Star Light, Star Bright...Interstellar Interview with Elizabeth Amber

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Star Light, Star Bright...Interstellar Interview with Elizabeth Amber

Elizabeth Amber by her own accounts is pretty normal, though she’s a Kensington Aphrodisia author who pens The Lords of Satyr series that routinely gets reviews of the 5 star and A+ variety. In fact, her novels have exploded in popularity dually noted by NICHOLAS going into it’s 4th printing, LYON having a second re-printing during it’s first month out, and RAINE has also achieved a 3rd printing!

But you’re likely wondering what she does to conjure such magic at her keyboard and maintain a “normal” life. She shares time with her husband and cats, Chelsea and Biscuit. For fun, Elizabeth figure skates, an activity that also works off her favorite food—chocolate. Because she loves animals, Elizabeth volunteers at a local no-kill shelter, where she wishes she could adopt all the cats, dogs and the occasional bunnies that come through the door.

So how did she go from all this to penning an erotic series that sells like hotcakes? She is a self-proclaimed museum junkie, who loves history and archeology. As an art student many years ago, she fell in love with Greco Roman art. In the present day, she turned that love and her passion for writing into a career that’s shining like gold.

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Amber during what I believe was her first meeting with HCRW. Coincidentally, the group was having an agent/editor panel, which meant the place was packed! Yet, I bumped into this slender, wonderfully dressed woman and we instantly connected…over art.

The minute I saw her bookmark for NICHOLAS and commented on them, she realized I also knew my art. (Thanks to my own art training in college.) We’ve run across each other’s paths several times at meetings and booksignings, and each chat has been a delight. In fact, Elizabeth is decidedly witty and, like myself, even blushes over her bookcovers at times.

Nevertheless she holds nothing back when she’s writing her romances, and for that I know her fans (and I) applaud her! Elizabeth is a stunning example of an author who works hard and loves what she does. That tenacity shows through in every word. Eventhough her first book rocketed her to stardom (and a list of awards), I hope one day she’ll get to cap off an RWA National Conference by carrying out her very own golden lady.

Can you tell us where the kernel of an idea to write Satyr erotic paranormals came from?

I’m a museum junkie with a preference for Greco-Roman art history. Satyrs are the carnal followers of the Roman wine god Bacchus, so I thought it would be fun to write about three brothers who own a vineyard in 1800s Tuscany, where they guard ancient secrets and indulge in carnal rituals. I also like Egyptian art history, so that may lay the groundwork for another series someday.

How did you feel as a new writer forging ahead into the RWA National scene looking for a publisher. What caught your attention about Kensington?

I didn’t know anyone when I went to my first RWA, so I did a lot of listening. I remember sitting at a table with some published authors and hearing them discuss Ellora’s Cave, a publisher I hadn’t heard of at the time. They also mentioned that Kensington was looking for erotic romance, so I gave them a try. After a six-month wait, my editor got a go-ahead to expand the line. That’s when I got The Call.

What have you learned now as a multi-published author with a hot series, that you wished you'd known in the beginning?

The marketing aspect of being a romance author took me by surprise. I didn’t really know how to go about it. Luckily, I met author Susan Lyons at the Emerald City Writers Conference and she was generous enough to tell me about a yahoo loop for Kensington writers. I learned a lot (and still do) from others in the group, which includes Kate Douglas, Sharon Page, and dozens of other wonderful writers. PASIC is another organization I highly recommend to newly published authors.

When The Lords of Satyr became so popular, did you take any more trips for inspiration?

I haven’t been back to Europe since the first novel (NICHOLAS) in The Lords of Satyr series was published. From previous visits to Italy and France, I have notebooks full of location descriptions, little sketches, and offhand observations. When I wrote about Villa d’Este and the avenue of the 100 fountains in NICHOLAS, and when I described Lyon’s hotel in Paris in LYON, I was working from sketches and notes I’d made of actual places I visited.

Out of all the brothers, has one become your favorite? If you had to pick a favorite heroine among the brothers diverse mates, who would she be?

Oh, man, what a tough question, Kristy! If I have to choose a hero, I think I’ll go with Nicholas or Lyon. Nicholas, because he’s the eldest brother and I think his commanding presence is sexy—and let’s face it, he’s pretty creative when it comes to sexual encounters. And Lyon, because he has a sense of humor, is loyal to his family, loves animals, and he’s a smoking hot hunk.

As for the heroine, I might choose to be Jordan (from RAINE), but only for a night or two. She’s a hermaphrodite, which makes her life difficult. I empathized with her more than any other character I’ve written. Still, she knows what it is to engage in sex as both a man and a woman, which makes her fascinating to me. Just imagine!

What lies ahead with the satyrs in your upcoming books?

The 4th, DOMINIC just released in March. He’s the first character we’ve met who’s full-blood satyr and he’s ElseWorld’s greatest weapon—a demonhand. Once a generation someone is chosen to capture evil and hold it within a mirrored palm. Dominic was selected as a boy of ten. Grown now, he devotes his nights to keeping those in ElseWorld safe, yet they fear and scorn him in return. He’s a loner, but when he’s called to bed another man’s woman in a satyr ritual, it’s a night of passion neither can forget.

I’ve signed on with Kensington to write a fifth and a sixth novel in The Lords of Satyr series. Since I had wrapped up the stories of the brothers, I decided to take the series in a fresh direction that’s still true to the original series.

And the question on everyone's mind, I'm sure, is how do you write so hot? Is it all imagination or do your characters whisper the way?

Writing hot came naturally. I used to read and reread the really hot, sexy parts of novels I loved, and sometimes I’d embellish them or rewrite them in my head. Those were often scenes full of sexual tension rather than actual sex. I’m a big fan of sexual tension. Sequential sex is boring if there’s no buildup to it, no reason for it.

So, in answer to your question, it’s all imagination. But sometimes I lead the way and other times I get outta the way and let the characters take over!

How can readers find out more about you and The Lords of Satyr?

Erotic excerpts from all four novels are at Readers are welcome to join my newsletter to find out about my contests, appearances, and upcoming books at

Remeber if you comment or ask a question for Elizabeth you will be entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of her latest Lords of Satyr novel, DOMINIC!!

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36 Responses to "Star Light, Star Bright...Interstellar Interview with Elizabeth Amber"

Danni T said...

Love the Lord of Satyr series. My favorite so far is definitely Raine. I thought they were such a good couple in it. I really can't wait to read Dominic and Dane's stories.

VoodooGoddess said...

Elizabeth, I love this series. I just got Dominic in the mail and can't wait to dive into it.

lrhubble said...

I absolutely love this series. It is different than most and that makes it so much fun to read. I love the covers for the books too. Yum. :-)


lrhubble said...
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Unknown said...

Great interview! I love this series and am looking forward to Dominic's book. Is any of the character's based on a family member of a friend? How do you choose the character's names?

amysmith98 @

Anonymous said...

I've read all of the books in the Satyr series twice and can't wait to read Dominic. When I get my hands on one of your new books I have to pace myself or I'll read it in one setting and I want to savor every page and make it last.

I also would like to be Jordan for a night or two. . .

Do you come up with the heroine's name or her characteristic's first?

Rustye said...

Truly love this series! I normally don't like series but this one is so well done and each book is unique. Can't wait for Dane's book!

Heather D said...

I love this series. I can't wait to dive into the next book... which I have been saving for my plane ride to Spain next week.
Great Interview

Unknown said...

I have never read any books in the series and I can't wait to. If I could just get past the book covers, I would be doing great! Hot covers and I loved the interview

Lisa F. said...

This is one of my favorite series. I love these books. Oh and them covers, can't help but strae at them.

Unknown said...

The lords of satyr have become one of my favorite books to read, my favorite is nicholas so far, i find elizabeth amber's writing to be very invigorating and refreshing, once i started her books i was hooked, the european book cover to me is very awe inspiring and completely delicious, and so are the U.S covers too, cant wait to read my newly acquired dominic.

Lynda K. Scott said...

I haven't read any of the books in this series either but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna :D

Heather B. said...

This series is wonderful and Elzabeth is the nicest person. She takes the time to respond to her readers and that makes me love her and her books all the more.

I can't wait till Dane's book comes out and I definetly can't wait to see the cover, speaking of cover's, my daughter swears the towell on Nicholas book kept getting lower and lower.

Heather Brewer

Lil said...

I have really enjoyed reading your books. Was very impressed with the way that you wrote in regards to Jordan. She was a very unusual heroine being a hermaphrodite and yet you made her a believable heroine.

tigger9 said...

The books sound sooo good. Next time I go to the book store i will definately be looking for them. I absolutely love the covers. They are sooooo good.

Becky said...

What a great interview! Elizabeth is a new author to me. The Lords of Satyr sound like a good series to read. I will have to check Elizabeth's website. I love the covers of the books shown here.

deb said...

I love the covers on these books but I haven't seen any of them in bookstores but I am still going to keep looking.

Elizabeth Amber said...

Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by the Star Crossed Romance blog, and thanks for having me here, Skylar and Kristy.

Hi Danni, I’m so glad you enjoyed Raine. That was a love-it or hate-it book for readers-some found the hermaphrodite angle too shocking. It went into a 2nd printing right away and is now in a 3rd, so it’s doing well. I loved writing it and wanted to tell the story, so that’s what mattered most to me. :o) I hope you enjoy Dominic, too. And Dane. Thanks for visiting.

Voodoo! Thanks so much. Let me know your thoughts on Dominic.

Hi Larena, the covers ARE yum. Kensington creates fab covers. I’m not sure if they created the cover for the new German edition of Nicholas out this month, but I love it. You can see it at

Good questions, Amy. Yes, Dominic’s love interest is Emma, Jane’s half-sister in the first satyr novel (Nicholas). And Jane & Nicholas’s son Vincent is also in the book. He falls for an insentient Shimmerskin. I just had to write that impossible scenario.

Hello BCovey, we think alike re wanting to be Jordan for a night or two. :o) In answer to your question, I come up with the heroine’s characteristics first, but because the titles of the satyr books are the name of the hero, I have to come up with the hero’s name before I know his story.

Ooh, Heather, lucky you! Spain. I haven’t been anywhere fun for a while. Have a great time, and I hope Dominic makes for good reading.

~ Elizabeth Amber

Elizabeth Amber said...

Hello Mary!
I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the satyr series and I hope you enjoy Dane when it releases. I’m a big fan of series. I like the connected characters and stories. What is it about series that bugs you?

Hi lastnerve,
Thanks so much for your kind words about the interview and the covers. Which is your fav? I think mine’s Nicholas, but that could be because it was my first novel and I was so excited about it. But it is a cool cover, no doubt. I love the angst of his hands. And that drape.

Hi Marisol,
What a pretty name! I hope you like Dominic as well as the others. I’m enmeshed in the next two books now and loving it.

Hi Lynda,
I hope you enjoy them if you get a chance. Thanks for posting!

Heather B,
It’s great to see you here, and thanks for being so sweet. Your comment about the drape on the Nicholas cover cracked me up. I heard so many jokes and comments from readers and other authors about that drape. :o) We all love a mystery guy.

Thanks so much, Lil,
That’s wonderful to hear and I truly appreciate it. I cared about Jordan a great deal myself and worried about her as I was writing her. I really wanted to get her to her happy ending and couldn’t rest until I did.

Hi Becky,
It’s so nice to meet you! The books are erotic historical paranormal romance. A bit more historical than paranormal, although Dominic is probably the most paranormal of them. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to read any of the series. And thanks for visiting today!

Argh—sorry you’re not seeing The Lords of Satyr novels in the stores. I’m seeing Dominic in ever B&N I visit, so maybe try there? I’d start with Nicholas if you haven’t read any of the others yet. The books can be read in any order as stand-alones, but if you’re a reader like me, you’ll always like starting a series from the beginning. I hope you enjoy the novels if you get a chance.

Good luck in the Dominic contest, everyone and have a good weekend! Skylar and Kristy will choose the winner tomorrow (Saturday) and post the name here, so be sure to check back.

Jan said...

I Love, love, love the series. Would you believe me if I told you reading RAINE Actually gave me an orgasm!!! I kid you not - Elizabeth incredible dialogue and my imagination sent me up and over the edge. *blush*


Caffey said...

Hi Elizabeth! Gosh you got the best covers! I often see them up around on the net for best covers contests!

I so love these books. And I don't want them to stop! Do we see many more in the future of these from you? What other setting would you like to write in historical?

annalisa said...

All of the covers for the Lords of Satyr series are gorgeous and smokin' hot! Do you have a favorite cover? I checked out the German cover, and I like it too, but I think I like the American covers the best.

HockeyVampiress said...

I just want to say H*LL yeah I would love to win an Elizabeth Amber book!!! The series is amazing!!!

Scifibookcat said...

I'm so happy for your well deserved success. I remember when you first set up your MySpace page. I love your books and recommend them often.

Elizabeth Amber said...

Ja'niece, OMG you are sooo cool. A lot of RAINE readers here today. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I was a little worried when it first pubbed that it wouldn't be well-received, and it's readers like you that affirmed that this was a story that needed to be told. Good to see you here--always a pleasure.

And Caffey--great to see your familiar face here, too. Thank you so much for dropping by Sklyar's blog. As for what historical period might be fun aside from the Tuscany wine-country satyr novels, I might try Egypt. Anything but regency London, unless I could twist that setting beyond all recognition.

Thanks so much for coming tonight! Althought I LOVE that German Nicholas cover, I do agree that the American one has the edge. At least for me. There's something about that drape and those hands of his...

Hi Hockey Vampiress ShellB,
I love the image your name conjures. Really--you should write a book about a hockey vampiress. And thank you for your enthusiasm about The Lords of Satyr series. I appreciate it verrrry much!

Night all!

Elizabeth Amber said...

Okay, I was going to hit the sack, but I saw your post right after I posted and I have to say I remember meeting you, too. When I first set up my MySpace page, you were one of the first people I met. Working in isolation in my teeny office writing Nicholas, I didn't really know anybody out there and it was fun and memorable to meet you. A huge thanks to you for your support. Hugs and night.

Fedora said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Ditto all the comments on the incredible covers ;) I haven't had the pleasure of reading this series yet, but I've heard such good things!

Thanks for taking the time to provide this interview--I definitely agree--I think part of the heat I enjoy the most in stories is the build-up... it isn't just the physical that burns a scene into my memory, it's the emotional connections and interactions that really hook me in.

And amen to chocolate--woohoo!

Two Voices Publishing said...

Wonderful interview! And those covers...OMG! My monitor is smoking.

Cathy M said...

Just recently started reading this series and would love to read Dominic's story.

Kytaira said...

Elizabeth, I haven't read you yet -- emphasis on yet! Your books sound amazing and every one of the covers is hot hot hot!

Elizabeth Amber said...

Hi flchen1,

I'm glad you've heard good things about the series!

I agree with you about wanting that sexual tension build-up. I'm sure you've read sex scenes occasionally that didn't have that build-up and they often fall flat. Who cares, if you don't care about the people involved?

And--oh yeah--chocolate, one of my favorite subjects. My husband just brought home Cadbury Eggs, my springtime secret obsession.

Hi Bernadette and Jennifer!

Thanks for stopping by! Skylar did a beautiful job laying out the interview to set off the covers nicely. They're gorgeous, I agree!

Hi Cathy,

I hope you're enjoying the series so far. I was just in B&N this morning and saw that Nicholas is in a 5th printing! That was pretty exciting. It just debuted in Germany this month, too, with a new cover that's really cool.

Welcome Kytaira!

Thank you for dropping a comment and I'm glad you like the covers. If you get a chance to read the series, be sure to let me know your thoughts if you get a chance. Have a great Sunday!


I just wanted to say thanks again to you for having me on your blog. You did such a lovely layout and asked great questions. I liked the way you added The Lords of Satyr logo and your use of the green and yellow text, which is readable and appealing. Great job!

And I enjoyed visiting your website, too!

~ Elizabeth Amber

Campbell said...

Hey Elizabeth! I had to chime in and second the appreciation for Nicholas's sexual creativity. The scenes between him and Jane are hands down the hottest scenes I've ever read. Also, the way you take what was probably a pretty typical husband/wife relationship in that time period and transform it makes the story so much more realistic and the relationship so much more satisfying than most "reality-based" historical romance.

I do hope that a nephew or son of his inherits that creativity, because I would LOVE to see more of it!

Also, I enjoyed Dominic, but one complaint: it should have been longer! I felt like the stories of both Dominic and Vincent had enough to fill two seperate novels. I could have definitely kept on reading! Still, I enjoyed it immensely. Can't wait to see what's next!

Elizabeth Amber said...

Hi Campbell,

I did feel like I had more to say in Dominic, and it's interesting you picked up on that. The next two satyr novels will take us to olive country a few years later in the 1800s. By now, Earth has figured out that ElseWorld exists. This opens up many new problems--and opportunities--for the satyr clan. The next book will be titled DANE.

Thanks for dropping by and for enjoying The Lords of Satyr books!

(BTW, I've seen some of Campbell's work and I can tell you that she is a very talented graphic designer and website designer!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Elizabeth..Love the books and admire your writing in Raine..Just held my breath and kept reading...Everybody deserves love ..Thanks ..BTW..can't wait to see who wins the contest for the Name of the next book...great idea!..Hope to see ya soon at a booksigning.."~)

tetewa said...

I'm always looking for new authors and series to read and your covers are HOT!

CrystalGB said...

Hi Elizabeth. Your books sound wonderful. Love the covers.