Sunday, February 03, 2008

I'm in Print!

Okay, so the print is in a magazine, not a book. But hey, it's a start. And I do have to give kudos to my editor...and the fact that February is a wide open arena for romance due to V-day.

In case you don't have a clue what I'm rattling on about, I had an article called Be Mine: 9 Valentines on a Dime accepted by Alamance Woman, a local mag where I hail from. I got my first glimpse at the top notch magazine because I needed reading material at the gym...and yes, I recall I should be editing that manuscript.) But I thought, why shouldn't I submit?

On the 2 hour drive back from Charlotte I brainstormed the idea, then typed it up and tweaked it to perfection. My bf was the first reader and laughed at my penny-pinching ideas gleefully. Which of course made me think, "Is the editor going to do the same?" But I welled up my courage, because submitting is submitting since rejection is a possible outcome.

The next day I got the good news. I'd made the February deadline and yes, the editor did in fact want to use the article. Big woohoo! So here it is about a month later, and the February edition has hit stands. Of course, I stalked the website and found out that the info was up January 28th. Plus it gave me validation cause my title was right there on the website. Then after two trips to the gym, and a local library, I found a copy! My heart leapt, but I contained my glee until I got back in my car. (I'll just say that after a bad day at the office, seeing your writing in black in white is a huge pick-me-up.)

I flipped to the contents page, spotted my title, then hurried to page 10. There is was! My fabulous words (if I do say so myself) with kicking graphics and my awesome byline spanning 2 pages.

Everyone loves the pic (which is a cropped version of the one on my Myspace and website), which I give my mom kudos for. Quite simply all I have to say is wow, I love my editor! It could have something to do with her mentioning me in her Editor's Letter too.

So I've been on cloud nine for the past few days, while I showed it off to every person I know. (And my bf is tired of hearing me ask, "Do you like my article?") I've gotten great feedback and a couple of people supposedly even e-mailed my editor to express their opinion. Unfortunately the distribution is limited to my hometown and a couple of surrounding cities, though the number of vendors is 200 (including Books-a-million and B&N). Not bad circulation if I do say so myself!

And now I'm off to write, because my editor asked for more articles on Friday!
In other news, today is the last day to vote for American Title's Best Dialogue Scene. If you haven't voted for my friend Mai's awesome entry PRINCE OF DARKNESS, or anyone else remaining in the final four, please do so now! You can send an e-mail to with the book's title in the subject line. To view the scenes there's a link on


Lynda K. Scott said...

Congrats, Skylar! What a very nice layout. I wish I could read it. Is there a web addy where it can be seen?

Savanna Kougar said...

Skylar, how impressive. And now, you're in demand for more articles. Thanks for mentioning the American Title IV vote deadline. Yep, being one of the finalists, I know who got cut. But I can's tell because Liz French would not be happy. Luved Mai's dialogue scene.