What's A Girl to Do?

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What's A Girl to Do?

Are you fresh out of cute ideas for how to create a memorable Valentine’s Day for your honey, or just get your hero and heroine to engage in a “meet sweet”? Well check out these ideas, which you can make all your own with a couple tweaks.

Telephone Tag: Why not call your lover from different locales that have interesting names to pop up on his caller ID? Or have him hunt you by calling/texting from your cell in a distinct pattern of places. Come up with some cute lines about where you are or what you’re doing to entice him. Use that anticipation to build him up for the payoff he’ll receive when he gets one step ahead—and snags the prize (you)! Like cat and mouse antics? Set your ringtone to play “your song”, and stay one step ahead of him, while he tries to track the sound down.

Slight of Hand: Our gender can be a little greedy on Valentine’s Day. So why not buy your guy three small gifts? Say a mini box of chocolates, a pair of boxers, and IOU tickets. Then use them in a slight of hand to make him follow your every move. (Coconut shells are optional.) The beauty of this is that no matter what you choose to be the prize, he’ll win every time. And whenever he uses or wears the item, he’ll remember the fun to be had with you.

Chocolate Code: Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is the time to indulge with chocolates. Instead of devouring the box without remembering how you two ate them all, why not use the pieces as a puzzle or secret code? You can mark each square with a letter on the bottom of the tray to spell out messages for your lover boy, or create a pattern that’s special with the smorgasbord of chocolatey choices and your own special paper cups.

Joy Ride: Most guys love cars…and could go on endlessly about revving, tuning or tinkering with them. Give him something to talk about that involves his two loves—cars and you! Take him to test drive his dream car. If you get a good salesman, perhaps you’ll even get to ride shotgun while your honey lives out his more than 60 seconds of fantasy.

Race to the Finish: Can your guy tick off his favorite things on one hand? Why not make a list of items you both want, then exchange your gift inventories. Go to a mega store or mall, and set a time limit. Whoever gets the most doodads before the timer goes off is the winner of a special treat (choice of restaurant, choice of flick, opening his/her gifts first). Even in this budgeting economy, you can be frugal and still have loads of fun staying undercover and playing the game smart.

Music Montage: We’ve all heard those music compilations that take up shelf space at stores around Valentine’s Day. But what if your guy isn’t in to sappy love stuff? Take him to a place where he can listen to a wall full of tunes, and invite him to make a playlist. Jot them down, then make your own custom CD. Or record the name of the album he keeps going back to and purchase the CD before you say adios to the store and go off on your merry way.

Bookish Bond: If you have a favorite opening or finale scene in a book, why not make a mini script that you use to role play? Most good actors know that magic happens when they improvise, so why should your show for two be any different? Remember to give yourself and him permission to get a little wild, and write off any regrets beforehand, so you can create a night to remember!

However you decide to spend your Valentine’s Day, make your time together meaningful and show some sass! I’m leaving the steam factor up to you. Keep in mind that sexy sells, and you can create some great fiction from living out fantasies!

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3 Responses to "What's A Girl to Do?"

FW said...

Great ideas... getting down to the wire! :-)

Skylar Masey said...

Thanks FW!

Mary Marvella said...

Skylar, when are you coming back to Atlanta?