Review - The Wolf Next Door

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Review - The Wolf Next Door

The Wolf Next Door
Lydia Dare
Sourcebooks, Inc

In this, the last book in the Westfield brother triology, Lord William the middle of the three Westfield brothers, is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the neighbor he’s loved all his life. But since their failed elopement, Prisca Hawthorne has hated everything about him. He can barely tolerate her sniping, jabs and ill-humored barbs and , in self-defense, retaliates in kind.

But the beautiful raven haired Prisca is hiding her broken heart behind her spiteful words. She believes William was unfaithful just prior to their elopement and is convinced she can’t trust William with her heart again. If she could only convince her heart to let go and move on but that’s not in her power. She hates sniping at William and would avoid him but, if he’s at home, she can’t stay away from him. She simply has to see him even though their relationship is all thorns and bitterness. It’s a dilemma she can’t solve or repair. Oddly, the only time she feels at peace is when she’s in her garden and her special friend, a wild wolf, comes to visit her in the late evening hours. She has no idea why the wolf comes and she has no idea why she isn’t afraid of him. But the visits never last long enough, nor do they happen often...though it’s always by light of the full moon. If only William could be as faithful and loyal as her wolf, she would be a happy woman.

Their relationship remains unchanged...until the arrival of a new man at Hawthorne Manor. The mysterious stranger, Dashiel Thorpe, the Earl of Brimsworth, is a shapeshifter just like the Westfield men. It’s clear from the start that Thorpe is interested in Prisca, a situation Will simply can’t allow. When a gathering of Westfields and Hawthornes takes place, Will’s sister-in-law suggests a scavenger hunt but Prisca is partnered with Brimsworth. As his sense of possessiveness grows, Will contrives to get Prisca alone long enough to convince him that he must have her. The problem remains... how to convince Prisca? And, more important, how to claim her so that no other wolfish shapeshifter will take her from him.

This third book in the series is just as riveting, just as sexy and hot, as the first two. Ms Dare has combined two passionate, stubborn people whose love is hidden by old hurts and festering insecurity. She has deftly brought these two together in situations that force them to confront each other and their fears.

Sexy, witty, and wildly passionate, these are men who love deeply and completely. Her alpha heroes do whatever it takes to get the woman they love. And their chosen woman is strong and brave enough to face them down. I have great hopes that Dashiel Brimsworth will continue the series and bring us more of these wonderful alpha heroes.

Each book is worthy of repeat reading and a chant of more, More, MORE when you reach the end.

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