Engage Me Already!

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Engage Me Already!

So the rollout of “9 Valentines on a Dime” didn’t make me a local Valentine’s celebrity. Heck, even my co-workers who read it didn’t choose me as a finalist for the company’s Valentine Queen. (Something of a blow for a person who loves love, writes romance and ranks V-day up there with Christmas. Come on, I have a Valentine article out for gracious sakes!) Though it did make some people see me as the romance guru for the impending holiday. (In fact one of my mom’s co-workers wants me to pen her a V-day story…for free thanks to my mom.) Alas, my brain is fried and the big day hasn’t even arrived yet!

So I thought I’d shift gears a smidge and talk about engagements…one of those inevitable happenings that seems to manifest on the day set aside for love. Perhaps this came in part because everywhere I go girls are flashing their rings and talking pre-wedding plans. And yes, I want to be in that bunch. Alas, the time hasn’t come…but that doesn’t keep me from nudging my bf and tossing in a few ideas for proposals.

Without more adieu, here are a few ideas from my heart to yours, in case anyone out there is searching for a different way to pop the big question!

Build an Aw!: No girl can resist a stuffed animal that makes you want to grab its chubby cheeks and cuddle until the stuffing comes out. So why not make a puppy, record “Will you marry me” on the custom voice box, and dangling the ring like a dog tag from the pup’s collar. Better yet, make a Build-a-bear friend that looks like your honey down to the clothes, then add the ring on her finger. Next ask your girlfriend to pick out what’s the difference between the two. When she spots the sparkler, drop to your knees and pop the question.

Carry On: Travel a lot? Why not pick up your intendeds ring during your travels, so it really does seem like one of a kind (atleast in your hometown). Then tuck it away in a safe place, preferably while you de-board so there’s less chance of it getting snagged. Since there’s a 90% chance you’ll see your girlfriend when you arrive, why not ask her to help you unpack? Assign her the task of sorting through your carry, where she finds the bauble tucked safely. For this proposal, it might be nice to add something like, “I’ve been around the world, but the place I like best is by your side.”

Magellan Message: Tell your girlfriend that you forgot something at a friend’s house, then ask her to swing by and pick it up on her way to meet you. Give her the address, which she can plug into her navigation system (but don’t make it too complex or she’ll really feel put out). When she delivers the brown box to you looking perplexed, slice it open and reveal the ring box to her saying, “This looks like it’s for you.” When she pops it open, spring the question as you drop to one knee.

One for Your Guy: So you’ve seen the ring dropped in champagne, why not return the favor by dropping a wedding band into his mug of beer while you’re watching the game? Of course this should only be attempted when the two of you are alone, or in mixed company. If this went down in front of his buds, he might feel like you’re setting him up for a ribbing and say N-O.

A Dozen Possibilities: Guys are apt to buy their girl a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day, but this time make it special. Encircle each stem with a wedding ring—11 fake and one that’s real. (Any craft store or superstore should have the stand-in variety.) Hand her the bouquet and let her read the card that says something to the effect, “You’ve captured my heart…and wrapped me around your pinky. Now it’s your ring finger’s turn to shine.”

The Note Holds the Key: Get a stack of heart-shaped post its. Print love messages on each of them, then scatter them across the floor to a candlelit dinner. (Make sure to save the best as table decorations, including one on her plate that says she has the key to you heart.) Then suspend the key to a jewelry box on the tapered candle in the center. When she nabs the key, retrieve the box and let her do the honors to unveil the ring. (Position it in the middle of the ring compartment, with nothing else inside.) Pluck the ring from the cushion and slip it on her finger while popping the question. (I just found out Kay Jewelers did something similar on their V-day commercial. Am I good or what? Lol!)

Bon Appetite!: Can’t decide where to pop the question? Why not have a course at each stop. (One for an appetizer or salads, one for the entrĂ©e, and another for a very special dessert.) Of course putting the ring in food can be troublesome and unhealthy if it's swallowed, so use the ring as garnish. For example, a slice of chocolate cake with a small piece of curled chocolate (or cinnamon stick) that props the ring up to sparkle in the mood lighting.

No matter what your Valentine’s Day holds in store, I hope you have a great day full of love and laughter. Make a memory you won’t forget…or atleast eat enough chocolate to regret it the next day!

What’s Your Favorite Idea? Post a comment here or shoot me an e-mail by Saturday at noon and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a plethora of Valentine goodies! (To echo Lynda, this contest will only be for those residing in the US.) Conversation cards, bath & body basics and romance reads…oh my!

-- Skylar

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5 Responses to "Engage Me Already!"

Lynda K. Scott said...

These are some great ideas, Skylar! My sweetie hid my engagement ring in a coffee can when we got back to my apartment from a New Year's Eve date. Then he asked for coffee :D Imagine my surprise at finding carats in my coffee, LOL

Skylar Masey said...

He did a great job with that surprise!!

My friend liked this post so much she said I should write articles about nothing but proposals. Lol!

Skylar Masey said...

Lol. We got a surprise for valentine's day here in my neck of the woods. They were forecasting a few flakes because it was going to get down to 32 degrees, but mostly rain. We got 2 inches already and it's still pouring down from the heavens. I've never seen it snow this late in the season.

It's an awesome sight!! But could be dangerous because no one was prepared.

Savanna Kougar said...

I think one of my favorite marriage proposals would be at the Renaissance Festival. White Knight aside, if my sweetheart jousted for my favor, then proposed, my heart would melt into a puddle, and I would be his.

Ann M. said...

what great ideas for getting engaged.

My dh proceeded to propose and then come down with mono right afterwards. :)