Guest - Laurie Brown

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Guest - Laurie Brown

Good morning, everyone! Today we have Laurie Brown, author of What Would Jane Austin Do? visiting us. I haven't had the opportunity to read either of Laurie's books yet but they sound really good. Here's her bio.

Laurie Brown writes because she loves to, because she needs to in order to stay sane, and because it gets her out of housework. By day a mild mannered accountant, she spends her writing evenings and weekends following her alpha heroes and spunky heroines on their madcap adventures to a happy ending. Her May 2009 release What Would Jane Austen Do? is her second time travel romance for Sourcebooks. (Previous: Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake.) She loves to hear from readers that they laughed out loud while reading her books.


The question I’m asked most often is Where do you get your ideas? (Usually with a note of incredulousness in the speaker’s voice.) And the answer is different for every book. For What Would Jane Austen Do? the plot came out of discussion on time travel with several author friends. The question to the table was If time travel were possible, would you go and whom would you want to meet? My response was in a heartbeat and Jane Austen. I love her books and reread them regularly.

I started thinking about it. Would I actually go? I’ve always enjoyed reading time travel, historical, and Regency romances. To go to a real Regency ball or country house party would be fascinating, a dream come true. Then I started thinking about what I would miss. In addition to my husband, family, and friends, there are so many modern things that I consider absolute necessities. Like plumbing. And electricity. And chocolate. The mental list of stuff I would miss got longer and longer. Maybe I wouldn’t go after all.

But I could send the heroine of a book back. The plot of What Would Jane Austen Do? was born. Eleanor Pottinger, a costume designer is in England for the Jane Austen Festival. A mix-up in reservations at the castle-turned-into-an-inn puts her in the haunted suite where she meets two ghostly sisters. The ghosts claim they can take Eleanor back in time if she promises to prevent the deadly duel that killed their beloved brother. In return, they will introduce her to her favorite author. Despite her disbelief, she agrees so that the ghosts will leave her alone. When the bed begins to spin inside a vortex of colored lights, Eleanor blames her lack of sleep and jet-lagged imagination and ducks under the covers. She wakes in 1814. When everyone assumes she is the long expected American cousin who finally arrived in time for the house party, she has no choice but to play along. She meets and is immediately attracted to the wicked Lord Shermont, duelist, rake, and as she later learns, agent for the crown trying to ferret out a ring of Napoleon’s spies. He finds her intriguing, but is suspicious of her uncharacteristic behavior. They dance around each other. He wants information, she can’t tell him the truth. She needs to prevent the duel, which hasn’t happened yet and which he denies is even a possibility. Everything comes to crescendo the night of the ball.

Eleanor misses many of the things I would miss. How about you? If offered a chance, would you go back in time? Who would you want to meet? What would you miss most besides family and friends?

For more information on all of the Sourcebooks Casablanca Authors, join their Yahoo! Group: If you would like to contact Laurie directly, please email her publicist, Danielle Jackson (

-- Lynda Again
There isn't anything better than a good TT unless it's a good TT with humor added to the mix :-D


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8 Responses to "Guest - Laurie Brown"

Pat McDermott said...

Your stories sound wonderfully entertaining, Laurie. Who doesn't love a good ghost story? What a great concept, making a deal with a pair of ghostly sisters to go back in time. Good luck with your writing!

Keena Kincaid said...

Your story sounds fun, Laurie. I will have to look for it. And if offered the chance to time travel, I would want to pick a place and skip through time, watching how it changes--and how its residents change--over the centuries.

Great topic for a Monday morning.

Julie Robinson said...

Very interesting premise for a book, Laurie. Sounds like a great read. If I traveled back in time, I would most miss modern medicine--i.e. antihistamines---because I have terrible allergies. I would also miss modern technology and plumbing---like microwaves and flushing toilets. Of course, I wouldn't necessarily have to go back in time to miss those things. I could miss them in some areas of 3rd world countries.


Tarot By Arwen said...

Laurie, I'm so intrigued by "What Would Jane Austen Do." As to what I would miss? COMPUTERS! lol

elaine cantrell said...

I love a good ghost story, so the book sounds great. What would I miss if I time traveled? A washer and dryer and clothes you can just shake out and wear with little or no ironing.

Laurie Brown said...

Thank you all for your comments. Such interesting ideas.

I agree, Pat. I do love the ghosts, at least the nice ones.

Skipping through time to the same place to see how it changes--hmmm. Good plot for a book, Keena.

Julie, where were you when I was trying to tink of stuff to miss. And I even have allergies, too. I can't believe I missed that and microwaves. I might have to use those in another book.

Tarot, I would miss my computer too, but not for a few days (or weeks). A break would be appreciated after working on one all day and then coming home to write.

Elaine, what a great comment. Of corse I would miss clean laundry, too. Why didn't I think of that?

Thanks again for the lovely comments. And don't be surprised if I use this stuff in future books.

Julie Robinson said...

Feel free Laurie! I'll enjoy reading how you did it :-)

Laurie said...

Thanks Julie.