Sunday, April 08, 2012

Review - Enraptured

Elisabeth Naughton
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
April 2012

Trained by Athena, Skyla is a siren assigned to investigate and kill, if necessary, a daemon hybrid, Orpheus. What she doesn't expect is to see the Argolean markings on his forearms or the wild attraction she feels toward him. The truth of that attraction is the shocking revelation that Orpheus is the reincarnation of the only man that Skyla ever loved and the one she betrayed to his death. But is he the man she remembers? Or is his daemon half in control? And, more, why wasn’t she told all the facts about Orpheus before she was given the assignment?

Orpheus needs to find Maelea, the cursed daughter of Zeus and Persephone. This girl, a curious blend of dark and light, is the only one who can locate the Orb of Kronos. The Orb that Apophos, the wizard, used to steal his brother's body. No matter how connected he feels toward Skyla, he is determined to rescue his brother.

As Orpheus pursues Maelea, Skyla joins him. There are questions she needs answered before she can complete her mission. She’s determined to keep him safe until she has the answers she needs. Or until she answers for the death of his previous life.

I found the characters fantastically sympathetic. The ancient guilt Skyla feels for betraying the man she loved and Orpheus’ grief and determination to save his Argonaut brother is palpable. The love that grows, or regrows, between them is intensely passionate. The painful, tortuous scenes with Gryphon are heart rending. Even the dark emotions, the isolation, surrounding Maelea is well done. It’s not often an author can impress me but Elisabeth Naughton did. That’s a mark of an excellent writer.

I haven’t read the first book in this series and didn’t really need it to understand the action in the plot but I intend to get a copy. I highly recommend this imaginative, fantastically written book.


Victoria said...

Hi Lynda - Tempted is the third book in the series. Marked is 1st, Entwined in 2nd and Tempted 3rd. But you're right, I agree that you can jump right into the series w/o any problem. Thanks for the review :).

Lynda K. Scott said...

LOL, Thanks! Obviously I misread the info. I can only think the others are just as fantastic as this one.

Okay, what I see on Amazon is
1) Marked
2) Entwined

It doesn't show Enraptured as volume xx, which makes me curious. Same with Tempted.

This is also worrying my wallet because I'm 'tempted' to order all of them ;-)