Guest - Linda Wisdom

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Guest - Linda Wisdom

Good morning everyone! Today's guest is one of our favorites, Linda Wisdom. I hope you join us as Linda discusses her the world of her books.


Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves

Thank you Lynda for having me here!

I first created the idea of a witch series about four years ago and the first book, 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover was released in March, 2008. I couldn’t stop after that and luckily, my readers didn’t want me to.

I love writing this series for many reasons. It’s fun. It’s snarky. It’s a lot like me. At least, that’s what my friends tell me. I enjoy reading paranormal and urban fantasy, so no wonder I write the same.  

The idea of an alternate world where magick is alive and strong, and where mythical creatures are real is like a fairy tale for grownups. I also call it making the unbelievable believable. The thought of a universe that defies logic is a challenge for any writer. There’s nothing more I like than a good challenge.

With the witches I wanted to use the current world along with the fun spice of myth and magick. I wanted to infuse their energy into my books and hopefully when my fans read my books they’ll laugh and wish for some magick of their own. Or even a sexy magickal guy.

I wanted all of the witches to be individuals with unique powers and the kind of hero that deserves them.

Each one came to me fully formed. I could see her physical features and personality in my head, what kind of magick she excelled in, and where she would live. Her magickal sidekick would have to be the perfect balance for her. Something fun, hopefully memorable, and have their own crazy history.

I hope I give my readers well-rounded characters and a rich story.

Early this year my publisher decided to repackage my Hex series with a new title and cover. Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend will be out in April 2012 featuring Maggie who appeared at the end of Hex in High Heels. Maggie is with the Hellion Guards that protect all preternatural creatures and now she’s caught up in stopping an ancient Mayan curse that demons have gotten involved in along with fighting the attraction of a sexy fire half demon named Declan. As if that’s not bad enough, ‘I am so not a mom figure’ Maggie has a mouthy teenage girl to further complicate her life. It was wild rollercoaster ride of a book to write and I hope my readers will agree.

I’m putting out a couple enovellas for Kindle and other ebook sites along with eventually releasing my backlist books. Word on those will be available on my website

Why don’t you tell me what you enjoy about paranormal and urban fantasy books? What has you coming back for more?


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18 Responses to "Guest - Linda Wisdom"

R. Ann Siracusa said...

Hi Linda, I love this series. It's so much fun and so innovative. Ann

Pauline B Jones said...

Hi, Linda! Your titles are great, funny, but great. LOL!

Lorrie said...

Hi Linda,

An easy question. I keep coming back for more because I simply love paranormal.
Thanks so much for letting us know about your back books and for the nice information you shared with us. Good luck on the sales.

Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Ann! Thanks. I always hope if I have fun with my writing my fans will have fun reading them.

Thanks Pauline. I have my editor and her staff to thank for the titles.

Thanks Lorrie!

Cheryl Brooks said...

LOL! A hot demon will do it every time!!!!

Pamk said...

sounds like another great read from you. adding it to my tbb list.

morseren said...

Hi Linda:)

I love the new cover, very sexy. Can't wait for more of the Hex series. I really like how in each book we get to know a different main character. It's fun when the characters show up in each others creates a real sense of their world and different sides of their personalities:)

Thanks so much,

Rebecca W.

Lisa Kessler said...

Hi Linda!

I love the new cover!!! It's so... Hexy! LOL

I love paranormal and urban fantasy because it's such a fun creative escape from real life.

Much more fun to read about someone conjuring demons than trying to avoid foreclosure... Now that's scary!

Great blog!

Lisa :)

Marie Andreas said...

Great post Linda. For me, whatever genre I'm reading, I need to have great characters. I'm willing to follow a writer through almost anything, as long as I have characters that are fun, smart, and believable ;)- snarky don't hurt neither :).

Pam Moran said...

Love the snarky!

Paranormals are just so much more...satisfying (evil grin).


Lizzie said...

Love your witches, my friend! Look foward to more books in this series.


Linda Wisdom said...

Hey Chery, one of my beyotches! Yeah, hot demons are nice to have around.

Thanks Pamk!

Hi Lisa! Very true. Hm, can you imagine foreclosing on a demon?

So true, Marie. I also read a lot of mysteries and I always look for great characters.

LOL Pam!

Lizzie! Thank you good friend!

Marie Force said...

Hey Linda,
Best of luck with the Demons! I'm sure you'll be writing your series for many years to come! :-)

Linda Wisdom said...

Hey Marie! Thanks babe!

ElaineCharton said...

Big Sis-
You already know how much I love your witches. Can't wait to read this one.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Glad to hear the Hex series is not gone just reworked, I was afraid we wouldn't get to see anymore of the witches.

I love paranormal romance and urban fantasy because of the supernatural elements, the magick, the world building and the sexy guys that are more than we could ever get in real life. The books are a great escape that I just can't get enough of.

Janece said...

I want to be entertained and potentially surprised by my books, which is the main reason why I return to paranormal over and over. I look for fun titles, stories, characters (because we all need a laugh!) and characters who grab me with their personalities.

Besides paranormal is the furthest from my gym 4x a week-eat healthy-babysit my granddaughter-home educate my younger kids-work from home life as one can GET. lol!

Linda Wisdom said...

Lil Sis!!! And you know I'm a big fan of yours too.

Hi Roxanne! No way I'd allow the witches to fade away. Too many stories there. I agree with you on the escape. I just wish I had more reading time.

LOL Janece! I'd say you deserve that escape!