Monday, June 11, 2012

Review - Where There's Smoke

Where There's Smoke
Karen Kelley
May 2012

Destiny Carter, wannabe demon, is in Ft Worth and she has a week to convince someone to give up their soul and return to Hell with her. It shouldn't be hard. She has some demonic skills and, honestly, who wouldn't want to face eternity in Hell? Once you made it to full demon, you could do anything…like drinking and gambling and SEX. That was the one thing she missed most after she'd died, the sex. Her life had been crappy, at the best, but she'd always managed to have good sex. She missed that.

When she sees the tall, handsome cowboy sipping beer at the Stompin' Ground Bar, she knows who she wants to take back to Hell with her. She's sure that once he becomes a full demon, they could have a hot time in Hell for all eternity.

Chance Bellew, a nephilim, is on a mission. He knows that demons lie when they recruit souls to Hell and he wants to save Destiny. Something about her tells him that she doesn't deserve the hell they don't tell their recruits about--an eternity of hellfire until nothing human is left. And though she's doing her best to seduce him, his methods keep him from having sex with those he's trying to save.

He doesn't count on the hot-as-hell attraction between him and Destiny though. And things get hot in a hurry.  The chemistry between Chance and Destiny practically ignites the pages as we watch him try to seduce her to heaven while she tries to seduce him to hell. Added to the fire is that Destiny is falling in love with Chance. But after a life filled with pain and broken promises, can she trust him with her heart?

This story may be about saving souls but it's definitely erotica and very HOT. I liked the fact that Destiny is a straight forward person who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say it. And Chance? Who doesn't love a cowboy? And one who's part angel? Impossible to resist this very drool-worthy cowboy. The fact that he tries to resist Destiny makes him even more of a hottie. I have to admit, the scenes where he describes what he wants to do to her…you need a tall glass of ice water. Maybe a bucket. Or three.

Yes, it's that hot.

I even loved the secondary characters, Destiny's neighbors, who unknowingly help restore Destiny's faith in humanity. Then there's Chance's fellow nephilim. Three more part-angel cowboys who are hot as fire. I hope they get their own stories told too.

If you like forbidden love stories, especially the hotter kind, you'll love Where There's Smoke. Definitely a great summer read!


Phyllis M said...

Lynda, you made me a believer! Gotta get this book and I'll have a barrel of ice water waiting! :)

A.S. Fenichel said...

This sounds great. I'm in!