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Guest - Jina Bacarr

Good morning everyone! Today's guest is the award-winning Jina Bacarr. Jina loves adventure in exotic locales, which led her to write the RIO Award-Winning erotic novel, The Blonde Geisha (the only erotic novel to win the top spot in Mainstream Fiction), as well as the award-winning non-fiction book, The Japanese Art of Sex.

She worked as the Japanese consultant on KCBS-TV, MSNBC, TechTV's Wired for Sex, Canada's The Pleasure Zone, British Sky Broadcasting's Saucy TV, La Biennale Arts Festival in Venice, Italy, Men's Health Guide to the Best Sex in the World, Passport to Pleasure, The Vision Board and 69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die for Playboy TV. She's the author of Naughty Paris, Tokyo Rendezvous (Naughty Bits anthology), Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs, Cleopatra's Perfume and coming in Feb. 2010, The Blonde Samurai.

Jina is offering an autographed copy of Cleopatra's Perfume, continue reading to find out how you could win it.


When the scent of a woman belongs to Cleopatra…

by Jina Bacarr, author of "Cleopatra's Perfume"

One whiff and every man was her slave…

How would you like to spend your wedding night in an Egyptian pyramid with ghosts watching your every move?

It happened back in 1903 when British occultist Aleister Crowley and his bride spent their honeymoon night in the Great Pyramid. I knew there was a story there somewhere, but it wasn't until I decided to write a novel about a lonely woman in 1939 searching for love (and sex) in Egypt where she had spent her honeymoon with her late husband that the paranormal element in my story took shape.

It took the shape of an ancient perfume bottle that belonged to Cleopatra.

I've always been fascinated by the sense of smell and how odor molecules from perfume, body sweat or the smell of sex dash into the space in your brain occupied by emotions such as love and hate, and moods such as anxiety and pleasure. The stuff memories are made of.

Smell is also primal. Early man and animals developed a sense of smell so powerful it warned them of danger. Add this notion to the idea that the Egyptians associated perfume (from the Latin per fumun meaning through the smoke as in incense) with immortality and you have the premise for Cleopatra's Perfume.

I love paranormal stories that utilize magical objects that become the catalyst for the heroine/hero to begin a journey. We were all enchanted with Dorothy's search for the ruby slippers and cheered where she "clicked her heels" and returned home to Kansas. And who hasn't wished along with Aladdin and his magic lamp when the genie appears? In the 1945 film adaption of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," Dorian makes a wish in front of an Egyptian cat statue to remain as young and handsome as he appears in the portrait.

I am a student of Egyptology and have used elements from it in two of my novels. In my previous Spice release, Naughty Paris, a jilted bride finds a small Egyptian statue of the fertility god, Min, and travels back to the raucous, erotic world of 1889 Paris.

In Cleopatra's Perfume, Lady Eve Marlowe discovers the seductive even mystical scent belonging to Cleopatra, which not only makes her irresistible to men, but sweeps her up in a dangerous game of intrigue with sizzling stops in Cairo, London and Berlin.

What is your favorite paranormal story where the main character uses a magical charm to get what they want?

Jina Bacarr

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New Blog: I'm writing a series which is a prequel to "Cleopatra's Perfume:" WEIMAR GIRLS GONE WILD: The Berlin Sex Diary of Lady Eve Marlowe

"Get caught in the act"

Cleopatra's Perfume

Europe 1939
The world may be teetering on the brink of war, but that's no reason for the privileged classes to deny themselves the satisfaction of their deepest lusts. In exotic and exclusive clubs, they pursue the delights of the flesh with little thought to the world crumbling around them.

Eve Marlowe has everything she needs to lead the most decadent of lives: money, nobility, nerve…and an insatiable appetite for sexual adventure. She also has a singular treasure: a fragrance of ancient origin said to have been prepared for the Queen of Kings herself. Seductive, irresistible, even mystical—it is the scent of pure sensuality.

The power of this elixir is such that it sweeps Lady Marlowe into a game much more dangerous than those she played in the darkened rooms of kinky bars. As the Nazis devour Europe and North Africa, she embarks on a fevered journey, with sizzling stops in Cairo, London, Berlin—each city filled with new perils and pleasures for one anointed with pure lust.

-- Lynda Again,

What a fascinating article. I've often heard that scents can be so evocative they'll bring back memories from years past. I know all we writers will have our heroes and heroines notice the special perfume/scent of their romantic partners but that's all present time. And, as unromantic as it may sound, I've heard that some men find vanilla or cinnamon based scents on their women attractive because it reminds them of...gasp...their moms and their childhood. What do you think?

Leave a comment for Jina by April 17. She'll select one person to win an autographed copy of Cleopatra's Perfume. Good luck!


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37 Responses to "Guest - Jina Bacarr"

Julie Robinson said...

Good morning Jina and Lynda,

This sounds very interesting---from what I could read. Sections of this post were blacked out, such as:

Smell is also primal. Early . . . .Add this

Also: In Cleopatra's Perfume, Lady Eve Marlow discovers the s . . . What is your favorite"

The parts in ellipses were blacked out. Also several of the paragraphs in the white boxes are too faint to read.

Don't know if it's my computer or the font color. But I did get the part about Wookie---very cute :-)
But I did go to your site to check it out. Love how your eyes are made up like Cleopatra---or maybe that's a geisha?! What a wonderful background of experiences you have!!!


Julie Robinson said...

Also wanted to say that I agree that odor is a VERY strong memory stimulant, whether for the good or bad. Also in serving as an aphrodisiac. Or not!

Jina Bacarr said...

Hi, Julie,

Thankz for your cool comments! Here is the first missing line:

"Smell is also primal. Early man and animals developed a sense of smell so powerful it warned them of danger."

And later:

"In Cleopatra's Perfume, Lady Eve Marlowe discovers the seductive even mystical scent belonging to Cleopatra, which not only makes her irresistible to men, but sweeps her up in a dangerous game of intrigue with sizzling stops in Cairo, London and Berlin."

I'll check to see if I've missed anything else.


Julie Robinson said...

That makes sense now.
Thanks JIna!

Jina Bacarr said...

You're welcome, Julie!

Re: your comment about smell as a stimulant--so true. In Cleopatra's Perfume, it's also magical. Without giving anything away, let's just say that the heroine uses its power to escape from the Nazis...the perfume is reputed to have belonged to Cleopatra.

The Egyptians used unguent or solid perfume. When King Tut's tomb was opened in 1922 by Howard Carter, they found containers with perfume intact.

In my novel, I trace the journey of Cleopatra's Perfume through the centuries for the heroine. It was fun and exciting to come up with a intriguing story about the perfume.

Any questions? Please ask!

Lil said...

What a fascinating plot. Yes, scent is very evocative. I had to smile about vanilla and cinnamon being attractive to men. On another note, they do say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While that may be an certainly adds points for a potential partner.

Jina Bacarr said...

Thankz, Lil, for your thoughts.

You're so right about a man's appetite. What man can resist a delicious Italian pasta swimming with tomatoes, basil, cheese and aromatic herbs?

In my story, it's the perfume that entices the hero with its evocative blend of spices:

"A reverie of scent devoured me, a continuous secret aroma of spice, jasmine, rose, cinnamon, cloves, spikenard, and something I've never been able to identify, but an aroma so intense with its euphoric effect I didn't care if I couldn't see, hear, taste, or touch. The aroma was so overpowering I abandoned myself completely to the pleasure of smell without the malady of fear, worry, or apprehension spoiling my feast."


Julie Robinson said...

How fascinating, Jina! As for what Lil said, it reminds me of something I read one time about men being attracted to one of two base scents---vanilla or flowers. And that, in general, men are attracted to vanilla and women to flowery smells. So, even though a woman loves Pleasures, for instance, her man might be more attracted to her if she wore Vanilla Musk.


Jina Bacarr said...

Interesting observation, Julie, about vanillin. No surprise then that the discovery of the odor of vanillin as an artificial scent was made by two men, Tiemann and Haarmann, in the late nineteenth century.

Vanilla beans, btw, have no smell when first harvested--their scent is released during the curing process (boiling or sun exposure).


Lynda K. Scott said...

I'm sorry everyone. Somehow I totally missed those blacked out parts. Thanks to Jina for supplying the missing parts until I could get back to my computer to repair it. I think I've got it all correct now.

My apologies to Jina and to you all.


Julie Robinson said...

VERY interesting, Jina. Lynda, thanks for having Jinda today. Just think, if everything had been perfect, I might not have gone to her website to discover all the fascinating things she has to say about geishas, etc.

Jina Bacarr said...

Thank you for visiting my website, Julie!

I have a long history with Japan, having written nonfiction books about the Japanese culture, acted in Japanese commercials, studied the art of kimono, written scripts for a Japanese animation studio, etc.

I guess it will come as no surprise then that my next Spice book is "The Blonde Samurai" about a 19th century American heiress who marries a British lord (who's a scoundrel out for her money) then travels to Japan and falls in love with a mysterious, enigmatic samurai named Shintaro. It's scheduled for Feb 2010.

Thankz for your interest.


Beverly G said...

I love the concept of scents and such my fiance has a thing for sweet but not to sweet scents and he loves cinnimon so i tend to lean towards that I love how he smells with out that shapr pungant perfum just like para normals i love any book where charms r used andsuch id have to say not one is my fav i love them all if i happen to win and it would be awesome cause the book sounds wonderful heres my email address

mortalsinn @ yahoo . com

Julie Robinson said...

Jina, I LOVE oriental stuff and have all sorts of books on samurai warriors. Your book sounds right up my alley.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Julie & Jina, I love oriental things too. I've got a plate here, a vase there, a painting or two. My hubby collects samurai toy soldiers (among other groups, lol).

Anyway, thanks Julie (and everyone else) for being so patient and understanding on the earlier mix ups. Julie, I'm glad you visited Jina's website. It's quite interesting, isn't it?

Jina Bacarr said...

Thankz for your comments, Beverly.

Cinnamon is a favorite of mine, too, and part of the name of a perfumer of ancient Greece.

The Greeks (Cleopatra is usu. depicted as being Greek Macedonian) believed that rose and lily scents were the lightest and best suited to men. Also, they kept their perfumes in lead bottles or alabaster vials to preserve them since they believed excessive cold and heat made them deteriorate.


Jina Bacarr said...


I've also published a Spice book about geisha called "The Blonde Geisha." It's not paranormal but it's a coming of age story about an American girl who is hidden in a geisha house in 1892 Kyoto (spelled Kioto at that time).

Are you a fan of The Last Samurai? When I wrote my Blonde Samurai, I used Katsumoto as the inspiration for the hero.


Caffey said...

Hi Jina! and Lynda I remember your first Spice book! Its a keeper. I love reading too legends and the like you spoke of with the Greeks! Just fascinating!
So I imagine you do alot of research? Do you do alot of it before writing it or during it? I know when I'm reading themes or legends for the first time I too love to look them up! I really believe that most I learned was from reading romance and erotic romance with various fantasy, legends, historical, etc themes!
I really love the scent of Vanilla. Now it wants me to look at how that was discovered.

I'd love to be in for CLEOPATRA'S PERFUME. Thanks. I just joined the newsletters!

Caffey said...

By the way, the link for your Facebook Lynda didn't work.

Jina Bacarr said...


The world of the samurai has always fascinated me--Bushido--loyalty, discipline, honor. I wanted to write a story about what was called then an Occidental (Western) woman who finds personal fulfillment and love (not to mention unbelievable sex!) among the samurai.

Back to the Last Samurai for a moment--that film was based on a real samurai, Saigo Takamori, who staged the Satsuma rebellion against the Mikado in 1877. In 1876, samurai were banned from carrying their two swords.

My Blonde Samurai takes place in 1872-1876 (in Japan from 1873-76) when there were smaller uprisings--I don't concentrate on the battles (though my heroine learns to wield a sword) but on the culture and how this American woman adjusts--and wait until you see the tea ceremony. Very, very sensual...

I'm getting carried away, but I've so enjoyed sharing my stories with all of you.

Thankz for listening.


Jina Bacarr said...

Hi, Caffey,

Thankz for your wonderful comment about my first Spice, The Blonde Geisha. I appreciate it very much.

You asked about research--the short answer is yes, I do a lot of it! I remember as a child wandering around museums with my nose pressed against the glass cases, not wanting to go home.

Growing up, I had the op to see many places and visit museums. Later on, I traveled on my own, visiting archaeological digs, historical sites and more museums.

That's only part of it. Then there's my research books. I love old books and the lingering smell of history that awakens my imagination when I open that book and start reading it. I can never get enough of it.

I also love fashion, anything vintage, jewelry, hats, parasols, etc. Wearing clothing from another time, another culture gives me a sense of what it was like to live at that time, even if it's a replica. You don't know what it's like to wear a night corset to bed until you've tried it!

As you can tell I love my characters and my stories and it's been very cool to be here with all of you!


PS -- yes, you're entered in the drawing for a copy of Cleopatra's Perfume!

Julie Robinson said...

Quite so, Lynda!!

Sigh. Jina, You've got me wanting to read over my Budo Secrets book. And your story! Last year, we went to a Japanese bar and grill. I HAD to have two specialty drinks so that I could take home the collectible Samurai and Geisha figurines, where they now sit next to my bed with some of my oriental items.

Think I'll go fix some hot tea now!
Enjoyed chatting,

Jina Bacarr said...


You will so love Blonde Samurai. I couldn't resist sharing this with you from the beginning of my story as the heroine speaks about her samurai hero:

"I shall never forget the moment the tall, muscular samurai swept into the room, his heavy walk making the wooden floor tremble, his presence commanding yet electrifying, his melodic deep voice speaking to me in the native tongue about waterfalls and flowers and the gods as if he were a poet and could produce an alchemy of words to create harmony between us. I burned with such desire I could not catch my breath. All I wanted was him.

"Bold, handsome he was, and as persuasive as the wind nudging a morning glory up the vine with his heated breath, exposing her to the sun, then seducing her to open up to him and live her vivid, unspoken dreams in his arms."

The figurines of the geisha and samurai sound wonderful. What a charming souvenir.


Anonymous said...

story sounds ver y intersting
lvoe spice novels

count me in

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Caffey,

Thanks for the heads up on the Facebook link. I've fixed it (I hope -- you ever have one of those days? :D)

But, just in it is again

Jina Bacarr said...

To: Anonymous. Thankz for your comment!! I'm glad you enjoy Spice books. I've just finished Charlotte Featherstone's Addicted (Feb. Spice release) and loved it.

I'll be checking back every day if anyone has any additional questions so please don't hesitate to ask.

Check back on Friday to find out the winner of an authographed copy of Cleopatra's Perfume.

Thankz so much, Lynda, for having me. I've totally enjoyed it.


Kytaira said...

My favorite book(s) where the main character uses a magical charm is N.J. Walter's Tapestry series. In it a tapestry transports the heroines to an alternative universe where women are in short supply. The world is sort of like a medieval lifestyle with twists. Good twists!

Jina, You book sounds wonderful! The concept sounds great. I just heard about a matchmaking company that uses scent. Don't ask me how!

Jina Bacarr said...

Thank you, Kataira, for your info about the Tapestry series. It sounds wonderful, perfect for history lovers like myself!

Re: matchmaking and scent: I remember reading about a study in the UK that found that some types of male sweat can relax women.

The research also said there is evidence that suggests when we meet someone we give off an exclusive smell--that gives prospective partners the op to decide whether or not they're interested in a date!

Thankz again,

Athena Grayson said...

I've been following the blurbs for the prequel with interest. Cleopatra VII is such an evocative character in both history and legend. I kinda wish Ancient Egypt set the world on fire nowadays the way it did in the late Victorian era...although I'm grateful for all the research that's been done since then.

Of course, my taste in queens runs a little further back. If Pharaoh Hatshepsut didn't have a star-crossed romance with Senenmut, I'd be really surprised.

Jina Bacarr said...

Hi, Xandra,

Fabulous and provocative comments!! Thank you for adding your wonderful expertise to our discussion.

Funny you should mention Queen Hatshepsut and the Victorian era--a tomb discovered by chance in 1875 and located not far from a large temple built by the Queen figures prominantly in Cleopatra's Perfume.

The Prequel will most likely not feature any scenes in Egypt since it's the Berlin Sex Diary of Lady Eve Marlowe before she met Lord Marlowe (he introduced her to Egyptology). Here is the link to Episodes 1 and 2:

I just got home from a long day up in LA at the Film Commissions trade show scouting locations for my sexy vampire in my Prequel series...I had the op to talk to film commission reps from around the world, inc. Prague, Serbia, Jordan, Berlin, Italy, France, etc. Fun, interesting research trip.

I will check back tomorrow for any additional comments, then choose a winner on late Friday afternoon!!

Thankz again to everyone who has left a comment.


Athena Grayson said...

That wouldn't be the royal mummy cache near Deir el-Bahri, would it? I had the opportunity several years ago to see the collected royals in the Egyptian museum and lemme tellya--the resemblance between Ramses II and Patrick Stewart is...disconcerting. ;)

The prequel sounds awesome in its own right--preWWII Europe has its own glamour and appeal...and danger.

Thanks for the links!

Jina Bacarr said...

Hi, Xandra,

You are right on--Deir el-Bahri it is. I found some fascinating info about that area during the time my story takes place and thought it would be a perfect place for the "mystery of the perfume" to unfold. I've also created an early 20th century occultist to help bring that part of the story into focus.

Re: prequel--I'm loving writing Weimar Girls Gone Wild--next episode will hopefully be up on Monday.


Jina Bacarr said...

Hi, everyone,

It's late Friday afternoon here in SoCal--I've gathered all the names together who left comments (thank you all so much!!) and put them into a hat and the winner is:


Please email me at with your address.

Thankz again to Lynda for her hospitality and fortitude in putting up my blog and to everyone who participated this week.

Feel free to email me with any questions about my blogs or books.


Julie Robinson said...

Congrats to LIl!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Congrats to Lil!

And thanks to Jina for blogging with us this week. I've been totally impressed with her knowledge and research. Jina, you're welcome to come back and visit us anytime :D

Jina Bacarr said...

Thankz, Lynda for your invitation to come back!! Let me know when the time is right and I'll be here.


Anonymous said...

wtg winner