Guest - Lisa Renee Jones

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Guest - Lisa Renee Jones

Good morning all! We have a quickie visit from author Lisa Renee Jones who has a fantastic book out this month - The Storm That Is Sterling. You want to get it, trust me!


Me: What draws you to the romance genre?
Lisa: Life is about love and happily ever after. I think everyone wants that someone special.

Me: Do you prefer alpha/omega relationships in stories, or alpha/alpha relationships, and why?
Lisa: I do tend to favor a good alpha male as I’m sure my readers would agree. But part of being a good alpha hero is knowing how to balance that with respect and love.

Me: Have you ever written outside the romance genre? If not, do you ever plan to?
Lisa: I have! I just had an editor request extra pages of an Urban Fantasy I wrote. I just finished those up today and I love writing UF. It fits my style because even my romances tend to be very action oriented.

Me: What themes do you like to write?
Lisa: It really depends on the genres. When I write for Blaze I love a good Cinderella story like Santa Baby and I love friends to lovers. When writing paranormal I really love a damaged hero and/or heroine that is healed by the love of the other.

Me: What one thing would you want your readers to remember from your book?
Lisa: It really depends on the genre but ultimately I hope they smile and wish the book wasn’t over yet.

About Lisa: Award-winning author Lisa Renee Jones has published more than fifteen novels in several different languages, spanning multiple genres of romance–contemporary, romantic suspense, dark paranormal, and erotic fiction. Her heroes are dark, dangerous, and sexy, her romances emotional and steamy. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Storm that is Sterling: Second in a military-themed paranormal romantic suspense series by award-winning Lisa Renee Jones.

Villainous Adam Rain uses a synthetic serum to create a human addiction only he can satisfy. Renegade Super Soldier Sterling Jeter’s mission is to save the beautiful scientist in Adam’s captivity, but their attraction threatens to put them in the path of death... or worse...

See my review of The Storm That Is Sterling

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15 Responses to "Guest - Lisa Renee Jones"

Gabriella Hewitt said...

Nice interview and intriguing blurb. Sounds like you have managed to be successful in a variety of genres, which is very impressive.

WK said...

Great interview.

AprilR said...

Great interview. Sterling is hot,sexy,and a super hero.
Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

Great post! I have this book on my Kindle and I can't wait for the weekend when I get some time to read!
Congrats on the release!

Linda Andrews said...

What a fun interview. The book sounds great.

Leagh said...

Great Interview Lisa! I loved Sterling and can't wait to get my hands on Damion. Yum!!!!

Joni said...

Liked your interview and can't wait to read the new book. Just keep writing them!!

Na said...

I agree with your definition of a good alpha -one of who balances love and respect. Nicely said :)

Melissa said...

Great Interview!!! I have recently discovered Lisa & her amazing novel and I am totally hooked!!

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Awesome Review. Sterling's been on my want list since Michael's book.

chey said...

Great Interview!

Lisa Renee Jones said...

Hi ladies! So sorry to be so late. I had a crazy weird couple of days. I love ya'll for coming and I so enjoyed the interview! I'm glad you guys did too:)

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Lisa and Lynda,

I enjoyed reading the interview.
As both a reader and writer of romance, it's always good to become familiar with others in the field. Love the cover art!


Jacqueline Seewald

Anonymous said...

congrats on teh book and great contest


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm late getting here because my hubby flew in and I've been busy with him.