Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review - Where There's A Will

Where There's A Will
Karen Kelley
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
September 2012

Everyone knows Haley Tillman has poor taste in clothes. That she's plain. Too fat. Gawky. Unattractive. Everyone knows it. So does Haley. Half in chance, half in desperation, she prays for a miracle. A second of thought revises her request to 'a really hot, drool worthy, sexy man.' One who 'stands above mere mortals.'

Boy, is she surprised when she gets one. Ryder, a  half mortal, half angel, Nephilim, in his favorite cowboy outfit is on a mission. He wants to convince Haley that she is far, far better than the sum of the opinions others have about her.

Haley, of course, thinks she's losing her mind. Really, how many super-fine, totally HAWT guys show up at your door? Or sprout big, fluffy angel wings when you demand proof? You'd think you'd lost your mind too.

But as the story continues with Ryder letting Haley enjoy all the sexy fantasies she's written about in her diary, Haley begins to open up to life and all its possibilities. Not only that, but she begins to have real feelings for Ryder. He knows that's a problem. He's encountered it before with others that he's helped. But the bigger problem is that he's losing his heart. To her. Every new thing he discovers about her attracts him. When it's time for him to leave, he can't force himself to do it. He tells himself that Haley just needs a little more time to begin seeing herself as he sees her and he's determined to do that.

This is a fun, sexy read that will warm you up on these cooler autumn days. The characters are charming…well, except for Haley's nemesis at work who makes Haley's life a mini-version of hell. It's really great to see how Haley grows and learns to develop and trust her own judgment. The only thing that bothers me is that underlying message that a woman needs a man to help her see herself as beautiful. But once I remember this is a fantasy itself and not a social commentary, I found it easy to lose myself in the story.

And, yes, I would like a Ryder of my own. I'd sure let him 'convince me I was beautiful'. Any time, any day.

Where There's A Will is definitely worth a read. 

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