Monday, May 28, 2012

Review - Kiss of the Goblin Prince

Kiss of the Goblin Prince
Shona Husk
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
May 2012

From the moment they meet at her friend's wedding, Dai and Amanda feel a connection to each other. But they each have enough emotional baggage to hinder a romance and a possible future.

Dai, no longer a goblin, still has issues with his self-image. He has horrifying nightmares from both his ancient life before becoming trapped in the Shadowlands and from his terrifying time living there. Dai's journey back to humanity is further complicated by his use of the magic he's learned throughout his life (to attempt to break his and his brother, Roan's, curse) and the fact that his body is covered by magical runes and scars. He fears, among all the other things, that no woman would want to see his body.

Widowed Amanda is a cautious woman. With a 7 year old, severely asthmatic daughter she is leery about bringing in a new man or upsetting circumstances. But seeing the happiness of her best friend after her marriage, Amanda comes to long for something more in her own life.

Their romance grows in cautious little steps, which Dai sees as growing golden threads of connection between them. Some might not like the scant sex scenes, but for me this was a logical outcome of these two cautious and fearful people. When they finally came together, it was much more romantic, more meaningful for the characters and for this reader.

It isn't often that both the character development and the plot ring true and move logically, but Ms Husk has accomplished that. I mourned with both Amanda and Dai on the loss of Flynn and cheered when Dai rescued Meryn from the Shadowlands.

Kiss of the Goblin Prince is the second in Ms Husk's Shadowland series but it stands along very nicely. I had not previously read The Goblin Kind but I plan to now. I also plan to see the next book in the series which I believe will be Meryn's story. This is great summer reading. I highly recommend it.

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