Monday Moaning

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Monday Moaning

This is Monday, right?

That's why I'm rearranging my office. Dusting the furniture. Throwing out Very Important Stuff that I've kept for...well, forever, that I've never looked at.

That's why my PC just gave me a mighty scare. All in fun, of course. The silly thing is even now giggling its little kilobytes off. Grrr.

The trouble started when I moved my desk to the other side of the office a few months ago. I don't know why but it makes the power cords and cables a lot more accessible to my office buddy, Wookie, and she's of the firm opinion that all cords were designed for her amusement. I've tried explaining that power cords are not to be played with but she is a cat. There's no reasoning with her.

So since I'm cleaning and rearranging (and I sure would like to get my wireless system operational again but...) I decided I'd try to tie up and arrange some of the thousands of cords without which a computer simply can't work. Honest, all I did was unplug the monitor, tie wrap the power cord, and plug it back in. That's all.

Yet when I turned the computer back on...NO INTERNET CONNECTION!!!

I don't know about you but when I get those vile words, my heart starts to palpitate. My hands start to shake. I break out in a sweat like an addict on the verge of withdrawal. Panic, nay, hysteria, starts thrumming through my veins. I yell at Wookie (who ignores me). I yell at my PC (aka Black Beauty) who simply stares back at me (pretty much the same way Wookie does! Maybe they're related? In spirit, if not form.)

I recheck all the connections, including the ones I didn't touch. They're all secure. I turned the computer off, then back on. Still no Internet. I check the modem. It has power, the cables are secure. I'm pretty much at my wit's end (sometimes that's not a very long trip, you know?)

Finally I decide to shut everything down, including my power strip (the one where everything is plugged in). Turn it back on.

And my Internet connection is now working.

There are days when I could take a big stick and beat this system to death. The only thing stopping me is that overwhelming panic of being without my Internet fix. It just isn't a pretty thing at all.

But I will be attempting to re-connect the wireless network later today or tomorrow. I've this perfectly good laptop I'd like to use downstairs (if Wookie doesn't try climbing onto my lap when I'm holding it). So if you don't hear from me...well, say a prayer. For both me and my PC.


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5 Responses to "Monday Moaning"

Skylar Masey said...

OMGosh I totally know what you mean about Wookie crawling into your lap! One of my 3 loves to do this, and of course the static electricity from the screen seems to suck in cat fur. Ugh!

I love for Mana to snuggle with me, just not when I'm working. But you really can't get her to understand (kinda like men). Lol!

I will say a prayer for the techno gods to look out for you.:0)

Lynda K. Scott said...

I got a new printer hooked up but I'm holding off on the wireless network till tomorrow. I think I've had enough stress today :D

Wookie also likes to play inside boxes. She's worse than a kid who tosses the toy away and plays with the box it came in, lol

Cassandra Kane said...

I really really want a cat now! LOL

Two Voices Publishing said...

Good luck with the wires. I know what you mean about the panic of losing Internet connection. The world stops revolving around here when we can't get on the Internet.
No cats here, but my canine office mate tend to stick his nose up under my arm while I type. We have a standing arrangement, he lets me work for a short time, I give him a biscuit to keep him quiet. Fortunately he's too big to get in my lap, but he would if he could.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Still haven't got the wireless network up and running but at least I can still connect to the Internet :D

Cassandra, cats are truly cool least they think so! Wookie also likes to yank things off the top of my desk to get my attention. She's quite persistent, LOL Usually, she does this when I'm deep into the writing. In her opinion, nothing and no one should take precedence over her needs/desires/wants. She is the Queen after all :D

Bernadette, it's funny but my Zuzu sometimes sneaks up the stairs into my office when she gets lonely. She's not as insistent on getting attention as Wookie but she likes to lay just behind my chair. If I haven't realized that she's there, it can be quite a surprise (for both of us!) when I leap up to get something across the room. A dog who weighs over 100 lbs doesn't move very fast and I've nearly rearranged my spine a couple of times trying to avoid stepping on her or falling over her, LOL

Good thing I love both these critters :D