Friday, June 04, 2010

Just One Day

Lately with the news of the oil spill everywhere I turn, I've been thinking what would I do if I had the ability to fix one colossal problem in one day?

It's not an uncommon mission for a hero or heroine, especially in sci-fis and urban fantasies with increasing numbers of apocolyptic and post apocolyptic plots. How many times have we seen goals like a hero or heroine saving their people, their planet or the universe? I'm not saying that's bad, because there are limitless possibilities for how they'll achieve "the impossible". Just like in love, half the fun is getting to that final HEA (or close to it anyway).

In the present day would the hero and heroine's mission be to stop the oil spill without government approval or in the face of their opposition? Would they pull a hostile take over of BP to force them to take action? One thing is certain, it would be a hot button topic no matter who you talk to.

If you had the chance to use one day to make something impossible happen, what would you do?No, you don't have to play by the rules and only use what you presently know or are physically capable of. Let yourself go...imagine you're the hero or heroine of your story.

Personally I'm undecided. I'd love to stop the oil spill, so it doesn't harm the water supply, states along the coast, animals in harm's way, not to mention the people who've been touched by the catastrophe. I also thought about curing a disease like cancer or diabetes which are both epidemic in their scope. Then I thought about a super fundraiser being the catalyst for solving the problem, instead of me finding the secret/cure myself. Sometimes the facilitator is as important as the person who puts in that final peice.

Then I thought about all the people in debt, especially due to the economy's slump. Would I pull a Fight Club ending and take out everyone's credit card record? However with every good deed, there comes a cost...a ramification. Will having their balance stand at 0 really help or cause a bigger problem? Should my answer be to give people a way to help themselves by creating a business that would supply thousands (possibly milions) of jobs to get everyone back on their feet. As I wrote in ALL I EVER WANTED, give people who need help a hand up not a hand out.

There is so much that needs to be done, problems we may not see resolved in our lifetimes, but each little bit of growth can mean deciphering the bigger issue.

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