Friday, April 03, 2009


I'm in serious like with a new TV show on ABC called CASTLE. When I first saw the promo short, I knew I'd have to give it a shot. Why? It stars Nathan Fillion from FIREFLY!
The show is only about 3 0r 4 episodes into it's season, but so far it's got me hooked.

So I decided to tell you the top 10 reasons I like (and you should watch) CASTLE:

1.Seeing sexy Nathan Fillion back on TV (without Firefly’s western wear).

2.Castle’s sarcastic wit and charm. (Gotta love that bait and hook!)

3.Castle and Det. Kate Beckett’s sexual tension (which likely wasn’t a happy accident).

4.Castle’s daughter is a fabulous secondary character (that taps into a younger generation of fans).

5.Castle’s mother (while a little overbearing) adds some comedic moments (as well as bringing in older viewers).

6.Who knew there were more crimes CSI and SVU hadn’t done?

7.Castle plots ahead to solve crimes just like us!

8.Castle is a single dad by choice, which is a fresh dynamic.

9.The endings have a huge BBM and a twisted cliffhanger!

10.Castle is a writer! (The genre doesn’t matter!) :0)

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1 comment:

Lynda K. Scott said...

Skylar, I haven't had a chance to see Castle yet but now that my overtime is coming to an end (yea!) I'm looking forward to having time to watch it and a couple other shows I've been dying to see :-D