Come Visit Me

Come Visit Me - Hi bertemu lagi dengan saya di tempat berbagi Chord Gitar Indonesia, Pada kesempatan kalini saya akan berbagi Kunci gitar yang berjudul Come Visit Me, saya telah menyediakan lirik lagu lengkap dengan chord gitarnya dari awal lagi sampai akhir lagu. mudah-mudahan isi postingan kunci gitar yang saya tulis ini mudah untuk di pahami oleh kalian dan semoga bermanfaat juga. oke langsung saja ini chord gitar nya.

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Come Visit Me

I'm guest blogging at Paranormality this week with the topic of Eight Rules For Writing Paranormal Romance. Feel free to add to the rules :-)

Oh, and I am offering a prize at Paranormality, stop by and see how you can enter.

And to whet your appetite for Heartstone (alas, I still don't have a release date), here's a tiny excerpt.


The trees grew in an odd triad formation, three boles rooted companionably together. The color of burnt cork, they were festooned with long, narrow leaves that glistened with a silvery aqua color and rustled in the light breeze. The central bole of each tree cluster hosted branches laden with tiny green berries.

As she trudged onward, she realized the small lizard-birds favored those berries both on the branches and where they had fallen on the forest fl oor. Keriam thought the little creatures resembled nothing less than wildly colored blossoms. And while
they fl uttered like busy little bees, they didn’t appear to nest or roost in the trees. She watched, curious in spite of herself, as one ruby-colored creature waddled to a slightly raised patch of earth then flipped head over heels into its burrow.

The berry-laden triad trees weren’t alone. Others stood, tall and majestic, with showy blue-green crowns that rippled in the sky. Still more were squat, troll-like trees with curling branches and finger-sized, pea soup-colored leaves. Lichen and moss and toadstools the size of her hand grew near the bases and around fallen branches. Under the leafy canopy, the light shone emerald and gold, dappled with diamond patches of light. Scattered among the shadows and brilliantly lighted patches were fl owers shaded from not-quite-red to metallic indigo.


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2 Responses to "Come Visit Me"

Linda Andrews said...

Beautiful description. I'm looking for to the book.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Linda, thanks! Heartstone isn't available yet but you can keep an eye on the coming soon list at