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Review - The Storm That Is Sterling

The Storm that is Sterling
by Lisa Renee Jones
Sourcebooks Casablanca
November 2011

Returning to her home after a visit to Germany for experimental cancer treatments, Astrobiologist Rebecca 'Becca' Burns finds herself in the middle of the battle between the two factions of GTECH Super Soldiers – the Zodius and the Renegades. Both groups want her. But only one group, the Renegades, sent her high school crush, Sterling Jeter, to bring her in. Sterling has grown even more handsome over the years since he stood her up for their one and only date. But his appearance here is fraught with danger as her house comes under fire from his enemies, the Zodius.

The next thing she knows she's thrown into the trailer of a big 18-wheeler along with a bloody and nearly dead Sterling. Her captor forces her to take a dose of the deadly and highly addictive ICE, telling her that he has cured her cancer, become her drug lord and sugar daddy and that she could figure out how to pay him for her addiction.

Sterling finds Becca more beautiful now than she was at 17 but too many questions in her past make him suspicious. Is she working for Adam Rain, the leader of the Zodius, in exchange for a cure for her disease? He doesn't want to believe it but he's seen worse things happen when people become desperate. Then her home is attacked and his back up team is gone except for Damion, one of the few men he trusts. Badly wounded, he gives Becca to Damion then turns to fight the Zodius. When he turns back, Becca is held by Tad Bensen, Adam's second-in-command. He's confused and outraged and terrified that Becca will be hurt but he's been too badly wounded and succumbs to unconsciousness.

So begins The Storm that is Sterling, the second book in Ms Jones Zodius series. Sterling and Becca are soon reunited and just as quickly separated in Zodius City when all hell breaks loose and Becca escapes. Aware that she's been addicted to the drug, ICE, Sterling sets out to find her by tracking down ICE dealers. But Becca isn't interested in being found. She's seen pictures of Sterling alongside Adam and she isn't sure she can trust Sterling. All she wants to do is find a cure for her addiction and cure others who are also addicted. She's determined to stay out of the Zodius' clutches.

Sterling will do whatever is necessary to protect Becca. She's the Renegades best hope to find a cure for ICE but, more than that, he feels a protectiveness for her that exceeds what he would normally feel. Could she be his life bond? He's not sure. He has certain GTECH limitations which make him believe that he isn't capable of forming the life bond no matter what he feels.

I have to say...this is one of those books that you will not want to put down so make sure you have plenty of time to read it. The action is fast, the plot intriguing and the characters are fascinating. With the emotional tension and the wonderful love story, Ms. Jones has created a powerful new paranormal series that will captivate all her readers. This series is definitely a must buy.

It would be handy to read the first book (The Legend of Michael) in the series but it isn't necessary since The Storm that is Sterling stands alone quite nicely.

Check out the quickie interview with Lisa Renee Jones at

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Anonymous said...

I would save this book to read until I had read the first. I'm very ocd with my books.