What's the Deal?

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What's the Deal?

Why is it that most men don't plan ahead? Are they afraid of commitment or afraid of making a decision at all, lest it be the wrong one?

Sure I know women who are carefree and go with the flow, but even those ladies plan for something important. Say a wedding, a prom, a book convention or...Mother's Day! I mean there are some things that are a given (unless the child isn't on speaking terms with their mom) like a small gift, possibly a meal together and at the very least a card or phone call.

Honestly, I don't know how I'd get through life sometimes without my mom. True, she can punch my buttons like no other, but all in all her unconditional love is worth the less than stellar times.

So why am I harping on the guys? I've noticed that when I'm doing my shopping at any of the department stores or pharmacies the majority of shoppers in the card section the day before and the day of Mother's Day will be men. In fact, this morning we had a Fed Ex delivery man come to the company I work at full-time. The receptionist asked him if he was ready for Mother's Day.
He said, "Nah."
She said, "Give me your hand."
He said, "I have two days."
She said "Give me your hand."
When he finally offered it, she tapped the back like he was a naughty boy. She told him, "Now you make sure to do something good." He said he'd try to pull a rabbit out of his hat as he exited the building.

My fiance isn't off the hook. I asked him if he'd decided on a gift for his mom and he said no. I know I haven't seen him pick up a card, especially when he was moping around Wal-mart during our last visit for cat supplies. But hopefully he and the other men out there will get a clue (like a pat on the hand) and do the right thing.

Because if they've ever really loved a woman (one of my mom's favorite songs) then they should atleast acknowledge their mother. Her kind of love is unlike any they'll find elsewhere. And most mom's never let them forget the hours of labor they went through to birth them, or what kind of trouble they got into as a child. I think most guys still have a soft spot for their moms, just like us girl's, and even if they're labeled "mama's boys" they should hold their heads high. The people tossing around that label are probably jealous :0)

Chances are they can patch things up with their mom using a little bit of attention that includes a good conversation. Ditto that for the mother's of their children. Loving a woman, especially a mom in this busy life, can be difficult, but it doesn't have to cost much. Pick some flowers or scribble out a card with crayons and you can still win her heart with a little extra time.

So guys, get on the move and do the right thing. Show those mom's they're special!!

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1 Response to "What's the Deal?"

Lynda K. Scott said...

Skylar, that's so true. Moms will appreciate just about any little thing cause it's the thought that counts.

My mom passed several years ago. She was a friend, a confidant and supporter, as well as a mentor. I still miss her.