Thursday, May 15, 2008

When The Light Goes On

wow, time has gone so fast! It seems like just yesterday that I wrote my last post!

In a post not too far gone in the mists of time LOL, I wrote about having problems with a book. The saga continues. I have shelved a second book. Yes, a second! I shelved the first book as it was going nowhere, and then into chapter 1 of the next book - same problem!

OMG! What was wrong with me? I have never had this problem - ever! Sixteen books and short stories later, and NOW I have this problem?

Was my writing life over? Had I hit the wall and would never be able to write again?

I know, you're thinking I'm getting carried away, but I tell you I was panicking! For me to have never had writers block and then this to happen - I was panicking and I make no excuses. I WAS PANICKING!

Then it clicked. Right there. bang! I was trying to write one of my more serious, sometimes darker stories, but my heart wasn't in it. My mind wasn't set on it. My mind was all for something lighter. How did I discover that? When I decided to try one of my lighter titles. And it started flowing, the ideas came, I'm constantly thinking of it! Yes, the light went on. I wasn't in the mood for a darker story...I needed some lightness.

I wonder, sometimes, if that's what affects some writers who have problems writing sometimes? is it because we push ourselves to do a certain book or theme, when our heart may not be in it? Is it so wrong to admit that we need to turn our hands to something different, even, maybe, a different genre? Maybe at times we need to inject something different into our writing to spice it up and bring a breath of fresh air to it?

All I know is that it took awhile for the light to go on in my mind as to what my problem was. I know some of my readers will be pleased when they find out who I'm writing about...I've had requests for his story in the past LOL. I'm not saying much more here, not yet, but suffice it to say - things are back to normal on the writing front - at long last!

Angela *heaving a sigh of relief*


Lynda K. Scott said...

Angela, that's happened to me too. With the same solution. About three years ago, I was so frustrated with a story I was writing (about 6 chapters in) that I simply couldn't move forward. So I set it aside to work on something else and voila! The words started flowing again.

Sometimes it just isn't 'time' for a particular story to be born.

Savanna Kougar said...

I so agree. Every story in it's time. We are all multi-faceted people. I find I need to write an opposite kind of story from the one I've just been working on. Or if I'm working on two at once, they have to be in two very different world cultures.