Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rehashing Ideas With a New Twist

No, this isn't about taking genres and marrying them together. I wrote about that a few weeks ago. This is about ideas that have a common theme but take a new and uexpected path.

At present I'm writing a fallen angel story. It's more of a standard FA, who doesn't really mind that he is, as a matter of fact, he kinda digs hot sex and decadent living. But in his core he is a good man. Just ask him, he'll tell you. - At this point in the story, however, the reader still doesn't know he's a fallen angel. And I'm writing it all from the heroine's POV to keep it a mystery. I have put clues down along the way though. Kind of like a path of bread crumbs, or need I say...sugar cookies to follow. (Remember the movie Micheal?)

But as I'm writing this story, a different type of fallen angel has emerged from my mind. A more steampunkish/sci-fi/futuristic sort that would marry some of the elements of Blade Runner with Logan's Run and just a pinch of Dan Brown thrown in for good measure. (Yes, this is the Reclaimation story I mentioned in a previous post.) - The thing that I'm asking, many times can an author write a similiar themed story and get away with it and not have those stories part of a series? Granted the contemporary paranormal of Hot Day in Heaven, is going to be very different in tone and scope from Reclaimation, but still...what do you think? I have every intention of writing Reclaimation. I'm not going to table it just because of Hot Day, but I don't want to look like a one-trick pony. Or that I've stumbled into a rut. I probably wouldn't feel this way if they both weren't part of my erotic romance catalog.

How many times have you taken a kernal of an idea from one book and expanded it, twisted it, folded it over and over like salt water taffy and then made it work? I'm sort of the same way with redemption stories. I love 'em. I have a few ideas for different ones of those as well. Mostly, those are paranormals, but I don't want to keep going back to that theme either.

What ideas or themes have you used more than once, and how did you change them to pull off a whole new story, voice and tone?


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Xandra Gregory said...

I've got WIPs going now that have similar themes and settings. I think it's a function of who we are as writers. I think if you scrape the surface, you'll find common threads in most writers' works. Some writers use themes like "family uber alles" or "make me over" in a more vague, archetypal sense, and others use settings like dystopian middle-ages fantasy as a common or favorite venue in which to tell their stories.

I think even things as subtle as a prevailing attitude can tie your stories together (for example, the characters in all my stories, no matter what kind of setting they're in whether it's contemporary or futuristic, seem to either have or develop an appreciation for mysticism. Or at least, a healthy respect for it. It's part of who I am as a writer and storyteller, and part of the Thing I Gotta Say To the World through my writing.

Hell...I could have made a blog post on this comment alone, LOL!