To Watch or Not to Watch?

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To Watch or Not to Watch?

Today's the big day...the day when the Watchmen hit the big screen. The hype has been huge, maybe even more so than for the X-men, though IMO it doesn't yet have as big a legion of fans.

Personally when I saw the trailer in theaters, I thought--Gotta see that. But this was mostly due to the graphic quality, since it's adapted from a graphic novel. Novel concept, eh? It worked for 300, so I assume the director is hoping this will also have people rushing to the box office. I think it will have the comic lovers clamoring, but I'm not sure it's mainstream material.

That's not to say that Watchmen doesn't have it's hooks like the spunky Wonder Woman/Jean Grey heroine trying to prove herself on a super team, a silver surfer-ish glowing guy, a cigar chomping commando who oozes Nick Fury, a caped and cowled hero who bears resemblance to Hawkman from the Justice League, the masked body armored super man, and then there's the mysterious narrator who looks more like Scarecrow from Batman than a hero. Then there's a conspiracy which leads to a whodunit plotline and as usual the superhero team (who is also ragtag after being disbanded) is trying to save the world from destroying itself.

Unfortunately, I won't be among the throng at the theater tonight, since my plans have changed. However, I'm sure one day soon my keister will be in one of my cinema's new plush seats so I can see how the movie stacks up. Nevertheless, I believe Watchmen will have saving merit for any critic to mention, if only for it's style. I equate that to Paula Abdul on American Idol saying, "You look so pretty tonight." That is if they can look past the capes, tights, and masks so it's not lumped almong the superhero craze "nonsense".

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2 Responses to "To Watch or Not to Watch?"

Lynda K. Scott said...

It certainly looks like a good one, doesn't it? If you see it, let me know what you think.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

DH and I are going to see it this afternoon. He's the comic and superhero...hmm...what's the word?...oh yeah, FANATIC. The trailers make the movie look visually stunning - so for that alone it may be worth watching, but I agree it may not be something people will flock to who don't have experience with the genre.