Monday, July 13, 2009

Guest - CJ Johnson

Good morning, everyone! Today, we have CJ Johnson, a long time friend of mine whose book, JarDan, the first book of her series The Men of Anderas, has just been released. I've read JarDan and it's an excellent read, full of love and adventure and good old fashioned HAWT men, LOL. If you're looking for a good read, give it a shot. Now, on to CJ who'll be talking about how she arrived at the concept for the books.

Oh, by the way, CJ is having two drawings so make sure you read all of her article to find out how to enter. -- Lynda


The question I’m most often asked is “How did you come up with that?” Depending on what I’m working on at the time, the answer is usually a shrug and generic comment. That isn’t the case with THE MEN OF ANDERAS. I know exactly how they came to life. My husband was watching a documentary about the probability of alien abduction and he casually asked why a being from an advanced planet would come to Earth. I think I answered him with a flip “for wild monkey-sex” or something along those lines. Later, I started thinking about that and all the “what if” situations began popping in my head.

If they came for monkey sex – why? Don’t they have women at home to do the deed? Ok, what if they DON’T have women at home? Why don’t they have any women? You see how all of this built one question after the other? Needless to say, I had a very sleepless night but by morning I had all the details of a plague that only affected the males of the planet – they were unable to father female children. No cure could be found; they realized they were doomed to extinction. Well, what could they do but go out and find the females? Knowing I had to resolve the problem even if I couldn’t solve it, I picked up a slogan from a commercial for a beer popular in the Pacific Northwest.

The first in the series, JARDAN, will be available at later this month and I'm frantically working to finish the second in the series, DAK. Everyone who leaves a message on the blog will be in the drawing for a copy of JARDAN and some other stuff as well. If you read the book and recognize the brand name of the beer in the Epilogue send me an email to I’ll select a winner from the correct entries for a special gift. I hope you enjoy JARDAN as much I as enjoyed bringing Melodie and JarDan to life and I look forward to hearing from you. PS – I won’t say whether JarDan and Melodie have wild monkey sex but here’s a short preview:


“Do you really dress like this all the time?”

"Yes.” He said glancing at his tunic and boots.

“Why?” She demanded, turning to look at him in the moonlight. “You didn’t look like Robin Hood on the space ship. Everyone there dressed like … like you’d imagine space men to dress. This,” she indicated the garden and castle with a sweep of her hand, “is like living in a fairy tale.”

She paced back and forth for several seconds and JarDan knew she was gathering her ammunition for another salvo. She was working herself up to a full-blown confrontation and he loved every minute of it. If she could get past her fear enough to argue with him -- to openly confront him -- then he was making definite progress.

“One minute I’m a farmer. Then -- ZAP! -- I’m in a space ship headed for God knows where. Now I’ve zigzagged back through a time warp expecting any minute to see knights fighting dragons or capturing unicorns or something.”

She stopped beneath the overhanging branches of a willow tree and wrapped her arms around her waist before turning to confront him.

“In all those tapes you recorded there wasn’t one word -- not one -- about this.” She swept the area with a wide arc of her arm. “I’ve never worn a long dress or been to a dance or had dinner with so many people -- unless you count eating a hot dog at the county fair. You don’t dress yourself or wash yourself or …”

She turned her back to him and JarDan had to step close behind her to hear her whisper.

“You should have told me how to greet a king. You should have told me.”

CJ Johnson
Watch for the hottest Druids to ever walk the Earth

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SiNn said...

Hi Cj your books sound awesome i havent read any yet would love to so please enter me in to the drawing

susan said...

Please enter my name in your contest. I love your style and you have my eyes demanding more of your books to read. I sure hope to be given a chance to win. Love the cover too. WOW susan L.

Linda Wisdom said...

Woo hoo CJ!!!!!!!!!!

You did it babe!

I am so happy for you, because I know what you went through for the book.


Lil said...

Well the premise for your series is quite a wonderful hook! Alien abduction to save the alien race with wild monkey sex. I love it!

Vicky W said...

All I can say is it's about damn time. :) Yay! I've been waiting for your books since JB Books folded. I hope you have Dak and Talon and the Beast about ready for publishing too 'cause I want them all. Yay! Congratulations!

(sorry, if this comment came through more than once)

Pauline B Jones said...

Did i miss where you buy your books? Tried to find you on fictionwise and amazon. What am I doing wrong?

CJ Johnson said...

SiNn: You're entered! Could you send a blank email on my webpage - I print those out for the drawings. Thank you so much for interest in JarDan

CJ Johnson said...

Susan L: Thank you so much. As with SiNn, please send the blank email so I can print it out.

CJ Johnson said...

Thanks, Linda. You've been there since the FIRST pub folded - looks like you were right - third time is the charm.

CJ Johnson said...

Lil - LOL!!! Actually, the wild monkey sex comes in Dak's story. He is soooo intense and he admits he likes the action to get a little rough.

CJ Johnson said...

Vicky W. - Hey, girl!!! I was going to email you when the book was available. You've waited a long time for this and I can't thank you enough.

CJ Johnson said...

Pauline: The ebook will available later this month from New Concepts Publishing. The address is:

CJ Johnson said...

If everyone who would like a chance at a free copy of JarDan - plus some other stuff - just send a blank email from my webpage -

starryann said...

Thanks for the contest. How did you pick the name for your character? It is an interesting name JarDan and makes one want to see who he is.

CJ Johnson said...

starryann: I'm not sure - this story began forming more than 10 years ago. I wanted something that sounded strong and - alien. Dak was easy - those are the initals of my nephew - Douglas A. Knestrict - who also writes the most amazing dark urban paranormal.

CJ Johnson said...

I want to thank Lynda for inviting me to blog here and to everyone who stopped by to check out JarDan. It was great to "talk" with everyone.

Pamk said...

your book sounds great. Love that type of book.

Lynda K. Scott said...

CJ, thanks for blogging with us this week. JarDan is a terrific book and your readers are gonna love it!

You can come back and visit anytime you want :-D

CJ Johnson said...

Pamk: Thank you - I know I had so much fun writing it - and Dak, now.

CJ Johnson said...

Thanks, Lynda. I've really enjoyed the comments from the bloggers. I look forward to next time . . .

CJ Johnson said...



If you would send me an email I'll get the information for download as soon as the book is available. thank you so much for your interest in jarDan.