Guest - Eilis Flynn

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Guest - Eilis Flynn

Good morning, everyone! Today's guest has an intriguing article for us about what draws us to purchase something. What do you think? Is she on to something?


Your Heritage, Your Stories
By Eilis Flynn

Years ago, I worked at a magazine that had a feature every few months that examined the art scene, and more specifically, the art that had sold in the previous few months. It was an insightful look into the world of art, and the people who buy art. One phrase has stayed with me since then: “When people have money, they buy their heritage, an art dealer commented during an interview.

That fascinated me, and I couldn’t say it wasn’t true. What draws us to something? What compels us? More often than not something strikes our fancy, or hits a visceral note within us. Since I had been visiting relatives in Japan the previous year and impulsively spent the equivalent of $25 on a good-quality woodblock print, that dealer’s comment definitely struck a chord in me.

That print fascinated me. It wasn’t rare – it’s a winter scene in historical Japan, mostly snow, with a figure hurrying through the snow – but there was something about it that grabbed me. (Note: I’m not that fond of snow. I don’t like being cold. So it wasn’t the idea of cold or snow or ice. Brr.) I’ve stared at that print over the decades since I bought it, and I saw another version recently at an exhibit of woodblock prints.

I finally realized that it was the suggestion of a presence observing the quiet winter scene that intrigued me. It may not have been intended, and indeed, I may have imagined the entire thing. Maybe it was just supposed to be a winter scene.

Or maybe not.

But the faint suggestion of an unseen presence has always intrigued me. It may be the gods keeping the winter traveler safe that appealed to me, and that theme has always been in the back of my mind in my work. My heritage is always with me in the stories I write, and I can feel it. Can you feel yours?

Eilis Flynn has worked on Wall Street or Wall Street-related venues most of her working life, so why should her stories be anymore based in reality? She can be found at


Echoes of Passion

He had to discover the truth behind the lies.

When Secret Sciences Police officer Daegon Bosaru hears rumors about the role that his dying father, the former Neotian ambassador to the Amalgamation, played in the Neotian civil war, he has to find out the truth behind the lies. To discover the truth, Daegon must travel to the new home world of his clan — where he encounters a mysterious, passionate woman he has been seeing in his dreams for most of his life. She has information he needs — but she disappears whenever he gets close to her.

She was a woman he had seen almost every night, but never met
What does the mysterious woman know? And what do the accusations against his father have to do with all this? Bosaru discovers that Verot Barus Kurog, the crazed ex-dictator who led the home world into a civil war, is still alive, and has plans to rise to glory again, no matter how many more people have to die for it to happen — and the doomsday device that destroyed Neotia Prime is still within his grasp.
Why has she been in his dreams for the past twenty years?

Bosaru must track down the mad ex-dictator — but first, he must find out what the woman of mystery knows.

There's more going on than meets the eye!

-- Lynda Again

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8 Responses to "Guest - Eilis Flynn"

Pauline B Jones said...

What an interesting post this week. It is interesting what draws us to things. When I was in high school, I'd pass my home town's only furniture store and I'd see this small, antique looking rocker (it wasn't, but it looked it). I just liked it. When I got my first job, I finally went and bought it and I still have it. I also have this inexplicable liking for unique boxes. Weird, but I can't resist. LOL!

susan said...

Guess we all have reasons for things we do. I look at a book's cover and use that to decide if I want the book or not. I have been pen paling for many years and some of the reason I started writing to some one was their name, a town's name as well as interests of some. I had and still do write quite a few Sue's just because we share the same name. susan L.

SiNn said...

your right about buying things that grab you for me honestly if something speaks to me it really grabs hold and doesnt let go even if i dont buy it right then i have to go back andg et it eventually and Pauline your a womana fter my own heart i have all sorts of boxes little ones big ones some with drawers some not different shaped ones seems that the more different they are the more i want one

EilisFlynn said...

Pauline, I love looking at unique boxes too. More often than not that's what I give for Christmas and birthday gifts. Is it the mystery suggested by them? Think of the treasures you can find in them, or put in them. Is that the reason the story of the genie in the bottle has intrigued us over the years?

EilisFlynn said...

That's why covers are so important! And why authors are distraught when they get bad covers! (I've been lucky, though -- mine have always come out beautifully!)

EilisFlynn said...

Sometimes I hold my breath, hoping that unique box is still for sale!

Pauline B Jones said...

Box buddies! LOL! It's like they reach out and grab me. I can't walk by one!

Linda Andrews said...

What an intriguing concept: buying our heritage. I'm not sure what my cavemen and dinosaur figurines, glass fruit and Egyptian papyrus has to say about me, but I'd bet a psychiatrist would be able to retire while figuring it out. As for the art around my house, my mom did it so that at least makes sense:-)