Review - Hero by Cheryl Brooks

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Review - Hero by Cheryl Brooks

The Cat Star Chronicles
Cheryl Brooks
Sourcebooks Casablanca

Weddings can be joyful...and, for some, they can be painful. That's how HERO begins as Trag is positioned beside Kyra, the woman he loves, the woman who is his brother's mate. That Kyra is madly, deeply in love with Trag's brother Tychar, the famous singer, just makes it more obvious what Trag is missing. So it's with relief that he returns to his pilot berth aboard Lerotan Kanotay's starship. At least aboard the Equalizer, he isn't face to face with what he can never have.

Aboard the space station Orleon, Micayla happens to snag the barest glimpse of a beautiful man who exudes sadness and regret. Before she can get a better look or discover who he is, he vanishes in the crowded park. But that bare glance and the comment that he resembled Micayla with his cat eyes and small fangs is enough to send Micayla and her friend, Windura, to the disreputable parts of the huge space station in search.

The search sets in motion the action part of the plot pitting Micayla against the deadly force out to kill all Zetithians. Including, now, Micayla as she and her friend overhear incriminating information and flee. Their perilous flight leads them to take refuge in the Equalizer. And it's there, that she finally meets Trag.

He's everything she thought he would be based on that one brief glimpse. Handsome, boyishly charming, and the first thing she does is hiss at him. She didn't have a clue why she was so sharp with Trag. She liked him. She was definitely interested in him. This is not a particularly good way to get a guy's attention. She knows that and if she didn't, Windura was ready to point it out.

Trag, too, is confused. Micayla is a Zetithian, the first female of his species he's run across. She's just as beautiful as he expected a female of his kind to be. She ought to be falling down happy to find him, a male Zetithian, but it's clear she isn't. As far as he can tell, she can't stand him. It isn't until they meet up with Captain Jack and her husband, Cat, that things take a more favorable turn. Trag discovers that having 'snard', the remarkable orgasm producing substance, isn't the only way to a woman's heart. Neither is having a penis constructed like a woman's best fantasy. All that remains is to deal with the danger that stalks all the Zetithians.

This latest, excellent installment in the Cat Star Chronicles is the kind of delightfully hot read we've come to expect from Ms Brooks. HERO isn't just a great erotic love story, it's also a coming of age story for Micayla and Trag. Having been raised in human society, Micayla brings to mind the young teen-aged girl who hasn't a lot of experience dealing with the opposite sex or her own deep yearnings. And Trag comes to realize that perhaps his first love wasn't as real as he imagined.

Peopled by strange and exotic races, set on fabulous planets and space stations, HERO is just exactly the kind of hot read those of us who love futuristics enjoy. This is definitely a recommended read. You'll enjoy it as much as I did.

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4 Responses to "Review - Hero by Cheryl Brooks"

diva donna said...

YEAH I wanted this HERO for so long.
Cheryl's taken off the jewels from around TRAG'S Yummydoodle, and now he's our new HERO and his spaceship is ready to save the world if he can only tame that female Zetithian. I love this series. And Trag's my favorite Hottie.

Lil said...

What a great review. Have been hearing wonderful things about the series since book 1.

betty hamilton said...

It seems like forever since I started to "wait" for this new addition to the Cat Star Chronicles. I have read and loved all the books so far. I went to the book store this morning and ... no luck... not in yet. I would LOVE to win a copy of "Hero" so that I can get busy reading it!! Please enter me in the contest.

Linda Andrews said...

Sounds like a great read!