Book Review - Highland Rogue by Tess Mallory

Book Review - Highland Rogue by Tess Mallory - Hi bertemu lagi dengan saya di tempat berbagi Chord Gitar Indonesia, Pada kesempatan kalini saya akan berbagi Kunci gitar yang berjudul Book Review - Highland Rogue by Tess Mallory, saya telah menyediakan lirik lagu lengkap dengan chord gitarnya dari awal lagi sampai akhir lagu. mudah-mudahan isi postingan kunci gitar yang saya tulis ini mudah untuk di pahami oleh kalian dan semoga bermanfaat juga. oke langsung saja ini chord gitar nya.

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Book Review - Highland Rogue by Tess Mallory

Highland Rogue
Tess Mallory
Berkley Sensation
May 2008
ISBN: 078-425-22042-9

Highland Rogue fits neatly into one of my favorite sub-genre combinations--time travel and kilted men. This particular book details the story of a 'bad boy' Scottish highwayman, Quinn MacIntyre, from the eighteenth century who's dubbed 'The Piper'. Quinn once attended an esteemed school to learn the intricacies of piping but his sponsor, Montrose, caught his father and brother stealing his cattle and had them hanged. After that, Quinn vowed to get his revenge on Montrose and so he does by robbing all of Montrose's wealthy guests.

But Quinn never plans on meeting Maggie Graham, an aspiring archaeologist from the 21th century, who's sent back in time by a mysterious carving in an ancient cairn in the Scottish highlands. And he never thought he'd have to save the strange woman's life by sacrificing his best friend and partner, Ian MacGregor to Montrose's guards but he can't let an innocent woman die just because she's in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What follows is a delightful story full of ups and downs and twists and turns as Quinn and Maggie fall into lust, then love while attempting to rescue Ian and resolve their own unique problems. My only problem was that the ancient cairn seemed to house a 'revolving door' between then and now as Maggie and Quinn go back and forth. However I was able to easily overlook that as things came together for our two main characters. I enjoyed reading this book with its wonderful hero and heroic, if a little klutzy, heroine. I look forward to Ms Mallory's next book.

Did I mention I'm a sucker for time travels with men-in-kilts?

-- Lynda

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2 Responses to "Book Review - Highland Rogue by Tess Mallory"

Stephanie said...

*Sigh* I suffer the same affliction Lynda. And this story sounds just too yummy so it's definitely going in my TBR pile ;)

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Stephanie, it's a shame we have that affliction but one must make the best of it, mmm? I think you'll enjoy this one. Thanks for stopping by!