Guest - Ariana Dupre/Melissa Alvarez

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Guest - Ariana Dupre/Melissa Alvarez

Good morning, everyone! Happy Monday to you. We have a very interesting guest today - Melissa Alvarez. Melissa Alvarez, writing as Ariana Dupré, is an award-winning author of psychic fiction and paranormal romantic suspense. Her favorite books are suspenseful page-turners. The keepers on her shelves are titles that she couldn't put down (even reading them while cooking dinner). When she's not writing Melissa enjoys reading and spending time with her family and horses. Melissa is also a clairvoyant advisor. Visit Melissa online for updates, contests and more.


Good morning Star Crossed Romance! Thank you so much for having me as your guest blogger today. I’ll be checking in today and for the next couple of days if anyone has questions for me.

Today I thought I’d talk a little about psychic fiction. It seems that there is more of a line being drawn in the description of “paranormal romance” these days and that books that have psychics in them are not necessarily considered paranormal anymore. Instead, paranormal are the vamps, werewolves and other creatures of the night that have a dark side. More and more often psychics are being depicted more true to life in contemporary settings. This doesn’t mean you’ll never find a psychic in a paranormal book or a bit of the paranormal and a psychic character in a contemporary book. To me, the gap seems to be widening between the two.

I call what I write by several different names: psychic fiction, romantic suspense, paranormal romantic suspense. Because I also work as a clairvoyant advisor and have had many experiences in the realm of metaphysics, this is natural for me. I’m also very inclined to help others understand their own psychic abilities and paranormal events in their lives. When I create characters I try to use my knowledge to portray the experiences as true to life as possible. In this way I feel that I can help others understand what psychic abilities feel like when you’re getting an impression or what it feels like to sense a spirit or see a ghost. I’ve had people write to me after reading one of my books to say that they hadn’t realized that they had a psychic ability until reading the description of it in my book. That made me feel great because it means I’m accomplishing what I set out to do – teach through characterization. If I can help just one person understand their psychic abilities a little better or to even recognize that what they feel is actually their psychic ability coming through then I’ve done my job.

I also feel that psychic characters should be portrayed as accurately as possible. For instance, in Night Visions, Angelina Benton has prophetic dreams and that is her only psychic ability but she’s had it since childhood and knows the difference in a prophetic dream and a regular one. She’s has a good handle on her ability even though it is sometimes scary. In Paradise Designs, Tara Simms hears and sees spirits but she’s always fought it and now has to face her fears in order to help. In Talgorian Prophecy, Megan Cassidy is a professional psychic with numerous abilities. She’s well grounded, focused and uses her abilities on a daily basis to help others. Now that her son has been kidnapped, she puts all her abilities to work to find him.

So what about you guys? What do you think of psychic characters?


Talgorian Prophecy

Talgorian Prophecy By Ariana Dupré

Megan Cassidy, a world-renowned psychic, must fight a serial killer to save her six-year-old son Robbie. But she can't do it alone. She needs help from the best tracker and ranger in West Virginia, her ex-fiancé Brody Phelps.

In a psychic vision Megan sees her own death during a battle with the murderer whom the police have dubbed the Mountain Mangler. She soon discovers that the Mangler is also psychic and is presenting a challenge the first six victims couldn't meet.

While Brody and Megan search the mountains for the Mangler and Robbie, Megan is drawn to Talgor Ridge where a Talgorian Elder tells them an unbelievable story. They discover their destinies are intertwined with the immortal Talgorians and they must fulfill the first Talgorian Prophecy. Acceptance is the only way to save Robbie, and the Talgorians, from total destruction.

Read an excerpt
Genre : Romance - Paranormal
Book Length: Plus Novel

Melissa Alvarez/Ariana Dupre
Talgorian Prophecy On Sale Now
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Other Books: Night Visions, Paradise Designs in the Beneath A Christmas Moon Anthology

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8 Responses to "Guest - Ariana Dupre/Melissa Alvarez"

Melissa Alvarez said...

Thanks so much for having me here today, Lynda and the rest of the Star Crossed Romance crew! I'm looking forward to chatting with you.



Tarot By Arwen said...

Melissa, do your pyschics use tools such as astrology or tarot or palmistry. As you know, I'm a tarotist so I'm always curious as to what others use for their characters.

Melissa Alvarez said...

Hi Arwen,

So far they haven't but that doesn't mean anything. I feel that if the character would use tools such as tarot cards, runes, pendulums or whatever else they need than I'll give them to them. And if they can read palms then they can read palms and it would come out as part of their characterization. I think it all depends on the character you're creating and the abilities that they have and how they feel about and use their abilities.

In my books I have a heroine who has prophetic dreams, a secondary character in that same book (Night Visions)who is clairvoyant, a medium who is just beginning to accept her abilities (Paradise Designs in the Beneath A Christmas Moon Anthology), and a professional clairvoyant who has a wide array of abilities (Talgorian Prophecy). So, for me it varies from character to character but I think that using tools to do a reading is fine.



Lynda K. Scott said...

Melissa, thanks so much for being here! I found your article very interesting (as I mentioned before :D).

Is there any defining characteristic a person/character can use to tell whether h/she is having a 'vision' as opposed to a daydream? Hope that makes sense, lol

Thanks again~

Lise said...

Melissa, I love psychic characters. I read many mysteries and romances that include them, but love them in all their forms, whether they be serious, genuine and authentic psychics or the type more likely seen in paranormal. For example, I'm working on the first in a romance/mystery/paranormal series about a woman who gains psychic powers through a freak accident, but it is much more than that because it turns out to be connected to various other paranormal types - immortal warriors and druids, etc. So it is way beyond anything realistic, but works ... I think that realistic psychics offer a marvelous opportunity in a book to create amazing tension and suspense. Knowing something ... but how to act? Or if? Or when.

Do you disagree that there is a place where a totally over-the-top psychic fits in?

Melissa Alvarez said...

Lynda - for me the difference is this - with a daydream I find my mind wandering and I'm just thinking about something like the plot of my book or what I need to do today etc. With a psychic vision it's an instant flash - a knowing that this is something different. For instance - today I was driving to pick up my kids and I got a sudden flash of black car swerviing around me. I immediately slowed down and looked in my rearview mirror. The black car swerved over in front of me. I didn't see him because he'd been in my blind spot and was driving very fast. Had I not recognized the impression as an impression and slowed down he would have probably hit me. So for me the suddenness and clarity of what I see tells me that it's a vision. Also, sometimes it's something that I would have never thought of and it seems to come from outside of me - not internal thoughts like a daydream.

Lise - Your series sounds great! Well, I think again it depends on your characterization. I don't usually write over the top psychics. I try to portray them as true to life and as real as possible just because of all of the flack I've had to deal with over the years from people who think that all psychics are kooks and frauds. But that doesn't mean a psychic can't be eccentric or over the top - it depends on what you're trying to accomplish with your character and book. I just personally try to present them as regular people who have abilities and then show how they feel about those abilities, how they use them and the way they experience them so that others can learn from that.



Savanna Kougar said...

Melissa, wonderful to see you here. This is a natural fit for you and your novels.
How fascinating that there is a distinction being made about real-life type of psychics and what is now labeled paranormal. I didn't know that.
And this is true synchronicity for me. I'm working on WIP called Don't Bite the Fortune Teller. My heroine is a real psychic, but also enjoys playing the part of a fortune teller at parties, just for fun and profit. Since I've dabbled in doing readings, successfully, and also been to a few top notch psychics during my life, and have studied the ability, I feel my heroine comes off naturally so far, in her abilities. (Who really knows, though, until I submit.)
Although, like a previous commentor, I do go into the paranoral realm with the story. The hero belongs to an ancient society race with their own unusual abilities.
Kudos to you for using fiction to bring knowledge to us all. I truly applaud you.

Melissa Alvarez said...

Thanks Savanna! It's great to see you here. Well, I bring the paranormal into my stories too. In Talgorian Prophecy there's an ancient race of shapeshifters. I think the two (psychic fiction and paranormal) can be combined nicely!