Star Light, Star Bright...Interstellar Interview with Eliza Gayle

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Star Light, Star Bright...Interstellar Interview with Eliza Gayle

Eliza Gayle has been obsessed with books as long as she can remember, and the first time she picked up her an erotic romance, she found her niche. Now she's an Eppie finalist who successfully writes in the contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal erotica subgenres. Currently she has 7 books with Phaze, 2 with Cobblestone Press, and a novella with Whiskey Creek Press available.

She is also owner of ScrapFairy Designs, a source for BookPeek videos and MySpace page designs for authors. Her creative innovations can be seen at several bestselling authors' websites and on YouTube. Because Eliza is also a writer, she knows how to tap into the heart of other authors' stories and make this graphic media attractive to readers. From her list of awards, it seems her talent also impresses multimedia judges a good way.

Luckily for us, she's able to divide her time to write hot, steamy romance that has her readers fanning themselves...and then coming back for more!

I met Eliza at a local RWA chapter, and from the beginning she was nothing but nice. Her red hair is attention grabbing, but otherwise she looks like the mom next door. Not only is she intelligent in all things computer related, but she's also willing and able to talk through an type of story problem.

Eliza is an active chapter member as our VP Elect, and she isn't afraid to voice her opinion on what works in the romance industry and what doesn't. I think that pluck is due to her passionate nature, which makes her such a phenomenal erotic writer. She knows when to have her guard up and when to let it down. If you get the chance to know her, you'll be lucky to call her a friend.

I've watched her struggle to get her stiletto in the door, and she's finally dug in her heels to leave her mark with the Pentacles of Magic series. In part her success is due to her tenacity and her wide cast over the world wide web with blogs, posts and chats, but in the end her acclaim all boils down to talent. She's a hot star on the rise, so be sure not to get left out. Become one of her readers NOW!

What led to your epiphany to mix the erotic and paranormal subgenres in your work? Was there also an event that led you to mix magic into your work?

I was already a huge paranormal reader thanks to Sherrilyn Kenyon, but after I read my first erotic romance back in 2006 I knew that was it. I finally felt motivated enough to start writing instead of just thinking about it.

Do you feel there are limitations or blessings in the erotic and/or paranormal subgenres that have helped mold your career?

I love the freedom in writing erotic romance. Sex is emotional and fun and combining that with the paranormal gives you almost limitless possibilities. I love that erotic romance has grown in
to a huge and somewhat stable subgenre and see that I have plenty of room to continue writing it for a very long time.

Will you share any super important moment(s) that stands out in your booksigning travels or during your brushes with the publishing elite?

You mean something like the first time I met Nora Roberts and could barely speak? lol. The first two conventions I went to, I was a silly fan girl. I still get excited when I get to meet some of my favorite authors but I've learned not to scare them with my enthusiasm.

How do you feel being both a writer and a creative mind behind one of the most popular booktrailer/website/video companies for authors?

I feel blessed. Scrapfairy Designs has been a fabulous opportunity to allow me to continue working from home, giving me more insight into the publishing industry as well as affording me the time to write on my own schedule. Video marketing has become quite a big promotional tool these days thanks to all the social sites that allow them to go viral.

If you had to chose one hero you've created to be your own boy toy, who would it
be? And is their a heroine that you can identify with more than the rest?

Awww, just one? There have been many now, but if I had to choose just one I would probably say Garon from TAKEN BY TAROT and DRAGON'S FATE. He is everything you never thought a fairy could be. Big, muscular, sexy, dominant and fiercely protective.

Picking only one heroine I identify would be very difficult. I imagine there are pieces to each one of them that could resonate with me. How can we not put a little bit ourselves into the characters we write, whether its who we are or who we want to be.

In our circle there's rumor of a new shapeshifter series coming out from you? Can you give us more details? And can you let slip why these will be different from your Pentacle series?

I do have a Black Cougar trilogy
coming in 2009 with Linden Bay Romance that I'm really excited about. This is a series I started two years ago and they are finally almost here. It takes place in the mountains of North Carolina only a few hours from where I live now and is centered around the legend of the Black Cougar. A species that experts say does not exist.

The first three books focus on Clan brothers Lucas, Kane and Malcolm and combine romance with lots of action and mystery. I hope to have a page up soon on my website that will be fully devoted to the series with lots of extra goodies.

In the Pentacles series the focus was on a family of male witches, so this is definitely going to be a bit different.

Are there any other juicy tidbits or appearances your fans need to know about?

The next several months are being devoted to writing and I don't expect to start traveling again until the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando, FL next year in April.

But on the book front there have been several things going on lately. The entire Pentacles series is now available in trade sized paperback and in October I released my first Vampire story with Cobblestone Press titled AWAKEN. A neat tidbit about AWAKEN is that the heroine is a singer and as a gift for my birthday, a good friend of mine wrote an original song for the story. Those lyrics were incorporated into the story and are printed in the dedication of the book.

Thanks so much for interviewing me, it's been fun.
To check out more about Eliza, her work or ScrapFairy Designs, go to!

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Mary Margret said...

I can see how paranormal would make the imaginative possibilities for erotica limitless.

Great blog.

Skylar Masey said...

Thanks Mary Margaret. I was super happy when Eliza said yes to the interview! She shares a publisher with Sarah/Sally-Whiskey Creek Torrid. :0)

And as I mentioned she's an award winning BookPeek creator. Something to think about for your next SEAL book:0)