Cause for Reflection

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Cause for Reflection

Sorry that this is late! I was out of town most of yesterday doing final meetings with wedding personnel, and then stayed over night in a neighboring city to participate in a 5K. No, not just any 5K. This one was a Women's Only race for breast cancer, specifically a mammography fund to pay for mammograms for women who can't afford one (unemployed, financially strapped) or their insurance won't cover the test (those darn exclusions).
This was my second year doing the race, and though I knew I'd be in the thick of final wedding planning, I knew I had to go back. Seeing that sea of pink t-shirts winding down the street for a common cause, not to mention hearing everyones' stories, and see their bibs of support were unforgettable. In fact, in last year's race I injured my hip, and earlier this year was forced into therapy. When I told my doctor where I was when the injury happened she kind of skewed her lips, made a disgruntled noise, then asked, "Would you do it again?" I thought back to that day...of my own bib full of names, the rush of emotion being among those ladies, then the months of pain before I had to give in eventhough I was still racing, and I said, "Yes...but I'd train for those hills."

Now doesn't that sound like something one of our kick-ass heroines would say? I wasn't trying to be flippant, but in hindsight it does seem that way. I believe that going through such experiences, and having my life changed by such events, including seeing friends battle cancer has shaped my character. Thus backstory is created. In many ways such events can cripple a character, make them turn to the dark side like those troubled heroes that are all the rage today. But it can also make a woman who was at one time docile become more than she though she could be, because she has taken up a cause, a flag if you will, to champion something larger than herself. Heck, I can see her now as a one woman task force called out to eradicate a mutagen released onto an unsuspecting world. And of course her signature color would be pink :0)

We all have a story, and I think that background can often be found in our work. We give our characters little bits of ourselves, but meld them with a current cause (saving the planet, discovering what's out there among the stars, battling evil) to up the conflict and tension. At the heart, that first grain of an idea comes from us. That's the reason we tell the give a little of ourselves, to immortalize those we love, to show that having a cause can make a difference!

I'd say $76,000 is a lot of difference, at least to the women who were helped from last year's race. With what seemed like double the amount of runners/walker this year, just imagine that good fortune two fold. That is what lending a little of your time and money can do...give hope and possibly save a life!
I think I would be amiss if I didn't mention my sadness in hearing about the loss to our industry with the death of Kate Duffy. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Atlanta at Moonlight and Magnolias (which is also in full swing as I write this).

Instantly I was struck by her enthusiasm, not to mention her love of books and authors. She was plucky, a real go-getter who'd been among us in the trenches as an editor who wasn't afraid to get her boots dirty, for what seemed like forever. I looked forward to seeing her again, of getting more one-on-one time, and now I won't get the chance.

I think we have all gained from her work and will remember her for what she did for us (even indirectly) for a long time to come. She may be gone, but I don't think she'll ever be forgotten. Such is the way of greatness.

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Lynda K. Scott said...

Skylar, what a very thoughtful post you gave us! And, yes, 'train for the hills' does sound like something our heroines would say :-)

I, too, was saddened by the news of Kate Duffy's passing. She was a staunch advocate of romance and will be sorely missed.