Guest - Juli D. Revezzo

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Guest - Juli D. Revezzo

Good morning! Very interesting post from our guest, Juli D. Revezzo today. Enjoy!


Marriage vs. Status Quo in romantic fiction and The Artist’s Inheritance

Thanks Lynda and crew for inviting me here today. Hi, my name’s Juli and I write…paranormal fantasies. I understand it’s a little different from Lynda’s usual fare, so I thank her for having me.

I have a question for you and your readers: What do you know about your beloved? Is it enough to save him when the gods take out after him?

I posed that question in my debut novel The Artist’s Inheritance.

Caitlin, my main character, knew everything about her beloved. She knew that his brother and sister were artists, she knew that his mother had gone missing, she knew that the brother and sister both committed suicide. That seemed far too much information for someone who had just met her paramour. Being realistic and rational, these are not things one usually brings up to a girlfriend in the opening stages of a relationship.

Caitlin said I was right: She insisted she and Trevor were married. Wait, said I, that doesn’t fit the romance I’m trying to make here.

“Too bad,” she said. “Something very weird is going on with him. If I don’t see what he does in those off hours, if I can’t see this weird thing he’s creating in secret, how do you propose I find out about this?”

Spies? I tell, I cringed from the look she gave me.

“No,” she said. “I have to live with him, at least. It’s all about his family, sister, secrets he only tells family. Let me in there. You have no idea what’s going on in their circle!”

;) See? She knows her man, doesn’t she?

I had no choice. I had to start the story after Caitlin and her beloved Trevor married and I ask you, what’s more romantic than a man or woman willing to fight imps and gods bent on your family or your beloved’s destruction?

So I ask, what do you really know about your beloved? I hope the secret isn’t as wild as Caitlin and Trevor’s family faces!

Even though my story is not a typical paranormal romance, I hope you will give The Artist’s Inheritance a chance, and like what you see.


The Artist's Inheritance

Settling into their new home in Gulf Breeze, Florida, Caitlin finds strange changes coming over her husband Trevor. He seems obsessed with a beautiful chair he’s carving.

When the nightmares deepen and ghosts begin lurking—she knows something’s not right, and not just her newfound precognitive abilities. It’s the damned chair, she’s sure. Could it be just what it seems: a mundane piece of furniture? If so, why is it attracting dark forces—the forces she suspects drove Trevor’s siblings to insanity and suicide?

Before the same happens to Trevor, Caitlin must convince him to sell his art. But armed with only a handful of allies, and little experience of the supernatural, she must proceed with caution against the hellish forces besieging her family. If she succeeds, she will break the ancestral curse. If she fails, she may lose forever the one thing she cares about most: her beloved Trevor.

The Artist’s Inheritance is available at: Amazon:

And will be coming soon in paperback at Createspace.

About Juli D. Revezzo
Juli D. Revezzo has long been in love with writing, a love built by devouring everything from the Arthurian legends, to the works of Michael Moorcock, and the classics and has a soft spot for classic the “Goths” of the 19th century. Her short fiction has been published in Dark Things II: Cat Crimes, The Scribing Ibis, Eternal Haunted Summer, Twisted Dreams Magazine and Luna Station Quarterly. She also has an article and book review or two out there. But her heart lies in the storytelling. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Tampa Area Romance Authors, and the special interest RWA chapter Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal.The Artist’s Inheritance is her first novel.

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Thanks again, Lynda for having me here!

-- Lynda Again
    Thanks, Juli, for visiting us. Okay, all you lovely readers, what are your thoughts? How well do you know your loved one? Do you know all his/her secrets?

    Have a Blessed Day!

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6 Responses to "Guest - Juli D. Revezzo"

Ella Gray said...

I love your trailer, Juli! I also like stories that are unexpected, so the idea that your character has to dig deep to find out what's wrong with her husband even though she already knows him well is very intriguing. Family drama is the best :)

Anonymous said...

Good job on the reviews.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ella, I like that a wife will go beyond what is the normal to save her husband. I know that I would move heaven and earth to help me husband. Great trailer. Your book sound like a great read.

Juli said...

Thanks, ladies. She's kinda godfather-ish about her family: Something on the order of "mess with my family and..." well, you can guess the rest! LOL It was fun to write the story, so I hope you love it. I'm glad y'all like the trailer too! best wishes. :)

Juli said...

Thanks for having me here today, Lynda and Skylar! :)

Jennifer (JCA Page) said...

Love the trailer. Terrific idea whether fiction or nonfiction. I am recommending this one to my friends! Thank-you ladies.