemed dazed by the sparkling of her robe, the dark center accented by twinkling stars of their own as he let himself go. He wanted this as much as she.
“Will you join me?” He scooted over to give her room.
“One thing first.” With a smile she loosened the pin at her throat to let the lengths of cloth that hindered his view fall. She wanted him to see what she’d brought to the party. Unfortunately to regain her necklace, she had to keep the pin with her. She raised her hands to her hair and drew back the sides to fasten them at the crown with a motion that jiggled her breasts.
Temptation flared to life in his gaze. “You are beautiful. Like a fairy.”
An image of his mother’s treasures came to mind. In this instance she didn’t mind being compared to a magnificent creature of myth. “Perhaps I have enchanted you,” she flirted as she slipped her hip onto the bed, still a bit unsure of what she should do. She paused, turning her head away to think clearly.
Surprise stilled her heart when his hand cupped her shoulder, but the way he kneaded her soft skin spawned pleasure. His lips found her ear and gently nibbled the lobe before continuing a gentle trail along the side of her neck. The gasp that sprang free from her couldn’t be stopped, nor did she want him to. Her fear faded with each inch he covered with kisses. She lay back, giving him access to the rest of her.
So do you have any Valentine horror stories or things that simply didn’t follow your well plotted course? Feel free to vent here!


Lynda K. Scott said...

Great Excerpts! Where can we get the story? I'll bet I'm not the only one who wants it!

I don't have a horror story but have to dh isn't the romantic sort so I didn't expect anything especially after all the money we've spent on our kitchen remodel and the fact that we got new cellphones just a few days before the big V day. And, um, I didn't get anything for him. So you can imagine how much I winced when he brought me 3, count them 3 Valentine's Day cards--One from him, one from our dog and one from our cat.

I had to fall back on the good old Valentine's Day kiss and a hurried card, LOL. Plus I made him a special dinner. He didn't seem to upset after that :D

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Great excerpt, Skylar! V-Day was a bust here too, though. Snow Day- so the kids were home from school, the power went out and DH was in Arizona on business, missing his birthday and Valentine's Day. Plans are meant to be broken, I guess.

Skylar Masey said...

Lynda & Jennifer-
I'm sorry your Valentine's Days didn't work out well either!

Lynda, I know what you mean about your dh not being romantic. My bf isn't, though he did get me a great $7 card about us being meant for each other and 3 movies (Cinderella 3, Summer Magic & Princess Bride). So he tried real hard too! But atleast I had gotten him a card which reminded me of sitting in our living room after long works days snuggling on the couch. Only the card couple were cats:0) Hmmm...funny how that worked out with this post. I didn't plan it I swear!

JUST ONE LIFE isn't available anywhere. (If you'd like to read another excerpt (besides the Halloween one)I have the first scene available on my website's Paranormal page.) Unfortunately I haven't been able to sell the ms to a publisher. I think it's just because the idea of a cat turning into a human, etc. is so far outside the real of mainstream. But hopefully one day it will see the light of day and others will rejoice over Gwynan & Kendron's magical love.