Review - Tall, Dark and Wolfish

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Review - Tall, Dark and Wolfish

Tall, Dark and Wolfish
Lydia Dare
Sourcebooks, Inc
May 2010

The youngest brother of the Duke of Blackmoor, Lord Benjamin Westfield, made one little mistake too close to the full of the moon and got too rough with a paramour. Fortunately, her outcry stopped him before he went too far. But it’s been two months since that happened and he hasn’t been able to ‘change’ since then. He’s broken and it’s both terrifying and heartbreaking for him. When he’s urged to seek a healer in Scotland, he leaps at the chance to find relief.

What he finds, however, is Elsbeth Campbell, a healer and practitioner of ancient witchcraft, who may need him as much as he needs her. Shortly after Ben arrives in Edinburgh, he’s asked to escort Elsbeth to a ball with his friend Alex and her friend Caitrin. With his acute, wolfish hearing, he hears the snide comments about Elsbeth and it raises his ire. Apparently, the beautiful young woman was born a bastard and though her behavior is highly proper, she’s still looked down on. And, to help protect her reputation, her friends make it difficult for him to spend time with her. Then the worst happens and Elsbeth’s grandfather takes a turn for the worse. She and Ben race through the countryside to her little home. Ben admires her speed and agility and feels his attraction growing with every racing stride they take. But, this is not the time to pursue her. His heart breaks a little as he sees her grief. He wants to help her, to shoulder some of her pain but isn’t certain how he can do it.

Elsbeth finds herself alone in the world. Her mother has passed and now her grandfather has left her. Her father? Well, he didn’t stay to make her mother a proper married woman. She’s content with her lot, though, and happy with her coven sisters who make up the Coig. She’s a talented healer, as her mother before her. With her reputation, she believes she may never attract the attention of an honorable man. Lord Benjamin Westfield’s obvious attraction puzzles her. That she’s just as attracted to him is a bit worrisome. He’s a Sassenach and will go back to London. She won’t have her heart broken and her reputation shattered the way her mother’s were.

When Ben discovers that Elsbeth is the daughter of the healer he’d been sent to find, he fears the cure for his inability to change is lost. However, Elsbeth works to find the cure that her mother had mentioned one time years earlier. But in odd thing happens...when Ben is with her, he feels almost normal, as if he could change. He wants to pursue that but he wants to pursue the beautiful healer even more.

Once again, Ms Dare has created a fantastical Regency style paranormal romance that will leave her readers delighted and fanning themselves. Her writing style is easy to read and true to the feel of today’s Regency historicals. However, this is not a Georgette Heyer Regency. It’s blazing hot, with a masterful yet sensitive hero and a heroine who is his mental and emotional match. Beg, borrow or better yet, buy it. You won’t be sorry.

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