Review - Wicked By Any Other Name

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Review - Wicked By Any Other Name

Wicked By Any Other Name
Linda Wisdom

Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-10: 1402217730
ISBN-13: 978-1402217739
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In the delightful book, Staci Romanov, one of Jazz Tremaine's 'sisters in witchcraft', runs a small boutique specializing in exquisite lingerie...with a little spell casting on the side. Nothing major, just a bit of a tweak to help her customers be happy in love. But one of those customers is a real doozy who blames Staci when her husband leaves her. Not only blames her but finds a lawyer wizard to sue Staci right out of Moon Lake. Staci, the definitive example of a lover-not-a-fighter, shows her backbone when she stands up to the handsome lawyer wizard whose client wants to sue Staci.

Said handsome wizard is Trevor Barnes and it's probably a whole lot easier to stand up to your arch enemy when glittery red hearts are swirling over his head - a sign that Cupid is playing one of his tricks...or a sign of True Love. The bad thing (or good, depending on your point of view :D ) is that identical glittery red hearts are swirling over Staci's head when Trevor is around. They say that wizards and witches don't mix, that a witch can't trust a wizard but in this case, they may just be wrong.

This story looks like a cute little fluffy piece of entertainment but as things go from bad to worse in Moon Lake the tension escalates. Staci and Trevor along with Blair and the volatile Jazz have to determine who, or what, is behind the series of mysterious events taking place. And they have to do it before the entire town is destroyed.

Ms Wisdom has done it again with her highly entertaining, sexy and imaginative series. This book is a fast read that's perfect for whiling away the dreary pre-Spring months. And while it has characters like Jazz and Nick and Fluff and Puff who we're grown to love already, there are new characters who'll also grab a place in our hearts and imagination -- characters like Horace, the gargoyle, and Felix, the kitty kat clock. You can always count on a wild, tumultuous ride with one of Linda Wisdom's books and Wicked By Any Other Name is no exception.

-- Lynda

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2 Responses to "Review - Wicked By Any Other Name"

Stephanie said...

Great review Lynda!! You just gotta love a magically witchy wonderful series like this one!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Absolutely right, Stephanie :D