Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Clutter or Spring Cleaning Your Brain Pan

I know, before anyone says anything...I was supposed to blog yesterday. I promise, I will get this right one day. (And knowing my luck it will only be one day...sheesh.)

I wish there was a way to back date these things. Anyhoo...

Have you ever had to actually sit and clean your brain out of all the flotsom that writing washes up on your creative shore? Oh, good, I was afraid it was just me. So, I'm writing this erotic romance novella for Trisk and other story ideas keep bumping into me as I float along on the waves of my plot. I'll work for a few minutes on it, then move to another story, then go on to another. While this is great for productivity in a broad sense of the word, it ain't doin' much for my self-imposed deadlines.

Then I'm driving to the post office and bank today, when an idea I had for another erotic romance pushes itself to the forefront of my brain and says..."ME NEXT!! ME NEXT!!" Well, that's all well and good...if it had wanted to remain a novella. But now the idea is demanding not only to be front and center, but wanting to be a 90K novel and a mainstream breakout for my Kathleen Scott personality. A very tall order. How dare the presumptious plot line hijack my frontal and temporal lobes like that? I ask you?

The problem with this plot line is it is going to be very controversial in a religious sense. I hope, though, that the fact it's going to be a futuristic will temper that just a bit. I really don't want to give away any of the storyline at this early date yet, but if the idea and characters have anything to say about it, I'll be working on this one in the next few months. Maybe I can even have it done in time for the NJ conference in October. That would be really cool!!

Oh geez...look at me. I have no willpower where my stories are concerned. I'm actually letting it talk me into blowing my deadlines. (Which if you've read my blog on you would be up to speed on my blown self-imposed deadlines and how they are waaaayyyy behind schedule at the moment).

Oh, well...back to the more immediate work.



Skylar Masey said...


I have a gist of an idea what you mean about religious connotations mixed with futuristics. It's one of the reasons I fear BELIEVE IN ME might not be well received. And yes, the title is somewhat of a give away. But though it has serious religious connotations, I didn't set it deliberately in the future to temper that. I had always seen the story set there amid Winzles with it's mix of old and new.

And I can definitely ditto those self-imposed deadlines. I should be half way through my WIP, but find myself stuck on Chapter 2. My brain keeps having fabulous ideas for new characters, plots, entire books even...but they're all about contemporaries (mixed with para elements)! I need to focus on JOURNEY OF MY HEART, but it seems to be getting the backseat in the shuffle. But since I'm off tomorrow for Good Friday, I will endeavor to get a few pages ahead. That first step (after a stall) is always the hardest!

You have my sympathies and support!!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Kat and Skylar, I can definitely sympathize (sheesh, is that spelled anywhere close to right?) with blown deadlines. Between the day job, family, etc, etc, etc I'm having a hard time getting anything done.

But back to Kat's post, LOL, since this isn't about me. Kat, if this story is calling to you that loudly, I think you have to do it. I say go for it.

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Thanks you two. It always helps to know I'm not in the boat by myself. I think as writers we need to give ourselves permission to push back those self-imposed deadlines. It's just I have so many great ideas I want to finish that I think could find a home with one of my publishers, that I'd hate like hell to not finish with them. I'll start the character sketches and plot sheet on "Reclaimation" - that's what I'm calling my new idea, and hope that purges it enough to allow me to move on with the other projects.


Skylar Masey said...

Good luck with the purging via sketches & plot sheets!

That was my answer to my pesky characters:0) I usually do an outline and any snippets. Pretty much I say, "Okay. Yes I hear you, and see I'm writing all that down. And I promise I'll come back to you later."

And it's always better to finish something you think will sell to your current publisher, then when you have a bit of down time to write what you want/are pressed to write(AKA Reclaimation) so you can branch out or atleast have a little cushion to write another "book of your heart". :0)