Friday, May 30, 2008

War on Passwords

I am declaring war on passwords. I mean, really, what the heck is one supposed to do?

We need passwords for our bank accounts - including phone banking, internet banking, cards and everything.

Now I have a password for my video shop. I have two different passwords because I belong to two different video shops. Always a bit embarrassing when you take the wrong DVD back to the wrong video outlet, and you get that phone call...but let's not dwell on that.

If that isn't enough, I also need a password for the different groups I belong to, depending on if it is blogging or yahoo. And clubs - let's not forget clubs!

I also need passwords for different websites - including my own. Let's not forget myspace, too.

I am passworded out. Do you know how long I spent just trying to get onto here today? I kid you not, twenty minutes. Twenty minutes, you say? What kind of clown am I? I'll tell. I'm a passworded out clown. I have different passwords for different places. They say don't use the same password for different places, so I try not to. I add letters and numbers and UPPER CASE and lower case, you name it, I've added it.

I just have trouble remembering all the different passwords for all the different places.

Remember when they reckoned we'd all have a number tattooed on our foreheads or necks? (You don't? Okay, we weren't running around with the same crowd LOL). I remember. It was the time bank cards came out and people started getting paranoid. (Oh, still don't remember. geez, we WERE running with different crowds!).

Well, I must say, it sounds like a damned good idea now!!!!! I would never have to worry about another *&^$#! password again!

My problem would be hoping some desperado wouldn't chop my head off and run my forehead over the scanner. Or come up behind me, slam my forehead down on the scanner at the local ATM machine and then take all my money (and I don't have much to start with anyway).

Okay, maybe passwords do have their place.

I don't care - I HATE PASSWORDS!!!!

Angela *Miss Grouchy* I need a holiday*


Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I hear you! I always screw up the 'case sensitive passwords' and I end up cursing at the computer and praying I don't get locked out of my own accounts.

Savanna Kougar said...

Passwords are a pain! I have keep them all at hand on my heart-shaped pieces of paper, and look them up. No way I could remember them all!