Guest - Cheryl Brooks

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Guest - Cheryl Brooks

Good morning everyone! Today's guest is the author of one of my favorite series, The Cat Star Chronicles. Ms Brooks has given us another wonderful erotic and exotic read. And Sourcebooks has promised a copy of HERO to two lucky readers so make sure you read all the way down to see how you can get a copy.


Hello! I’m Cheryl Brooks, author of the Cat Star Chronicles series of sexy sci-fi romance, and I’d like to thank you for having me as a guest here at Star-Crossed Romance!

With the sixth book in the series, Hero, hitting the shelves this month, it’s safe to say that I’m still hooked on sci-fi. To promote my previous books, I’ve written guest blogs about sex with aliens, alien worlds, alien names, and all sorts of alien attributes, but what I haven’t done is talk about my heroines and why they think those alien guys are so hot.

It’s been said that my heroines fall in love with their Zetithian heroes far too easily, to which I can only say that I would fall for them even faster than my heroines do, provided, of course, I was unattached. The toughest part about writing this series is finding ways of keeping my heroines from falling hopelessly in love with them at first sight. After all, they’re tall, handsome, lovable, amazingly sexy, good in a fight, and they can purr! The fangs and long hair are just icing on the cake when compared with their sexual abilities, which, if you’ve read any of the previous books, you’ll know are considerable.

But up to now, my heroines have all been human, or at least mostly human. In Hero, we discover why the men of Zetith had to be so irresistible. The reason? The women aren’t interested unless the right man—the right Zetithian man—purrs for them. So when Micayla meets Trag, she doesn’t exactly fall at his feet; in fact, she hisses at him.

I remember my editor being all excited about the prospect of a Zetithian heroine. “Oh, she’ll be so sensuous and sexy!” she said. Well, yes and no. I reminded her that it had been mentioned a time or two that Zetithian females aren’t what you’d call boy crazy. They’re highly selective and extremely difficult to entice.

Beautiful, of course, just as the men are very handsome, but sex and romance are the last things on their minds. They are strong, intelligent, and independent, and have been taught to avoid men as much as possible—perhaps to keep the population growth in check since their children are usually born in litters of three.
Micayla, however, was orphaned at the age of two and has been reared on Earth, ignorant of her world and her species. She’s grown up with humans, but though Earth men may be easy, they don’t do a thing for her. Believing herself to be an oddity even among her own kind, she is unprepared for her reaction to Trag, and the sparks fly. Trag, who was also raised offworld, isn’t well-versed in Zetithian courtship rituals either, and their misinterpretation of each other’s behavior adds to the fun.

Creating a new species and exploring their origins, characteristics, and basic tendencies is one of the joys of writing paranormal fiction. I know of no other genre that enables an author to go beyond the confines of life as we know it and explore the unknown in limitless ways. That always intriguing, “What if...” gives the imagination a free rein, as well as the opportunity to bring the reader along for the ride. So, if you’re looking for romance, adventure, fun, and sex beyond your wildest dreams, welcome aboard my starship, where you will discover that my Zetithian guys really mean it when they promise to “give you joy unlike any you have ever known.”

The Cat Star Chronicles #6
He is the sexiest, most irksome man she’s ever encountered...

Micayla is the last Zetithian female left in the universe. She doesn’t know what’s normal for her species, but she knows when she sees Trag that all she wants to do is bite him…

He has searched all over the galaxy for a woman like her...

Trag has sworn he’ll never marry unless he can find a Zetithian female. But now that he’s finally found Micayla, she may be more of a challenge than even he’s able to take on...

About the Author
Cheryl Brooks is an Intensive Care Unit nurse by night and a romance writer by day. Previous books in The Cat Star Chronicles series include Slave, Warrior, Rogue, Outcast and Fugitive. She is a member of the RWA and lives with her husband and sons in Indiana. For more information, please visit


-- Lynda Again

To be eligible for the HERO drawing, please leave a comment AND send an email to me at by noon Friday August 6 and put HERO in the subject line. I'll have my fluffy little cat, Wookie, pull the two winning names.

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19 Responses to "Guest - Cheryl Brooks"

Cheryl Brooks said...

Good morning! I'll be checking in throughout the day to answer questions and respond to comments! Good luck to everyone in the drawing!

Lil said...

I love the idea of your hero and heroine being ignorant of their species courtship rituals and the reasons behind how they react to each other. What a neat and funny exploration that would be...from a fly on the wall vantage.

Pauline said...

This sounds very fun! I have to admit to being fond of cats. LOL!

Cheryl Brooks said...

Hi Lil!
Yeah, it was tons of fun writing this one. I never knew what one of them was going to do next!

I love my dog, but I don't miss having one in the house. Cats are so much more relaxing!

s7anna said...

This looks like another awesome addition to a seriously addictive series!

Question for Cheryl : How do you come up with such unique names for your characters?


Betty Hamilton said...

Cheryl, I am anxiously awaiting a copy of "Hero". I tried to get a copy at the book store today, but they're not in yet. I have enjoyed all the books/characters so far. I'm sure this one will be fantastic. I have no questions other many more books can I look forward to in this series?

Cheryl Brooks said...

Hi Anna!
My character names often start with a perfectly normal name and then I start rearranging the letters, adding and deleting, until I come up with something that sounds alien or futuristic or creepy, depending on what sort of character it is.

I think the official release date is always on a Tuesday, Betty, so you might not find it until tomorrow. Hopefully you won't have to wait until NEXT Tuesday!

Right now, I have a contract for three more in the series, plus two "option" books. Book seven is with my editor now, and I've written about 10,000 words on book eight. Book nine is just a very basic idea right now, but I know what the guy looks like and he's totally hot!!!

ladybirdrobi said...

Thanks for a great interview. I have only been able to read one of your books in this series. I think it was Fugitive. I would love to win this book. Hero sounds like it will be a great read. If I don't win the book know that it will be on my giant TBR mountain with the r4est of the series that I don't have.


Cheryl Brooks said...

Fugitive was the last book before Hero, so you'll at least be reading those two in order! Good luck in the drawing!

Nancy Bristow said...

Hey Cheryl:) You know I will be hot-footing it to B&N tomorrow to see if HERO has hit the shelves. Actually I can call and ask them to put a copy aside for me.

Not to worry if Wookie happens to pull my name...I have a book junkie friend who would LOVE to have it.

Since I already know and love the entire series, HERO will just be a great addition.

Cheryl Brooks said...

Hi Nancy! I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed. Trag is such a hottie! Thanks for dropping by!

*yadkny* said...

Hi Cheryl & Hi Lynda,
You really can't go wrong with a cover like that Cheryl and congrats on your latest release it already sounds like a winner:)

Cheryl Brooks said...

Oh, yeah, Yadkny, I just LOVE my covers....

Lynda K. Scott said...

I'm glad you all are leaving comments but make sure you email me too! Put HERO in the subject line so I'll know it's for this contest.

My email is

I know someone is going to LOVE reading this book (and will want to get the other books in the series)

Cheryl Brooks said...

Thanks for letting me visit, Lynda! It's always a pleasure!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Congrats to Nancy and Pauline who won the two free copies of HERO I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks to Cheryl and everyone for stopping by.

(Sorry I'm late with the announcement. I've had horrendous ISP issues since Friday)

Nancy Bristow said...

How cool is this? Lots of treats and love pats to Wookie for pulling my name. I've emailed my address to you Lynda. Thank you very really is fun to win a give-away:D

Cheryl Brooks said...

WHOO HOO! Big congrats to Nancy and Pauline! Have fun with the cats!

Nancy Bristow said...

Lynda...Thank you again for hosting Cheryl's interview and to Sourcebooks for sending me a copy of HERO, which I received last evening. I was blown away impressed to receive a prize so quickly. I feel sure that Wookie deserves even more treats;)