Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Come Visit Me

So I got this new toy...not a glam toy. Nope, no bling at all. It's a clog cannon. You know, to open up clogged or slow running drains? Pretty simple to use but...I must not have had it exactly on the drain opening cause I got this blast of black gunk. On the mirror. On the wall. On the counter. On my arm. Eeewwww! Now I remember why I let the hubby take care of stuff like this (he's gone up north for a couple of days.)

So I cleaned the bathroom and myself up. The drain is running a bit faster though I suspect it needs another blast of air (and that will wait till hubby comes home - I don't like wearing black gunk, eeww!)

But that's not what I wanted to share. I've been invited to blog at Typos and All.

Read it here:

I'd love to have you stop and say hi!

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