The Lure of Bounty Hunters

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The Lure of Bounty Hunters

Let me start by wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a good one.
In addition to playing with my Mother’s Day present [the Endless Ocean game for the Wii] I’ll be hopping around cyberspace talking about my newest release from Amber Heat which is available today!

Thieves in Paradise is part of Amber Quill’s Alien Nation Pax. It features the hero, Kol A’Kosu, an Antarean bounty hunter on the trail of human Selenite thief Charity Foster.

Antareans are an offshoot race evolved from human colonists who settled in the Antare system. Aside from being bigger and stronger than humans they’ve bred several traits into their warrior-like stock, including psychic visions and a dormant retrovirus designed to enhance mating. When a planet-wide pollen fall triggers Kol’s mating retrovirus, he discovers a much deeper connection with the woman who was assigned to capture.

Why a bounty hunter hero? I’ve always found the idea of bounty hunters fascinating. Though in real life I’m sure it’s not as glamorous a job as TV and movies [and books of course] might make it seem, but this is, after all, about fantasy. Charity Foster gets to live the fantasy of being pursued by a big, hot, dangerous man and finds herself not at all adverse to being his prisoner.

Here’s a short excerpt from Thieves in Paradise. To learn more, visit Amber Quill Press/Amber Heat and check out all the exciting stories in the Alien Nation Pax!

Thieves In Paradise by Bernadette Gardner
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-270-5 (Electronic)

[Adult excerpt!]

Kol’s body wanted to obey the female’s command, but his mind rebelled. She was a prisoner, enticing and more than willing, but a prisoner nevertheless. His cock protested painfully when he drew himself away from her. He wanted nothing more than to accept her invitation and push her to her knees on the deck.

Where her firm backside had been pressed against him a minute ago, his flesh burned, and the memory of his erotic vision clouded his mind’s eye. He’d seen himself fucking her, had practically felt the intoxicating heat of her sex enveloping his cock. His visions had never been wrong before.

She stood before him, dark lashes lowered over her tawny eyes, her hips thrust forward. “I need it,” she said. “I need it right now.”

He needed it, too. He felt it beneath his skin, the relentless desire crawling around, making him ache to tear his clothes off and hers as well. Each moment took him further away from reason and closer to destruction. If he gave in, he’d be lost.

He turned away and gripped the back of the nearest flight chair so hard that his nails indented the material. “You’ll do anything to escape, won’t you?”

The stunner he’d given her clattered to the floor, and he cursed silently for forgetting to disarm her before turning his back.

“Leave the cuffs on then,” she purred the words, but there was a desperate edge to her voice that mirrored the emotion roiling in his gut. “Tie me up again before you do it, just do it!”

The heat of her body warmed his back. She stood behind him now, close enough that if he turned around he’d knock her over.

“I want you.”

What man could be expected to resist this? Antarean’s prided themselves on their stoicism, their strength of character, but under all the posturing, they were after all still mostly human.
Kol took another deep breath, which did little to calm his lust. In fact, the breath of humid night air, laced with the ever-present scent of the infernal pollen, ignited something primal in him beyond his control.

He had her in his arms in an instant. She gasped when he pushed her bound hands above her head with one hand and thrust his other into the waistband of her flight pants. “Do you know what you’re asking me?”

She nodded between shuddering breaths and spread her legs for him.

Blinded by carnal thoughts, Kol accepted her invitation. In two steps he had her up against the nearest bulkhead, her bound hands draped around his neck to steady her. Ravenous, he pushed her flight pants down over her hips and together they struggled to get the mud-spattered material free of her long, slender legs. When she was naked from the waist down, he shoved her shirt up, exposing her taut-nippled breasts to his inspection.

Her moan of pleasure when he closed his hungry hands over the mounds of flesh drove him mad. He had no time for the games of love making, the gentle play or the tender kisses. He squeezed her nipples between rough fingers, pinching tender flesh while he ground his hips against her.
She arched back, eyes closed, and bit her lower lip.

“You like that?” he asked, not really caring what answer she gave. She merely nodded and hung from him, panting, while he shed his own pants.

“Spread wider,” he commanded when he’d freed his cock. Just like his vision, the rigid flesh lay dark against his palm, thick and hot. The scent of her arousal beckoned and he guided himself toward her.

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4 Responses to "The Lure of Bounty Hunters"

Skylar Masey said...

Congrats on the new release!

I have to admit I also love bounty hunters:0) They're kind of good, kind of bad and are seemingly always in control...most of the time!

I've also been brainstorming a bounty hunter series, but with a twist.

Two Voices Publishing said...

Thanks, Skylar!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Congrats on the new release! I've loved bounty hunters since I was a little kid and watched reruns of Wanted: Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen. He was one of my first TV idols :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Luv bounty hunters too. The sexy, tough ones, play by their own rules' bounty hunters.
Congrats on the new release.
Yep, adult excerpt!