What'd You Say?

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What'd You Say?

Last weekend I got the joy of traveling to Omaha...yes, as in Nebraska, for business. I'd been to Arizona before, so this ranked as the second farthest trip from my Southern home.

I had to take two flights, one of which connected in O'Hare. Trepidation filled me (no thanks to co-workers' stories) at navigating that huge place full of seasoned travelers. To my surprise I loved the airport! Though I do have to say they could use more table space to sit down and eat, especially when one has a two hour layover! While walking the halls, I whipped out my cell phone and took a picture. Of course I thought afterwards "That so made me look like a tourist", and therefore a robber's target. Oh well, you just don't see a huge dinosaur in our local airport! O'Hare also had beautiful benches hand crafted by an artisan to brighten the gray space, which seemed drearier given the rainy conditions when I arrived. No to mention the lighted subterranean walkway lit up like a rainbow...a totally perfect setting for paranormal activities!

During my departure, I had the chance to do some interesting people watching. My gate, was smack dab in the middle of international flights to Paris, Ontario, Rome, Heathrow, Frankfurt, and Dayton :0) Strangely enough the people sitting across from me speaking fluent Japanese were actually headed to Ohio! A gruff man from the British Isles even asked me for the Chicago time. Thankfully I'd set my watch correctly for the difference.

Not only did I people watch in the airport--like the 60+ woman with a tattooed arm leading her daughter around, or the woman with an eye patch--but also aboard my flights (and shuttle rides). Needless to say we were an eclectic blend! In fact the flight from Omaha to Chicago was a total mish mash of suited businessmen, young designers, home grown folks, and high-faluting ladies. Though it does make one wonder what brought us all together in that one moment. From overheard conversation, some were traveling to see children, others were on assignments like me, and some were in town for weddings/birthdays.

It goes to prove sometimes life really is stranger than fiction! Though my seminar teacher was a complete character (and seems to live in infamy among my peers), I found the people of Omaha inviting and down right friendly! I was shocked to find some talk very much like Wisconsin natives! Happily, in Omaha I wasn't ribbed for my accent like I had been in Scottsdale.

All in all, the trip was uneventful (except for almost getting splattered by a speeder while walking back from the mall) and yes, I did get the t-shirt!

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