Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review - Hold Me If You Can

Hold Me If You Can
Stephanie Rowe
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
January 2012

In this third installment of the Stephanie Rowe’s paranormal romance series, Nigel Aquarian, warrior-artist, meets Natalie Fleming, chocolatier. Natalie is a Sweet and the Sweets are irresistible to demonic deedubs. Natalie knows that only too well—her entire family has been killed by poisonous deedub bites. Natalie managed to thwart the poison (set up in Touch If You Dare) but apparently the deedub is back. And he’s wanting to sink his teeth in her. Again.

Nigel comes to the rescue. He’s been interested in Natalie for a while but, with his baggage, seriously doubted that he was good enough for her. However, when he can’t convince Natalie to take off for her own safety, he realizes he’s the only one who can keep her safe.

At least, that’s what he thinks until a problem with his art puts him and his warrior brothers in jeopardy. And if he can’t use his art, he won’t be able to protect Natalie.

Even though this is the third book in the series, Hold Me If You Can stands alone quite well. The references to characters or plot lines in the earlier books are explained easily and with no fuss. The plot, like both the other books in this series, is fast-paced and action packed. It has amusing moments, a few which are downright laugh out loud moments.

I enjoyed watching the warrior and the chocolatier fall in love and I loved the way Stephanie created these characters, giving them unique personalities and problems. I particularly liked the way these two wounded characters fought to overcome their fears in order to find their strengths.

The secondary characters, Pascal and Christian, and Ella and Maggie are well crafted and probably (I hope) in search of their own books.  

Uniquely imaginative and well written, Hold Me If You Can will keep you entertained on these long, cold, mid-winter nights.

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Andrea I said...

Thanks for the review. I'm not familiar with this series and this is a good introduction to it.