Monday, April 16, 2007

Random page Post

Okay, I think I did this right. I opened this post up at 8:11 AM and since I don't have 811 pages of my work in progress, I went for page 11.

Here's the blurb on my WIP: Uncross My Heart, paranormal romance

Julian Devlin isn’t a vampire. That’s his problem. He was respected, powerful and of course, immortal, until his former ally, Enoch Lambert, cast a spell that turned Julian human again.

Zoe Boyd is the quirky, fashion unconscious owner of Dollars and Sense, a consignment shop that handles wedding dresses, baby clothes and vintage jewelry. Her life is about finding creative ways to make old things look antique, not about helping a vampire get his fangs back. Then she meets Julian and her world turns upside down.

Convinced that Julian has lost his marbles, rather than his fangs, she agrees to help him lay low while he tries to find a trustworthy magic user who can reverse the spell and help him take revenge on Lambert. When the moment comes, however, Julian finds himself with a dilemma. His human self has fallen in love with Zoe and he knows that once he transforms back, she’ll mean nothing to him. Will he give up his undead life for her, or turn his back on the only woman who makes him long for mortality?

And here's page 11:

He took one step in her direction, his expression questioning whether or not she’d let him up the stairs without going kung fu on him again.

Zoe hadn’t quite decided if she would or not. He certainly didn’t look dangerous from where she stood least not in the physical sense. His clothes were impeccable despite his surroundings. His fingernails looked clean and professionally manicured. His watch, probably a Rolex though she couldn’t be sure, sparkled in the feeble light coming from the back room, and the Gucci remark had been a lucky guess. Ostentatious wasn’t her style and neither was demure elegance, and he seemed to be a combination of both.

She’d just about reached the conclusion that she could safely let him pass and show him out the back door, when he stumbled and sank to his knees on the dirty cement floor.

Panic battled with concern. Had she really hurt him, or was this a ruse to lure her back down the stairs and into his clutches? “Are you all right? What’s—”

His head shot up, and the look on his face morphed into one of rage mixed with fear. He rose in a fluid motion and lunged for her just as something exploded behind her. The back door of Dollars and Sense crashed open as if the dead bolt holding it closed didn’t exist. The burglar alarm wailed to life and red hazard lights came on, casting Zoe’s shadow in bloody relief before her.
Before she could scream, she fell forward, propelled by the concussion of the force from above as well as her own somewhat stunted survival instincts.

She landed in his arms.

Despite his apparent weakness, he was all muscle and he smelled of expensive cologne...something woodsy with a liberal dose of citrus that filled her lungs when she drew in a panicked breath.

“This way. They’ve found me. We have to get out of here.”

“They who? Who...they...” Zoe fought against his grip, trying to pry his long fingers from where they’d closed around her wrist. She couldn’t budge him, though, and that left her with no choice but to stumble after him through the old wooden door.

Shouts came from above along with the sound of breaking glass.

Her shop!

It was like an ambush of some sort. She was caught between the gorgeous stranger who lurked in basements and the noisy invasion of who-knew-what from above. Demanding that he let her go seemed pointless at this juncture, so, terrified and faced with no alternative, Zoe ran.



Lynda K. Scott said...

This sounds like a terrific story, Jen! And just this little bit makes me want to read more :D

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Thanks, Lynda!! I'm having a ball writing it.

Skylar Masey said...

Great WIP tidbit Jen! This definitely falls into action-packed:0)

I never would've thought to combine these 2 kinds of characters. And I love the idea of him having to accept becoming a vampire again, instead of just being changed and having to deal with the blood-lust, etc.