Guest - Terry Spear

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Guest - Terry Spear

Good morning! There's Mayan Chocolate coffee in the pots and Orangesicle muffins on the plates. Make yourselves comfortable. Today, the uber-talented author, Terry Spear, will be joining us for a bit of chit chat. Terry is answering a few questions I thought you might be interested in. We've also got a copy of her book to give to one lucky reader. Details below!

Chatting with Terry Spear

Hi Terry. Come in and have a seat. Would you like some Mayan Chocolate coffee? Tasty, isn't it? First, thanks for being with us. It's always a pleasure having you visit. Now...What draws you to romance?
TS: I love a happily-ever-after—even in books that aren’t romance. But I love experiencing the ups and downs of relationships and how a man and a woman finally come to realize that they are meant to be together forever and ever.

Oh, I agree. The journey is just as good as the arrival, isn't it? Have you ever written outside the romance genre? If not, do you ever plan to?
TS: I have written several nonfiction stories. Some actually had happily ever afters. I used to write for genealogy magazines and a teen magazine.

Wow, interesting! You're obviously a multi-talented author. What’s your favorite hobby outside of writing?
TS: It would be a toss-up between creating teddy bears and gardening and photography!!!! I love creating teddy bears. Every one of them has a unique personality, just like the characters in a book. I love gardening and creating an oasis of green and colorful flowering plants in the middle of a cornfield. I love taking photos of wildlife and sharing them with my fans.

Gardening is always good for the soul. I'll have to make a note and ask you about the teddy bears the next time you visit.  I've seen some of your photos. They're gorgeous! I'm amazed you have time to write which shows how disciplined you must be. How do you spend a typical writing day?
TS: I write blogs, answer emails and work on student lessons first thing (I teach online writing classes), and critique partner’s chapters. Then I start working on the project with the most current deadline. When I wrote this, I was working on A SEAL Wolf Christmas, May blogs for the blog tour for A Highlander Werewolf Wedding, and Jaguar Heat, third book in the series. But all can be put on hold if something else needs to be done right away.

 A HIghlander Werewolf Wedding is a terrific read (but then I think all your books are terrific reads). And I'm definitely looking forward to Jaguar Heat. You write such great paranormals. Have you ever experienced a paranormal event in your life?
TS: Absolutely. I don’t go looking for them, or even believe I’ve experienced something paranormal, until I can find no reasonable explanation or I discover corroboration that what I’ve experienced, others have also.

You’ve heard that renovations on a house can stir up unusual happenings, and that’s what occurred when I started painting my kids’ rooms before I sold the house. A letter C—about a foot square and thick lettered, appeared on my son’s wall. After painting over the wall several times, then using Kilz on the wall that is supposed to cover stains, it still remained.

I had painted that whole section of wall about 14 times, and it was still there. It was a white letter on a white wall. I could see it in sunlight and at night with the lights on. It hadn’t been there when I took down all my son’s posters and puttied all the pinprick holes. It just…appeared, once I began painting. My mother saw it. My college age son and daughter saw it. I saw it. About a week later, I decided to hang a picture over it, though I had wanted to keep the walls free and freshly painted. My daughter found a picture for me to hang over it and set it on the floor below it. Every day I would look in there, still see it, and think I needed to find my hammer and a nail, and I’d hang the picture. So finally one morning, I looked in the room, C is bright and bold as ever, and I went in search of a nail and hammer. I returned ready to hang the picture. The C was gone. I turned on the lights, even though the sun was streaming in the window. Looked that night with just the lights on. It was gone. Vanished. As if it had never been there.

Ooo, spooky. I wonder if the spirit world was trying to send you a message? And what the message might have been. Do you ever use current events to help create plots? 
TS: Oh, absolutely. When I came up with the idea of the Highland clan losing so much of their money for both A Howl for a Highlander and Heart of the Highland Wolf, I based it on a couple of men who at the time were in the news for having scammed investors across the globe. My co-worker actually wanted me to write about a poor werewolf. So that gave me the incentive to have a Highland clan that was hurting for money and could lose their ancestral home.

In Wolf Fever, the World Health Organization had put out an alert that we were bound for the worst flu epidemic in years. It didn’t come about, but it gave me the idea—what if (which is always a neat way to come up with a plot) a werewolf pack were hit by a flu strain and it did something unusual to them.

Because I have written so many in the series, I really try to make each book as different as possible from all the others—except all  in the same world. For my current release, my editor, Deb Werksman had the idea for a different story—why not call it A Highland Werewolf Wedding? But I had no Highland wedding in the story. And I thought, I would write a book that starts and ends with a Highland wedding. The best part of that? Readers get to enjoy tons of Highlanders in kilts! J

You're so right J  Highlanders in kilts are one of my favorite things. Add a little wolf shapeshifting to it? Heaven! Besides the hunky Highlander wolf shifters and the hunk jaguar shifters, what drew you to write paranormal? 
TS: I think it’s the notion that people are more exceptional in some way. They are different and accepted by others even with being different.

Even if you weren't a terrific and talented author, that would be a good philosophy. What one thing would you want your readers to remember from your book?
TS: More than anything, I hope my readers have fun!!! But what I really hope to do is to write scenes that are so memorable, readers will remember them for many years. I took a picture of a waterfall in a rainforest at Moody Gardens and asked readers if they had read Savage Hunger, did they remember the waterfall scene? It’s a unanimous yes!!!

But what I think is even more fun—if the reader sees a waterfall, and instantly thinks of Connor with Kat washing behind that stream of warm water. J That’s the power of the pen. It’s like when I’ve been in the shower and the electricity has gone off—what do I think of??? Psycho!

LOL, yes, I can see where Psycho might jump to mind under that circumstance. Last question - Your book is being made into a movie, regardless of cost, where should it be filmed?
TS: For A Highland Werewolf Wedding—in Scotland at one of their gorgeous castles. And I want to stay in one of the rooms, and watch all the fight scenes where the Highlanders are bare chested, only wearing their kilts on a windy day and swinging their swords…I’ll have my camera ready!

 I volunteer to carry your luggage J

On The Run...
After werewolves Elaine Hawthorn and Cearnach MacNeill almost have a head-on collision on a foggy Highland road, they're pretty well stuck with each other. It'll be hours before anyone can get there to pull his car out of the ditch and they both have better places to be.

And Nowhere to Hide From Each Other...
The sexy little American brings out all of Cearnach's big bad protective instincts. If she thought she was in trouble before, Elaine has no idea what kind of complications a hot Scot can cause...

Delightful, steamy, and devilishly funny, join the hundreds of thousands of readers who already discovered that USA Today bestseller Terry Spear delivers a sizzle worth howling about.

Praise for A Highland Werewolf Wedding:
“The two protagonists are well matched in intelligence, and their snappy dialogue will have readers chuckling from the first chapter on.” —Booklist

“The hills of Scotland make a dramatic backdrop for this novel, and the characters are pleasing and well written.” —RT Book Reviews

“A Highland Werewolf Wedding is another shining example of exactly why Terry Spear is the Queen of the shifter romance.”—Night Owl Reviews, 5 Stars, Reviewer Top Pick

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over two dozen paranormal romance novels and medieval Highland historical romances. She has received incredible praise for her romances, including Heart of the Wolf named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Crawford, Texas, where she is working on her next paranormal romances! For more information, please visit

To purchase A Highland Werewolf Wedding:

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19 Responses to "Guest - Terry Spear"

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much for having me here today, Lynda! And thanks so much for loving my stories!!! :) Have a happy Monday!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Terry! Thanks for being here! I just visited your website and saw your Wilde and Wooly bears. They're adorable!

Julie Robinson said...

Mayan chocolate? Gets me in the mood for our trip to Cancun in a few days . . .

Terry, Great interview. I like what you said about people being accepted though they are different in some way. People are so afraid of anything beyond their limited frame of what is 'normal." I think that's why exceptional kids are bullied, though many grow to be exceptional adults who stand out.

I also like to find logical explanations. So what a wonderful paranormal experience you have had! It allowed you to "C" beyond. LOL

Your book sounds just as wonderful as the rest of your series, all of which I have. Since I don't have this latest one yet, please enter me in your contest. My email is rebelheart(@)cox(dot)net

Unknown said...

Great interview! I love learning more about my favorite authors and what I might have in common with them. Highlanders + Wolves really is just perfect! Thanks.

diva donna said...

I've come for the Mayan Chocolate and to enjoy this great interview with one of my favorite authors. You gotta love her shifters, kilted or not. I really was surprised and enjoyed hearing your paranormal experience TS . But "C" ing is believing.

Terry Spear said...

Ah, thanks so much, Lynda! I love making them!!!

Julie, thanks so much for loving my books!! Yeah, I just couldn't believe I didn't take a picture of it!!! :) I so agree about bullying. We were studying about the Civil War in school when I lived in Florida, and the Southern kids were all trying to learn who wasn't one of them. LOL I was like, really???? I was from California and said I was neutral. Though the territory had to side with the union to become a state. But I wasn't going to mention that since they didn't know. :)

Thanks, Ann Marnie! I'm thrilled you are enjoying the series!!

Donna, too funny. YES, and I wish I'd take a picture!!!! Would it have shown up or not? I'm glad you're loving the stories!

bn100 said...

Fun interview

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

Haha this was one of my favorite books so far!!! The most memorable scene for me was Flynn scaring poor Elaine right into Cernach's bed with him. Lol!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, BN!

Thanks, Samantha!!! I had so much fun with him. He's so bad. :) LOL Cearnach's not sure whether to be glad or mad at him!!

Joanne said...

Mayan Chocolate coffee? Sounds yummy.
Congrats on the new release. A Highlander Werewolf Wedding sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it to see more of Elaine and Cearnach. Thanks for the fun interview and giveaway.


Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Joanne, they were so much fun!

Unknown said...

I just love these blog interviews. You get a chance to learn about the author, pick their brain, and how the great stories all come about. I can't wait to read this book! Terry's wolf series is one of my all time faves.

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Stephanie! Sometimes I get asked what I haven't revealed to the world. Uhm, nothing??? :) Glad you love the wolves!!!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Wookie chose the winner and I finally pried it out of her mouth, lol. The winner is Diva Donna!

Congrats and I'll email you shortly for your address.

Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Donna!

Terry Spear said...

Congrats, Donna!!! Thanks, Lynda, for having me again!!! We must plan to do this again sometime soon!

diva donna said...

Thanks So much Lynda and Terry, Thanks Wookie for picking me. I'm off to help out some Rescue Cats at a shelter. Wookie, you can come along.

Terry Spear said...

You're so welcome, Donna! If I went to the shelter with you, I'd end up bringing one of them home. :)

Lynda K. Scott said...

Terry, you can visit anytime ;-)

Donna, make sure you send me your snail mail address so we can send the book out to you ;-)