Kicking Ass & Making it Look Good!

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Kicking Ass & Making it Look Good!

I've always had an affinity for kick-ass heroines. I think it's because they can do things I can't. Sure there are ramifications (since there wouldn't be conflict if there wasn't) but kick-ass heroine rarely step down from the challenge. I usually shy away, unless I'm caught between a rock and a hard place or have made a promise. Sure I've dealt with painful issues and overcome hurdles like my first full-length heroine, but I wouldn't say I'm the kick-ass type. But man, oh man, do I love to write them! I get to wisecrack, put men in their place and generally rack up a tally of butts kicked. Woohoo!

So here's my list of characteristics a Kick-ass Heroine should have:

1. She has a cute exterior but is hard as nails (and not just her abs).

(Elektra looks like the girl-next door, but she's trained to be lethal. Remember looks can be deceiving and you should play this up!)

2. She's got a soft spot inside which her gruff attitude protects.

Like Aeon Flux, there's got to be a connection with why the heroine is the way she is and why she's doing what she's doing. To provoke her all the hero has to do is tap into that weakness and he'll bypass her traps...atleast until they snap back in place.

3. She uses weapons like it's second nature.

(Whether it's a gun, knife or a hairdryer, your heroine better know how to use deadly force. In Eve's case, she's handy with just about anything. Can you say machete?)

4. She's got a take charge `tude!

(In order to stand up to the guys and any creature kick-ass heroines can't show fear, nor can they be kicked around. Like Jean Grey they should use their leverage to call the shots!)

5. She gives orders but rarely takes them.

(Queen Amidala handed out her share of decrees, but she knew when she couldn't walk the straight and narrow. [Can you say for the love of a bad boy?] Her spirit to say no led her to be the woman thousands looked up to.)

6. She rescues the hero, other or even herself without waiting for backup.

(She's an independent kind of gal who isn't a victim who waits for someone else to do the dirty work. In Underworld, Selene repeatedly had to put herself in harm's way against lycens/vamps to save her man.)

7. She makes the best of any sitch! (It could always be worse, any usually by THE END it is.)

(We've all seen the Matrix trilogy, but did you sit there and wonder how much more can Trinity take? But at every turn she dug down deep and did what she had to do.

Kick-ass heroines like her have to be quick on their feet and handy like MacGyver.)

My favorite version of Cinderella is Ever After with Drew Barrymore. I've seen it over 20 times! What makes it different is that Danielle isn't dainty. She takes action into her own hands. To top that off, she knows how to handle a sword! Her dad taught her well!

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5 Responses to "Kicking Ass & Making it Look Good!"

Two Voices Publishing said...

Great list, Skylar!

Savanna Kougar said...

Skylar, great post! I especially like the take-charge, get-it-done and knows-how-to-use weapons kickassitude heroine.

Angela Verdenius said...

LOL - I love the descriptions and the photos! way to back up your statements!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Excellent post, Skylar! And you named a few I'd forgotten :)

Skylar Masey said...

Thanks so much for the kudos ladies!If I ever need an example, I can always go to my library of DVDs/videos for inspiration. :0) These came to mind because they're some of my faves.

My friend told me that I'd forgotten Geena Davis from A LONG KISS GOODNIGHT and Bridget Fonda from POINT OF NO RETURN. They're regular contemporaries with suspense, but both ladies kick some serious rump!