Review - Wild Blue Under

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Review - Wild Blue Under

Wild Blue Under
Judi Fennell
November 2009
Sourcebooks, Casablanca

Wild Blue Under is the second book in Judi Fennell’s fantastic series with the hottie Mer prince, Rod Tritone, coming ashore to find love. Not that he was looking for love in Kansas. No, he was there on Council business – to bring back half-Mer Valerie Dumere and satisfy the Prophecy ‘to find that which is lost’. Valerie is convinced that she’s allergic to salt water, ie the ocean. And she’s not going anywhere near the ocean. That’s why she has her nautical gift shop located in the middle of Kansas.

But the gift shop is broke and she desperately needs the inheritance Rod promises her to keep it going. So, with a great deal of trepidation, Valerie sets off with Rod and a most peculiar seagull, toward the east coast.

Neither of them realize that forces have combined to keep them, especially Rod, away from the ocean though it becomes obvious that something is happening as Valerie’s car is pelted with fish and assorted ‘guided missiles’ from the air. When they finally make it to the ocean, Rod faces another, even greater, problem. He’s fallen in love with a woman who’s afraid of the sea.

Wild Blue Under is even better than the delightful In Over Her Head. The situations are both comical, endearing and heart pounding as Rod and Valerie travel the width of the United States and in doing so, learn to love each other. Ms. Fennell has created a believable and imaginative world of eco-friendly Mer people and sentient animal and avian life, but she’s also explored the question – How far will you go to keep the love of your life?

Rod and Valerie will answer that question for you.

Make sure you read the book to discover the answer.

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