Monday, May 13, 2013

Review - A Highland Werewolf Wedding by Terry Spear

A Highland Werewolf Wedding
Terry Spear
Soucrcebooks, Casablanca
May 2013

Cearnach MacNeill, second in command of the MacNeill wolf clan, always wondered what happened to the pretty she-wolf he tried to help back in 1785 after she disappeared.

Elaine Hawthorn an American Alpha she-wolf returns to Scotland after receiving a message from a distant cousin regarding finding a lost treasure her pirate uncles had hidden centuries ago. The problem is, she doesn't know what shape or form the treasure takes. All she knows is that it's hidden somewhere in the castle that now belongs to her sworn enemies.

On her way to a meeting with the cousin who has information she needs, Elaine has a near collision with Cearnach MacNeil. In fact, she runs him off the road. She recognizes Cearnach from that long ago encounter but he doesn't seem to recognize her which is all to the good as far as she's concerned because Elaine is a member of the Kilpatrick Clan, rivals to the MacNeill's.

But both Cearnach and his wolf side are intrigued by Elaine. When he  realizes she's a member of a rival clan, he takes her home to the castle that may have once belonged to her family but is now his (the MacNeill's). He'll protect and guard the lovely Elaine no matter what. He doesn't expect that her presence at a family wedding will re-ignite a feud that has simmered since the 1700's.

With Elaine at the wedding, the feud begins a slow boil with stealthy attacks and black-hearted foes. Since she is inside the castle, she tries to find the treasure without being obvious - after all, she's a guest and doesn't want to be caught snooping. Pack feud or not, the romance between Cearnach and Elaine is encouraged by none other than his mother, Lady MacNeill, and, oddly, by the spirit of a long deceased relative, Flynn. With those kinds of allies, romance is bound to be victorious.

I have to admit - I'm a Terry Spear fan. I love her shifter books (wolf or jaguar) and I love the characters she creates for these amazing stories. A Highland Werewolf Wedding has everything I've come to expect in a Terry Spear book: Captivating romance combined with a fast paced, action packed story. Add the Highlanders in Kilts? SWOON.

You'll definitely want to get this one. Read it a couple of times because, well, hunks in kilts, hello?

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