Review - The Wild Irish Sea

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Review - The Wild Irish Sea

The Wild Irish Sea
Loucinda McGary
Soourcebooks Casablanca
August 2010

Twins always seem to have a special connection with each other. Amber O’Neil and her brother, Parker, are no exception. What is different is the kind of connection – they’re able to hear each other’s thoughts and feelings. As children, this ability gave them nothing but grief as doctors performed various experiments on them. So they quickly learned to hide their ability, to make sure they weren’t thought of as freaks.

But when Parker returns to their native soil, Ireland, and finds disaster, his mental shout brings Amber running from California to a small coastal town in Ireland. Exhausted and drenched from a heavy squall, she searches for the one man the locals say can help her, an ex-Inspector, Kevin Hennessey.

Kevin, on a forced holiday, is gobsmacked when the soaking wet woman collapses in his arms. Even more surprising for him is the stirring of lust. With his dark and painful past, he’s avoided any closeness to another woman. But for Amber…Kevin will try to be the hero she needs instead of the poor excuse he considers himself to be.

With Kevin’s help, Amber searches for Parker, mentally and physically. She knows he isn’t dead although the authorities believe he must be. Oddly, their telepathic ability seems stronger in Ireland. Amber can pick up some of Kevin’s thoughts but some are so deep, so buried under layers of guilt and grief that she instinctively backs off to give him privacy. When they find Parker, they uncover a more dangerous enemy than the wild sea…and a deep love for each other that Kevin is convinced he doesn’t deserve. While Kevin saves them from the physical danger, Amber saves him from his painful past.

This is an extremely well written book that captures the reader from the very first word. Ms McGary has created characters that we love, that we root for and makes us feel their heartache when they fall down. She has captured the flavor of the melodic Irish accent and the feeling of a small rural community. The paranormal aspects of the story (the telepathy) lends a fine touch both to the romantic plot and to the action part of the story. Best of all, she deftly shows us the love growing between Amber and Kevin and the acceptance each has for the painful parts of their pasts.

Definitely a book you’ll want to read, The Wild Irish Sea is available now.

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2 Responses to "Review - The Wild Irish Sea"

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Thank you for the lovely review, Lynda! I really appreciate your support.


Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Loucinda, thanks for writing such a great book! (Sorry for the delay on answering, I've had some computer issues) I enjoyed reading it...twice :-) and I'm sure I'll read it again in the future.