Monday, December 05, 2011

Guest - Dr. Debra Holland

Good morning all! Today's guest is Dr. Debra Holland, who has given us a wonderful tribute for Andre Norton (one of my all time favorite authors). Enjoy!



I first read Andre Norton’s book, Star Man’s Son, in seventh grade because it was in our classroom library. From that book, I fell in love with science fiction and fantasy. Star Man’s son was a futuristic dystopian story, (although it was missing a romance.) I then went to the public library and started checking out every book they had by Andre, probably about ten of them.

When I went to high school, I was pleased to discover the school library had several more of Andre’s books that I hadn’t read. While sitting at a table with a bunch of other students, I had one of her books in front of me. One of the boys mentioned that Andre Norton was a woman, which surprised me (although I pretended to already know.) Later, I found that her real name was Mary Alice. In my opinion, Andre was a much more dashing name.

As the years went by, I continued to read her books, amassing quite a collection by buying them secondhand at garage sales, used bookstores, and library sales. I own most of her 100 plus books, most of them tattered, much-read paperbacks. Since discovering the books of Andre Norton, I read all the science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance tales I could get my hands on.  As you can imagine, my house is overflowing with books.

When I wanted to write fantasy, I queried Andre with a short story to go in her Witch World Anthology. She wrote me back that she no longer did the anthology. But that letter was more than a brief statement. It was a real letter, letting me know some of what was happening in her life.

So I replied to the letter, asking questions and telling her a bit about myself. She responded. Thus began a correspondence that lasted the last couple of years of her life. When I made that fantasy story into a book, Sower of Dreams, she read it, made some suggestions, and endorsed it—probably one of the last endorsements she gave before she died.

I wasn’t the only fan Andre wrote to. Apparently, she had a big group of fans and writers she wrote corresponded with. She wasn’t really writing books anymore when I knew her, although she did mention one she sometimes toyed with, but it wasn’t coming together. So her correspondence was where she seemed to channel her writing energy.

The world has come a long way since Mary Alice Norton had to take on the name of a man to sell her science fiction and fantasy. She started writing during a time that science fiction and fantasy was perceived as a mostly male genre. Male authors wrote for male readers. Even coming on the writing scene much later, J.K. Rowling also had to mask the fact that she was a female author, although the truth about her gender came out early on.

I don’t think the women who publish today are asked to change their name to something more masculine. We are lucky. Women like Mary Alice and Joanne Kathleen and all the terrific female fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance authors have burst open the gates of what people—both men and women, boys and girls—will read.

What’s that saying about standing on the shoulders of giants?

Most female authors take for granted their freedom to choose the name under which they write, whether real or a pen name. Those of us who started writing and publishing in the last ten years owe a debt of gratitude to who've gone before--the giants whose shoulders we stand on, the women who opened the doors. Some of those women we still have with us, and I’m so very thankful that I can look forward to reading more of their books. Others like Andre (and the recently deceased Anne McCaffery) have passed on, leaving a legacy that I’m also so very grateful to have.

So during this busy holiday season—a time of gratitude—take a few moments to appreciate what we writers have today and give thanks to those who’ve gone before us.

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Debra Holland is a three-time Golden Heart finalist and one time winner. She has self-published her Golden Heart winner, Wild Montana Sky, a sweet, historical Western romance, and its sequel, Starry Montana Sky, as ebooks and had almost 30,000 sales in her first six months. She has also self-published the first two books in her fantasy romance trilogy, Sower of Dreams and Reaper of Dreams.

-- Lynda Again
    What a great tribute to Andre Norton! I'm sure we all have personal favorites, authors who've touched something inside us that has stayed with us all our lives. For me, it was Andre Norton, Isaac Asimove and Anne McCaffrey...all of them are now gone but, for many of us, they will never be forgotten.
    Do you have an author like that? One who has been a personal favorite or unofficial mentor for years? 

    Have a Blessed Day!


Jacqueline Seewald said...

A lovely tribute!

One of my favorite fantasy writers of romance is Margaret Mahy, a New Zealand author of children's and YA fiction. As high school librarian, I tried to read as many books as possible for teens and thought her books were among the best.

Jacqueline Seewald
STACY'S SONG--YA romance in print and e-books
TEA LEAVES AND TAROT CARDS--adult paranormal romance

Beth Caudill said...

Anne McCaffrey is still a personal favorite. And not just the Pern series. I love the Crystal Singer series.

mona karel said...

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." attributed to Sir Isaac Newton.
Andre Norton is high on my list of writers who have mattered for a long time. Also Elswyth Thane, who wrote a wonderful dynastic series about Williamsburg, VA families, rich with romance and history. Third in my trilogy of beloved authors would have to be Mary Stewart except, oops, there's also Helen MacInnes. All of these women wrote their own books in their own way, and touched so many lives. Thanks for the memories on a snowy Monday morning

Dr. Debra Holland said...

I'm going to try commenting from a different computer because my first two attempts didn't work.

Jacqueline, I've never heard of Margaret Mahy. I'll have to check her out.

Beth, I LOVE the Pern series. I like the Crystal Singer series, but not as much.

Mona, thanks for the infor about the quote. I loved Mary Stewart and Helen Macinnes, too. Never heard of Elswyth Thane. Another author to check out. :)

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi all, I was out of town and out of reach of a computer yesterday but I wanted to add to the discussion ;-)

First, Dr. Debra wasn't the only one having problems leaving a comment. We had two others. I have no idea what the problem was unless it had to do with different ISP's/computers as Dr. Debra suggests. I do apologize though. It's frustrating when the idiot software won't accept something it's designed to do.

I, too, loved the Crystal Singer series from Anne McCaffrey. Heck, I loved everything she and Andre Norton wrote. And, too cool, you've mentioned some authors I haven't read yet! That won't last long, lol.

Thanks to Dr Debra Holland for the great post and for all of you who left a comment or tried to leave a comment. Hope you all have a Blessed Day!