Review - I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

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Review - I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

I Dream of Genies
Judi Fennell

Sourcebooks, Casablanca
January 2011

Eden, a genie confined to her bottle for over a thousand years, has very little to look forward to every day...a visit from a smart-mouthed feline, Obo; playing with Humphrey, a dragonlet she's fostering; and ogling the tall, dark and handsome jogger who passes the display window where her bottle sits.

Matt needs luck or a miracle to make his business a success but he's determined that he'll do just that on his own with help from no one. Not even from the sexy, gorgeous 'genie' who lands on top of him when he's jogging past the antique store. Not even when the 'genie' poofs a donkey into his livingroom. Or when the same 'genie' throws herself at him with wanton enthusiasm.

So begins the typical genie story. However, the similarity pretty much ends there. Eden is being chased by a powerful vizier djinn who fancies her for himself. Her goal is to get the magical bracelets, the symbols of her servitude as a genie, off her wrists and be gone before he gets there. She also needs to find her bottle and its stopper because whoever controls her bottle controls her. When Matt offers to help her find the bottle, it amazes her that she trusts him not to take advantage.

Matt knows it isn't a good idea to take the woman home or to become emotionally involved with her. He's done that before and the rescued damsel left him high and dry. But something about Eden makes Matt want to help her. To be honorable. To be her knight-in-shining-armor.

When it becomes clear that the only thing keeping Matt from responding to her advances is his unwillingness to take advantage of her, Eden gives him one last chance. He can't turn her down and their lovemaking is hot, and tender and fantastical with soaring butterflies and flying comforters.

Eden fights to keep from falling in love with Matt. That would be disastrous. Falling in love is how her mother lost her own magic and that eventually led to the premature deaths of both her parents. But Matt is so compassionate and so honorable, she can't help falling in love just a little bit. But when Matt risks his life to save her from the evil vizier djinn, the fall is complete. Now Eden has to figure out how to escape the vizier and be with the man she loves.

I found this book to be filled with the same fun and adventure and compelling emotion as her previous series. Eden is a strong but vulnerable woman who isn't afraid to fight for her freedom from the Servitude of being a genie. The only thing she fears is the loss of her magic if she falls in love. To be honest, I'm not sure why saying it out loud would cause her to lose her magic but I was willing to accept it. Matt, the hero, is just that - heroic. There's no way he can defeat a magic-wielding djinn and he knows it. That doesn't stop him from trying.

My one quibble is Obo, the ancient, smart-mouth cat. We get tiny glimpses into his past - he was human at one time, knew Cleopatra and had crossed the same evil vizier djinn trying to capture Eden. But as a cat, Obo is attempting to atone for past transgressions before the end of his ninth live. He does this by assisting Eden in her attempt to evade the djinn. However only a few sentences end his portion of the story and they leave this reader wanting to know more about Obo and his fate.

Other than that, though, I found I Dream of Genies a thoroughly fun and enjoyable read. If you've enjoyed other books by Ms Fennell, I'm positive you'll enjoy this one.

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5 Responses to "Review - I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell"

annalisa said...

I've enjoyed other books by Judi Fennell and I Dream of Genies sounds like a really fun book too! :)


Barbara Edwards said...

I liked your review. The book sounds like one I will read.

Anonymous said...

This book sounds like a blast to read! Great review.
Liz Arnold
Message to Love
The Wild Rose Press

Lynda K. Scott said...

I'm sure you'll all enjoy it. It was fun :-)

Judi Fennell said...

Thanks so much for the review, Lynda! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. "Fun" was definitely what I was going for!