Guest - Kendra Leigh Castle

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Guest - Kendra Leigh Castle

Good morning everyone! One of our favorites is back with us again -- author Kendra Leigh Castle. You can see my review for this newest book of hers - Wild Highland Magic in the Lynda Again section. Actually since Kendra has done such a superb job of describing the book, all I'll add is my impression and thoughts.

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Thanks so much to Lynda and everyone here for having me back! It’s always fun to come by and talk about my books, and since I have a new one coming out, Wild Highland Magic, I thought I’d spend a few minutes telling you all about my latest couple of star-crossed, er, couples. Yes, “couples,” because Wild Highland Magic has not one, but two pairs of supernaturally gifted people who fall in love (and have, of course, quite a time making it work).

First, there’s Bastian an Morgaine and Catriona MacInnes. Those of you who’ve read the second book in the trilogy, Dark Highland Fire, will recognize Bastian as the quiet, enigmatic, but powerful big brother of that book’s heroine, Rowan. He is the only male ever born into the otherworld Drakkyn tribe of the Dyadd Morgaine, a nomadic clan of blood-drinking sorceresses who were the traditional mates of werewolves before the pack left that world and came to ours. He’s a solitary soul, and in Wild Highland Magic, we discover why: a generational curse visited on his father’s people by the worst of the worst as far as magical races go, the daemon. Bastian is condemned to live with a soul-sucking shadow always stalking him, feeding off of his emotions and isolating him until he gives in, and gives his soul, to the shadow. The only way to defeat it is for him to drink the blood and gain the power of a willing dragon.

Problem? Dragons kind of hate everyone. But there’s one, Lucien Andrakkar, who needs rescuing and has a roundabout tie to Bastian. In desperation, Bastian springs Lucien from the daemon dungeons and takes him to the home of his new allies, the MacInnes werewolves, to recuperate. Except Lucien doesn’t seem to want to recuperate, and the entire pack is about to descend on this little corner of the Scottish Highlands to celebrate their annual gathering.

Enter Catriona MacInnes, a half-witch, half-werewolf whose father is the long-estranged brother of the Pack Alpha. Her father’s been acting oddly, and this is the first she’s ever heard of the furrier branch of her family. She and her two sisters are thrilled to discover an entire branch of their family tree, and hope that a reunion with his brother will help their ailing father. But Cat soon finds herself distracted by the presence of a stranger who looks like an icy god, and who seems determined to keep her at arm’s length. Cat, in the tradition of her cousins Gideon and Gabriel, doesn’t really know how to take “no” for an answer, and luckily, Bastian doesn’t seem to know quite how to say it to her anyway. But as you might expect, life gets complicated for both Cat and Bastian very quickly. His time is running out. And her father’s secrets are about to come back and haunt her in ways she can’t possibly imagine.

That brings me to my second couple, a pair I thoroughly enjoyed bringing together because one of them was well overdue for a woman to whip him into shape. I’ll let you read to discover who that woman is, but the man...well, sort-of question is none other than the ill-behaved dragon prince, Lucien Andrakkar.

After a year in the daemon dungeons, he’s at death’s door, and willingly: with his father dead, he’s the last of his line, and as the dragons had little use for the late Mordred by the time he was killed, Lucien has no illusions that his people are waiting for his return. No prisoner has ever emerged from the Blighted Kingdom alive anyway. So Bastian’s rescue of him is an unwelcome surprise, and as you might expect if you’ve met Lucien in Dark Highland Fire, the dragon has no intention of helping our hero. What he doesn’t count on is a beautiful little half-witch healer who agrees to take on his care, and whose tongue is as sharp as his own. Lucien has decided he’s incapable of real love, and unworthy of it besides...but he’s about to find out differently. And that changes everything.

Both couples have the cards stacked against them from the beginning, so the task of giving them their happy endings was both tough and really, really rewarding. But that was just how I wanted it for the final book in the MacInnes Werewolves trilogy! I hope everyone who picks up a copy enjoys the twists and turns, and the two romances in one.

Thanks again for letting me stop by! I’ll be in all day to chat, so tell me: who is your favorite star-crossed couple who actually made it? Sorry, Romeo and Juliet fans.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kendra Leigh Castle is the author of the MacInnes Werewolves trilogy, as well as the upcoming series The Fallen, coming from Harlequin Nocturne. She lives in Maryland with her husband, three kids, and menagerie of pets, and loves to be visited online at


-- Lynda Again. Oh man, I really hate to hear that this is the last book in this series. I've looked forward to each one as they became 'Must Buy' books right from the start. I was so looking forward to Bastien's story and so hoping that Kendra would do a story for Lucien. But I have to admit, while this was a great book, it fell short of my expectations (which might have been just a teensy bit high, lol). I loved the plot conflict Kendra came up with for Bastien - that was just pure genius. However, combining his story with Lucien's story...I felt it shortchanged both of these remarkable heroes. Since Kendra is moving on, I can understand and appreciate the fact that she did include Lucien in this book otherwise we might not have ever seen what happened to him. For that, I say thank you to Kendra and her editor.


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4 Responses to "Guest - Kendra Leigh Castle"

Sharon Lathan said...

I, too, am sad that this is the last book in the series! I have loved Kendra's work and will naturally follow whatever else her amazing mind comes up with, but I will miss the MacInnes family. But never say never, hey Kendra!

I am anxious to read Bastian's story, but really thrilled that you are giving Lucien a future. Yeah, he's the "bad guy" - but you wrote him with sympathy that was impossible to ignore. Glad to think he will find some peace. Can't wait!!!

Best of luck, my friend. :) Sharon

Kendra Leigh Castle said...

Hi Sharon! And thanks for the lovely compliments, that's really sweet:-) I love Lucien dearly, and I couldn't say goodbye to the MacInneses, at least for now, without giving him a happy ending of his own. Thanks for coming over today!

Caffey said...

BEAUTIFUL series!!! I so can't wait for this new one! I know its hard but then I so can look forward to more from Kendra and love re-reads!!

Thanks for all you do Kendra!
Happy b'day Lynda!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Caffey, you're absolutely right. I'm already thinking about re-reading this remarkable series :-D